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    LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank (8098)

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  1. did you design that at-at yourself?
  2. Daan0827

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    love the small design!
  3. Daan0827

    [INSTRUCTIONS] The Empire over Jedha City

    holy shit, this looks so awesome!!
  4. Daan0827

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk. minifig scale

    looks awesome, cant wait to see the finished product
  5. Daan0827

    [MOC/MOD] Double Conveyex Transport

    this looks amazing!
  6. Daan0827

    REVIEW: 75974 Bastion

    love this set, it looks just like him
  7. Daan0827

    Monastery Brewery

    wow, this build looks amazing!
  8. Daan0827

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    i love the fact that this garbage truck is also functional, love the little pickup hook.
  9. Daan0827

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    those bill boards look so real and polished, great job!