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  1. sebathorus

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] Scout of both side

    Nice! I like droids production lane and control room.
  2. sebathorus

    [Q16 - Christophsis - MG] - Mining site

    Hi guys, Thank you very much for your feedback, it is very valuable to me! It helps me to find weaker points and improve them. I changed the build in few aspects, I hope you like it.
  3. sebathorus

    [S6 - Cadinth - MG] TIE Tunneler

    Great build, I like the central hub and cockpit!
  4. sebathorus

    [M18 – Eriadu – CFS] Consequences of the Clone War

    Nicely done! I like the tree and bushes.
  5. *Your entry has earned 7XP* Mines of Christophsis Crystals, one of the most coveted resource in the galaxy... From the fancy jewelries to hyperspace relays, from medical corporations to weapons makers, crystals are wanted everywhere. Buyers and sellers alike, need them and are prepared to do everything to secure their share. Christophsis is one of the places with rich crystal deposits which attract even richer mining corporations looking to seize them, bold explorers looking for the perfect gem and all kind of money and guns wielders. I'm Rim Gromak and I spend most of my time tinkering on robots and machines. My family owns a small mining business and for the last years we established our operations on Christophsis, digging for crystals. The best ones are at the roots of large crystal flowers and we just found one. And the whole album -
  6. sebathorus

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Rim Gromak, engineer, joined the Mining Guild.
  7. Awesome build and very nice looking model!
  8. Great work!!! It reminds me about the cover of a book I read when I was child, wrote by Jules Verne, Robur the conqueror. The cover depicted a flying ship with a lot of propellers, but your build looks much better
  9. Excellent work!!! Great source of inspiration
  10. Hi, Nice find It is able to PWM channels and get combinations of colors or is just on/off? Do you know what current it support on channels, I'm asking in the idea if small load, other than LED strip, can be used? Thanks
  11. Hi, Thanks for the demo and the link :)
  12. Hi, Very nice build ! It is possible to use EV3's bluetooth to connect to a powered up module? Or the connection have to be made through some kind of hub? Thanks
  13. Hi, Initially, I also had some issues pairing Boost with tablet and PC. For me it worked well this way: - turn on bluetooth on phone/tablet/PC - turn on boost hub but don't pair with your device - start app on your device and establish connection there For me it works every time.
  14. sebathorus

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    Timisoara, Romania