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  1. So, with a heavy heart, I am going to pass on my first MOC, Arkham Asylum. I figured I'd start here with it as Batman Lego fans abound. I posted this last year and have provided the pics from the thread I made. I'm not really sure on the procedure of selling a MOC but basically I can take tons of pics and include them digitally so you can best replicate it when you receive it and in case any parts come loose. Everything seen is included as well as the original Arkham set instructions. The original Arkham set is included in it's entirety in this creation and can be parted out if you like when you receive it. I don't really know how to place a value on it but hit me up in PM's and we can discuss a price if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
  2. moop

    [LDD MOC] - 2009 Star Trek Enterprise

    Love it. I want one
  3. Meh, similar but no skin off my back. The New TC ip is dead anyways
  4. moop

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    I adore these
  5. moop

    Large Medieval Diorama

  6. moop

    LEGO Castle 2013

    Can't wait. I love Castle theme.
  7. moop

    Preventing LEGO sunlight damage

    My cats make it difficult, but as long as there are no loose pieces they do fine
  8. moop

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Just got to keep looking. I don't find them often but occasionally I get lucky./
  9. moop

    MOC: The Bat

    That daft punk set is amazing.
  10. moop

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Got the Lego Castle 6098 in a large lot. Can't wait to put it together
  11. moop

    [MOC] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mutants attack.

    Nice. Makes me want to play the game.
  12. Okay. Now that I've combined the Rancor and Jabba's Palace. Damn if it isn't a beautiful site to behold. Much larger than I expected and infinitely displayable.