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  1. Hey @DugaldIC Can you give updated news about the manual instructions right now or is it to early for that?
  2. Thats my project: Nice. Perfect.
  3. @DugaldIC Your Regera has actually built all the features that I plan for my Battista. I have to study your work very carefully i hope i can modify them so much that they wont be just a copy of yours Just jokin... Your work is an epic inspiration for me.
  4. I really, really, really, really need this manual instructions. Maybe i clean your car but i must have them! Really
  5. badmad

    Which Steering Hub?

    Some parts are not lego but the most (90% of all, 100% of technic parts) are lego. Thx for your explaination. 1:8 I calculated a complete width of 28 studs for the Battista. Thx for your pic. It looks like an awsome axle. Miles away from my rookie setup Thx I try to bring the car a show and drive suspension which should move visible. Maybe i think i could make a wedge chassis where just the rear will be adjustable. But I do not want to give up finding a good solution for the front Oh damn. I did not think about that at all.
  6. badmad

    Which Steering Hub?

    I have pictures of the second version. The first wasn't good.
  7. Hey i try to build a height adjustable front suspension. But i run into a problem by using the steering arm 32495c01. The problem is when i lift or lower the axle the arms of the steering arms will expand or contract so that the wheels will not stay straight. I build 3 different axles but the result still be the same. Maybe i don't see the solution. Any idea? Maybe an other steering arm/hub?
  8. The lowest part of the axle will be part of the frame. So i become a min height of 2-3 studs.
  9. The play between the gears was the point that i wrote about the next step. I know, that actuators are the better choice. For the moment i have 2 actuators. With that o have one per axle. I have to order more because i need actuators for the doors too. Maybe i test the axle with 2 gear worm screws. This is a stable part for the adjust mechanism too.
  10. Thx :) Yes, that is actually my first attempt. But I've been following the technic MOC Scene very intensively for the past 2 years.