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  1. Please let us know what you did when you are finished
  2. @damangos It is a great train! Many thanks for the instructions
  3. Hi, I found an article that examines the problems with color recognition at
  4. Hello @Cosmik42 I have two questions on the "Self-Driving Train Module". First: Can you rewrite the program so that the number of repetitions can be entered? Or set to infinite? Instead of repeating the path? Second: Is it possible to drive with two-way traffic in this mode? I have seen that you only provide an "End Section Detector", that could be a problem. Imagine an oval with two alternative routes:
  5. You're right. It is very easy to do this: Hub[0].SetMotorSpeed("A", Hub[0].GetSpeed("A")+10); Hub[0].SetMotorSpeed("B", -Hub[0].GetSpeed("A"));
  6. Hi @Cosmik42, You probably know the problem with two mirrored and coupled trains that the rear railcar has to go "backwards" for the whole train to go forwards (2 x 60197 or 2 x 10233). Is it possible to "couple" two hubs in your software and address them like one, so that both do exactly the same, but in the other direction? Or do I have to realize this as an event of one hub, which then controls the second hub?
  7. mawe

    MOC: tanker wagons (inspired by 10016)

    i love your tanker wagon. I had to build it myself. I also did a longer version:
  8. mawe

    Torpedo Wagon

    Thank you!
  9. mawe


    Hi @Stephanix I have built your Torpedo based on the pictures on Lego Ideas. I am very curious what is coming here.
  10. mawe

    [MOC] Schnabel car WECX 801

    That's a wonderful baby. The building was a bright joy. Thank you for sharing the LDD! I love these big cars. I also did the Topedo (Eurobricks) myTorpedo (Bricksafe)
  11. mawe

    Torpedo Wagon

    no, i am not Stephanix. I have just built the same thing based on Stephanix' Idea. I would like to do the tilting mechanism too.
  12. mawe

    Torpedo Wagon

    Could you give me some details, please? How did you do it in such a small space?
  13. mawe

    Torpedo Wagon

    I love this, i had to do it myself. myTorpedo
  14. As the project is getting more and more popular (rebrickable) you should consider releasing version 0.10 instead of 1.0. Or at least leave a note somewhere that you can't be held responsible for any damage. It's a shame it has to be, but just think about it for a second.
  15. But you've opened the door to a new dimension. Imagine what is possible with this ingenious idea. Everything. Any external program can be integrated with it.