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  1. autolycus

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Could also be a Space Shuttle Discovery, couldn’t it?
  2. Meh. I think the proportions don't look as bad as y'all are making them out. They're not perfect, but I'll bet they're close enough for the vast majority of the market. A highly-detailed UCS set would have been great, but it also likely would have been ridiculously expensive. And as small as you think the market is for a $200 playset, the market for a $300-400 UCS set is almost certainly smaller. I'm also not sure you're right about how few children can afford it, based on the fact that Lego made it after they had good sales data from the Death Stars, Ewok Village, Assault on Hoth, Cloud City, etc.
  3. I think it looks great in the pictures. The others came out during my dark age, so I don't have a blockade runner. I'm certainly going to get this one. Even though it's not "UCS" with the label and the detailed accuracy, it should still display really well. I understand why people are disappointed that it's not a "major upgrade", but like all of the SW sets that are repeats: TLG has to keep in mind that not everybody has collected every set for the last 20 years. There are lots of different customers with different wants and needs. They aren't going to satisfy everybody with every release or re-release.
  4. autolycus

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Really? I've only only ever seen the set in a Lego store or at Target. And looking online right now, Amazon and are only showing it from third parties. In Walmart's case it's a third party that routinely resells sets for above RRP.
  5. I'm guessing we will find out tomorrow when they announce the Tantive IV during the Celebration panel. Otherwise, the only leak so far is for a build event the weekend of May 4. And of course the release of the Tantive IV itself.
  6. It's not clear. All of the initial reports about the set mentioned 4/11, but that may have just been the start day for Celebration and the sources didn't give specific information about when Target would release theirs. Others have pointed out that the Funko stuff is always released for sale at the exclusive retailers the same day as they're sold at the Con. For Celebration, that's tomorrow. The Lego panel is also tomorrow. So maybe Target will put the Vader bust up tomorrow as well.
  7. That's pretty massive. A decent amount longer than any sets I have other than the Saturn V and Hogwarts Castle.
  8. I'm surprised it isn't going to have any branding. The 20th Anniversary boxes look GREAT, and this would be a perfect use for it if it's not going to have the official UCS seal. If it's not a UCS set, will it have the unofficial-UCS signal of an info plate?
  9. The prices seem out of hand in isolation, but some of them make sense. The rumors/leaks are: 75253 seems to be the Boost set. That price is in line with what I'd expect. 75254 First Order AT-ST -- this one seems high at $50/60e. I'm hoping there's more to it than just an AT-ST! 75255 Buildable Yoda -- price is high, but is the same as the BB-8 and Porg, IIRC. I imagine it will be readily available for 20% off, putting it into an ok price range. 75256 First Order Shuttle -- The shuttles have tended to be pretty big sets lately and if there are good minifigures, $130 is a little high but not crazy. 75257 MF -- Yeah, these are just expensive. They're a good size, usually have a few desirable minifigures, and I'm sure sell really well even though there's a new variant every couple years. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Leia and/or "old Lando" figure that's exclusive to this set that will be highly sought after.
  10. The flyer someone posted suggests there’s an in-store build event on May 4. Have they done that in the past? Is it any type of hint as to what promo they might do? Cant say I’ve ever been to a build event before.
  11. autolycus

    Toy Story 2019

    It's still Annie Potts. I recognized her voice immediately, especially on the line, "No time to explain." It's fun that Laurie Metcalf is in it as well, since she plays Annie Potts' daughter, sort of. :)
  12. autolycus

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    Herky, yes, it is rumored to be a gift with purchase promo that will run in the 2nd half of April. ~$75 is the likely range.