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  2. Maybe the message is not so clear. I means… LEGO reveal is tomorrow 08-Feb McLaren reveal is Friday 11-Feb
  3. Eventually, it will be revealed tomorrow (08-Feb 2022)!
  4. It’s just to play safe or already the instructions from TLG to restrict all leaks photos?
  5. Look like not much sticker, where suppose there was a lot of sponsors advertising and only can covered by sticker.
  6. Yes. I’d said it on the Technic 2022 discussion yesterday This model should consider the successor from 42096 Porsche 911 & 42125 Ferrari 488, so the scale shouldn’t be 1:8.
  7. The 42141 F1 car will reveal on 11-Feb, the same day as McLaren revealing their 2022 new F1 car MCL36. Thanks
  8. You judge it in too simple way. Cost of the set may not just about the parts, you have to factor in the license-paid. This Waste Handler still can be a licensed set. For example, Volvo EW240E.
  9. Nothing related to the pandemic or toy fair cancellation about the delay of Ultimate Series 1:8 supercar IMO. I expect the Ultimate Series 1:5 motorcycle still have the story, probably every 2 years similar like the supercar. For the delay, TLG simply just want to separate them to be launched in a same year.
  10. Oh, didn't notice to such old set... So possible to come back after stopped for so many years?
  11. Possible that TLG will make this Formula 1 the first set with words printing on side of trye ?
  12. I saw new dark green Pin connector round 2L at set 76205.. Probably will appearing in coming technic sets? Any ideas guys??
  13. I really hope there will be one technic version tug boat like below: We are really short of boat/ship, 42064 Ocean Explorer was waited 25 years since we have the first one in technic. Hope we no need to wait another 25 years for the next one.
  14. Some set number info about probably the 2HY 2022 sets: 42143 42144 42145 42146 Missing 42142 might be the UCS supercar. At least we know got 4-5 sets in 2HY.
  15. It might be WHITE/BLACK Bentley Continental GT vs. DBG Audi E-Tron GT