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    Add some light to Pirate sets!

  2. Paul88

    6279 Skull Island Micro

  3. Paul88

    Modern Pirate TV Series - Black Sails & Crossbones

    This TV series motivated me to return Lego Pirates :)
  4. Paul88

    Top 10 Pirate Forts

    6277 Imperial Trading Post is n1 !
  5. Paul88

    6276 Eldorado Fortress Micro

  6. Paul88

    Lego Pirates Comics / Book

    Hi Guys Any´╗┐ chance of getting scans of Lego pirates book's , comics, magazines or else? It can be a pdf file. Please send to or in this topic. Thank you very much !
  7. Buccaneero great job ! HMS Victory's "secret" is awesome !!
  8. Paul88

    Pirate Figures and Set Names

    Hi guys. Can u send on email scans or pdf files with lego pirates ? Comics, books or else? Thanks !