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  1. Kanazawai

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    This looks soo awesome! I like your clean building style. no over the top fancy building techniques (nothing against them but i prefer this ). The last picture of your full castle (16.02.19) gives this great feeling of cramped buildings and towers "behind" high walls with the Owl-Tower (cute little Owl) towering over all! Just nice and fun to watch. And i agree, you can stop calling yourself a noob! Maybe apprentice?
  2. Hi everyone , it's been like 16 years i'm out of lego... now...one event leads to another...aaand i'm kind of back into it. what should i say... stayed at my parents place... had nothing to do... went to the basement and had to decide what to grab: laptop vs. box of old legos... spent the whole evening building the rock raiders tunnel transport (nothing ultra special but it has something to it besides memories ). ...and that was it. So, before posting pics i have to give credits to the original idea: Lego Ideas - Civilization: Beyond Earth Worker Mech and here is, what i made out of it: it was fun to build and works mostly fine (you could play with it). I realy like the function of the shovel with the two little levers/antennas holding the arms in place! The only flaw is the cockpit, because everything is quite loose... but that's negligible . Still needs a little bit done here and there, but that's it for now. well...stuck two lasers on it for maximum "pew pew" That's it so far. Thanks for reading and have a nice day
  3. like your remote controlled transporters: fits perfect into the theme!
  4. Just cool! I like to see, that there are others who enjoy this theme. color and design fit just perfect. And a little bit automatisation won't hurt them. With your permission i would love to ad one or two of these to my collection.