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  1. Oh no! Two of my main hobby worlds are colliding with this debate on football vs. soccer. I will say two things on this and then move on to the Lego discussion: 1) Football isn't a reference to playing the ball with your feet. It's a reference to playing on your feet, rather than on horseback. The term dates back to versions of the sport that still allowed players to carry the ball with their hands. The sport was split, within England, into different rule variations that ultimately evolved into what are now referred to (mostly) as "association football" and "Rugby football". 2) Even accounting for similar words like futbol, voetball, etc., soccer isn't the only outlier. Italians, who certainly know and care a lot about the sport, call it calcio. Croats, Bosnians, and Slovenes often call it nogomet. Even in England, "soccer" a slang variant of "association" was a completely accepted and frequently-used word for the sport until at least the 1960s. OK, so onto the Lego stuff... I think the set looks great. Based on the more detailed photos, I like the size. It's a a good compromise between scale and detail. Anything smaller would have made the roof supports very crude. Manchester United is not my team, so I doubt I will get this set. Now... if they'd make a similar-scale model of Mercedes-Benz Stadium with functional roof...
  2. Wasn't meaning to be rude at all. I was just marveling at the thought of a Minifigure scale football stadium!
  3. How massive of a set would you want? Anything even remotely reasonably scaled would have a pitch that's several baseplates before you even started with the stands. True scale, based on 1:42 that a mini figure is to an average human, you'd have a pitch that's a little under 10 baseplates long.
  4. The Winter Village line usually lasts 2 years. If I had to guess, Gingerbread House will be retired Dec 2021. Thats no guarantee, but I do think I can guarantee you’ll have a chance to get it from Lego itself before next Christmas. Just look at the Winter Village Fire Station as the example. It was released in 2018, and is still not retired. The Train is now retired this month, but it was released all the way back in 2016. edit to add: I would be careful waiting past Dec 2020 to get it though. The Winter Village Train Station was an active product from fall 2017 to Dec 2018. It was retired earlier than normal for the series. Presumably they did that because the train was a better seller and they decided to keep it for a whole other production run instead of retiring it to keep the station. Similarly, the modular Brick Bank and Detective’s Office were retired out of order, with Lego keeping the older Parisian Restaurant longer than normal.
  5. They could have a skimmer set with her, Finn, and/or Rey.
  6. Does the 200 AUD include sales tax, VAT, etc? In the US, the $75 includes no tax. In my area, for example, the tax inclusive price is ~$81. Still only translates to ~$120-121 AUD, but a little less delta. Beyond that and extra shipping cost, yeah, that seems pretty steep for a GWP threshold. I could easily understand 120 or 125. Maybe even 150. 200? Ouch.
  7. autolycus

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was slightly skeptical, although not nearly as skeptical as some. On first glance, I love it. It should fit in really nicely with the other sets. They did a great job balancing the fantasy of a gingerbread house with the aesthetic of a village home. The proof will obviously be in the building and final display, but I’ll definitely be buying it.
  8. We don’t need to see his face. He’s a clone of his father. Adult Boba looks exactly like Jango and all of the clone soldiers.
  9. I think he meant Assault on Hoth. That’s two very expensive playsets that were not well-received by AFOLs. I have neither myself, but mostly because I’ve had higher priorities as I came out of my dark age right around when Assault on Hoth was out and then retired. I’m on the fence with Cloud City. I like certain parts of it, but it’s an awkward size for displaying.
  10. Yup, don’t want no stinking wishlists! I just wasn’t sure if any rumors had started leaking out.
  11. Really interesting that 3 of the 20th Anniversary sets are retiring this December and the other 2 won’t retire for a whole extra year. Definitely feels like shorter timeframes for the MF, Cloud City and Tantive IV sets than I expected Guess I have to make a decision on the Falcon, Death Star and Cloud City. Tantive IV is already on my definite list, probably for May 4, 2020, hoping to get a discount a nice GWP. With the long-rumored ISD now out of the way, what are the best rumors for what will be next? I assume 1 UCS and 1 MBS in 2020?
  12. The trailer for SW Resistance Season 2 is out, and it will be the final season of the show. I’m guessing no more sets from it. Really want a Fireball though! side note: the tone of the trailer is even darker than the end of the first season.
  13. autolycus

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Could the gingerbread family just be a gift with purchase? I wouldn't mind a bakery or candy shop that's decorated as a gingerbread house, but I'm not sure how I feel about a gingerbread family in a Winter Village set. Perhaps they're just part of the decor for a building?
  14. autolycus

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Fire Station is also a city building.
  15. Almost me exactly. Thought they looked really goofy at first. Got Harry and Hedwig. Now have all HP, SW, and a nearly all the non-Marvel or DC ones.