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  1. PsychoWard666

    [MOC] Skoda Rapid

    Thank you. I want build more Skoda cars, Now I almost finish Skoda 120/Estelle. This year I want build some of these cars.
  2. PsychoWard666

    [MOC] Portal companion cube

    Hi all, this is my MOC of Companion cube from Portal game. Stickers from Amazon and cube is prepared for non-LEGO lights (12pcs LED). If you like it, please support me on Patreon.
  3. PsychoWard666

    [MOC] Skoda Rapid

    Hi all, Skoda Rapid is Czech car from 80´s, it has rear wheel drive and rear engine (like a Porsche ) My model has a full interior, openable doors and small trunk behind the rear seats. Does not have openable hoods. If you like it, please support me on Patreon.
  4. PsychoWard666

    Hi from United Kingdom

    In Czech Republic we built many models for all world. I also working on X-Wing. I worked in Czech Republic almost 11 years.
  5. PsychoWard666

    Hi from United Kingdom

    Thank you, this photo is from first test drive and I was first test driver.
  6. PsychoWard666

    Hi from United Kingdom

    Hello, my name is Tomas. I am originally from Czech Republic, but now I live in United Kingdom (Hampshire). I always love creating models from LEGO, if I was 18 I started working for LEGO Kladno (Czech Republic) and I built many big models for shops, LEGOLANDs, etc. I also was a part of team which built lifesize Bugatti Chiron from Technic. I built many my own models from LEGO Technic, but now I build more detailed "Model team" models. I love cars, especially old Czech cars and I want build many of those. And I want share building instruction with you. But I need support, because I spend many time on the quality building instruction and I need buy many bricks to tested it. If you want, please support me on Patreon. Thank you so much.