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  1. Does the 200 AUD include sales tax, VAT, etc? In the US, the $75 includes no tax. In my area, for example, the tax inclusive price is ~$81. Still only translates to ~$120-121 AUD, but a little less delta. Beyond that and extra shipping cost, yeah, that seems pretty steep for a GWP threshold. I could easily understand 120 or 125. Maybe even 150. 200? Ouch.
  2. autolycus

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was slightly skeptical, although not nearly as skeptical as some. On first glance, I love it. It should fit in really nicely with the other sets. They did a great job balancing the fantasy of a gingerbread house with the aesthetic of a village home. The proof will obviously be in the building and final display, but I’ll definitely be buying it.
  3. We don’t need to see his face. He’s a clone of his father. Adult Boba looks exactly like Jango and all of the clone soldiers.
  4. I think he meant Assault on Hoth. That’s two very expensive playsets that were not well-received by AFOLs. I have neither myself, but mostly because I’ve had higher priorities as I came out of my dark age right around when Assault on Hoth was out and then retired. I’m on the fence with Cloud City. I like certain parts of it, but it’s an awkward size for displaying.
  5. Yup, don’t want no stinking wishlists! I just wasn’t sure if any rumors had started leaking out.
  6. Really interesting that 3 of the 20th Anniversary sets are retiring this December and the other 2 won’t retire for a whole extra year. Definitely feels like shorter timeframes for the MF, Cloud City and Tantive IV sets than I expected Guess I have to make a decision on the Falcon, Death Star and Cloud City. Tantive IV is already on my definite list, probably for May 4, 2020, hoping to get a discount a nice GWP. With the long-rumored ISD now out of the way, what are the best rumors for what will be next? I assume 1 UCS and 1 MBS in 2020?
  7. The trailer for SW Resistance Season 2 is out, and it will be the final season of the show. I’m guessing no more sets from it. Really want a Fireball though! side note: the tone of the trailer is even darker than the end of the first season.
  8. autolycus

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Could the gingerbread family just be a gift with purchase? I wouldn't mind a bakery or candy shop that's decorated as a gingerbread house, but I'm not sure how I feel about a gingerbread family in a Winter Village set. Perhaps they're just part of the decor for a building?
  9. autolycus

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Fire Station is also a city building.
  10. Almost me exactly. Thought they looked really goofy at first. Got Harry and Hedwig. Now have all HP, SW, and a nearly all the non-Marvel or DC ones.
  11. autolycus

    What's your no1 LEGO SW Set of All Time?

    Ewok Village is my favorite too. Massive amounts of nostalgia because I had the Kenner Ewok Village playset as a kid. It’s also just a fun set. Build is interesting. Lots of mini figures. Displays great. I really love my full display with Shuttle Tydirium (non-UCS) and an AT-ST.
  12. autolycus

    Treehouse - LEGO Ideas

    There’s no way it’s going to survive a launch that close to the tower! 🤣
  13. autolycus

    Treehouse - LEGO Ideas

    We definitely need a new generic pirate ship and some pirates who can attack the treehouse family. And maybe some ostriches they can ride.
  14. Except everyone who doesn't have a Falcon. I imagine the three pretty consistent sellers from SW are the Falcon, an X-Wing, and a TIE Fighter. Those are essential for pretty much any fan, and I imagine Lego will always want a recent design of all three available.
  15. autolycus

    More 'Mature' Licensed themes?

    I would like really good quality, detailed ($100-200) sets of Serenity and USS Planet Express Shop. Please? Pretty please?!