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  1. @shadow_elenter Great photo! Must be quite an experience. I have Dutch and Dutch-origin friends in Taiwan and back in New Zealand. I had Dutch business clients. I have several pieces of Dutch furniture and I just find that I have Dutch cheese in my fridge. I buy Lego parts from sellers in Holland, And now I have a new Dutch Lego friend. What a coincidence!
  2. @BrickbyBrickTechnic Thank you for your suggestion, you are right. I gotta work on the head/nose section curvature/roundness. However I guess you know how Lego bricks are, not very friendly towards creating curved surfaces. The "lower part" of the nose is made out of grey and black #32250 (3x5) and #32249 (3x3). I am trying to find some white replacement parts ever since I read your suggestion. Perhaps the white color can make the structure of the lower nose look more prominent, and hence rounded.
  3. Grandpa just cracks me up! I laughed for a full minute, good work.
  4. I love WW2 aircraft! Very good shape, nice and compact. Bravo! I really like how it looks from the top.
  5. It is the X number times that I have looked that this picture and I am still drooling over this design.
  6. Keep it going, amazing build. Look forward to see it finished.
  7. Great stuff! I particularly love how nibble and maneuverable the nose gun is. Really amazing. Also I also like the variable pitch tail rotor.
  8. @Rudivdk Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, it is finished, however it can be better. I worked through last night and only had a few hours sleep. I was still getting down to the final fine-tuning just a few hours ago. My wife was wondering if I am ever going to start taking photos and do the video. Congratulations on your P-38, I love it very much!
  9. 12. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk in white P1011730 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk entered service with the U.S. Army in 1979. It is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter. Civilian versions are degsinated S-70. This helicopter underwent various improvements and modifications, it remains in both military and civilian service in many countries today. UH-60 can been seen in many movies and TV shows, it was made even more famous in the 2001 war film “Black Hawk Down”. I would really like a black or grey UH-60, however I only have a small handful of black and grey panels. So it is white. Functions 1. Motorized spinning main rotor and tail rotor (Lego M-motor). 2. Battery pack fitted inside the fuselage. 3. Manual controlled variable main rotor collective pitch. 4. Manual controlled variable main rotor cyclic pitch. 5. Manual controlled tail stabilizer angle. 6. Sliding fuselage doors. 7. Shock absorbed landing gears. Dimensions Body Length: 90cm (nose to tail) Total Length: 100cm (refueling probe included) Body Width: 13cm Total Width: 33cm Total Height: 25cm Rotor Diameter: 83cm The proportions of the main body is about 90% accurate. I think. However, the weapons/drop tanks are not. P1011757 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr P1011730 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr P1011773 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr
  10. @shadow_elenter I am a big fan of your MOCs. I admire you the fact that you have been into a UH-60. Where? Was it in airshows? DONE! P1011757 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr
  11. @steph77 Thank you for your advice. You are spot on about enforcing rotor mast and I have been working on different solutions since.
  12. Oh my god, i need to hurry up. I want to try using worm gear to raise/lower the entire rotor platform for collective pitch control, but i am out of time. DSC_0076 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr