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  1. Unfinished_Projects

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    I think this is great news! If this system comes to life I hope the release order is somewhat logical. I believe ME models really messed up by going right for the track first. They talked about a whole system but started off by depending on discontinued motors by the Lego group. Releasing a solid pickup/motor system relatively early on would be a good idea in my opinion. It would give people a reason to buy into the system. Quite frankly we already know how track works, especially if it's identical to what Lego made in the past. Overall I'm definitely excited for more details and the prospect of 9v living on. Unfinished_Projects
  2. Unfinished_Projects

    9v and PU hybrid

    I too would be interested in detailed pictures! Did you make the wheels yourself? Unfinished_Projects
  3. Unfinished_Projects

    Monorail 6991 Motor Help, please

    I second the notion of looking into the wire. They get very brittle with time. I too have yet to see a broken monorail motor. When checking the wire be sure that all connections are clean. Good luck fixing your monorail! Warning it may get expensive if you enjoy it and choose to expand! Unfinished_Projects
  4. Unfinished_Projects

    LDraw Files for Shupp's XXL Train Wheels (Download Link)

    Yes it can allow illegal connections. I have it set up so w, a, s, d on the keyboard controls up left down right. Allows for easy fine tuning of part placement. I have not used flex tubing much yet. I just tried to find it. It seems they have the parts in standard document section rather than in program files. Unfinished_Projects
  5. Unfinished_Projects

    LDraw Files for Shupp's XXL Train Wheels (Download Link)

    Nothing wrong with MLCAD, the instructions for adding Unofficial parts can be found here: http://www.holly-wood.it/mlcad/unofficial1-en.html Unfinished_Projects
  6. Unfinished_Projects

    LDraw Files for Shupp's XXL Train Wheels (Download Link)

    For Studio 2.0 on Windows the process is as follows: 1) Go to Program Files > Studio 2.0 > ldraw 2) Add a folder called Custom Parts 3) Inside Custom Parts add a folder called Parts The final path should be: Program Files > Studio 2.0 > ldraw > Custom Parts > Parts This is where the new .dat files will go 4) In Studio 2.0 there is a drop down option that says Master Parts. Change this to Custom Parts to see added parts Hope this helps Unifinished_Projects
  7. Unfinished_Projects

    LDraw Files for Shupp's XXL Train Wheels (Download Link)

    That would be awesome!!! Thank you! Unfinished_Projects
  8. Unfinished_Projects

    LDraw Files for Shupp's XXL Train Wheels (Download Link)

    You're welcome! Yes, they were originally designed by @Shupp and can be purchased here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/shupp-s-brick-train-stuff but beware, they are quite pricey. Unfinished_Projects
  9. Unfinished_Projects

    Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    You're welcome, let me know if there is any problems Unfinished_Projects
  10. Unfinished_Projects

    [MOC] Orient Express Thriller!

    Impressive build! I would buy it in a heartbeat so naturally I supported it on Lego Ideas Unfinished_Projects
  11. Unfinished_Projects

    Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    Maybe, but unfortunately I have no clue how to manually manipulate .dat files. I chose to design them from scratch in Solidworks and convert them to .dat @Dampf Stein @supertruper1988 @Minh_Kha_N , I finished the basic XXL wheels and posted them here:
  12. LDraw Files for Shupp's XXL Train Wheels Download links: XXL Flanged and Blind: https://bricktraindepot.com/resources Myself and a few others expressed interest in using Shupp's XXL wheels in digital form, so I decided to give LDraw part creation a try. Instead of designing the part directly into .dat format I used Solidworks to create the wheels, exported them as .stl files, and converted them using a python converter script (https://github.com/HazenBabcock/stl-to-dat). Please note these are not perfect, and may have slight differences from the real product. Included below is a picture of the wheels next to a Big Ben Bricks XL wheel and a Lego L wheel. Since I designed these in Solidworks I can export them in many 3D/CAD formats. So if anyone wants these wheels in a different file type, just let me know. ***UPDATE: First of all, many thanks to @supertruper1988 for hosting these files on Brick Train Depot! Secondly, I have ordered some XXL wheels so I can take my own measurements and make a more precise model. I should have the wheels by mid April and have the new files made soon after. Unfinished_Projects
  13. Unfinished_Projects

    Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    @Dampf Stein @supertruper1988 @Minh_Kha_N , Shupp hasn't been on the site since November 2017, so I don't think he's going to reply about the Ldraw files. There is however basic dimensions for the wheels on his shapeways page. After classes are done today I'm going to start working on some LDraw files for the basic XXL wheels. Unfinished_Projects
  14. Unfinished_Projects

    Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    It would be awesome to have XXL wheels in digital form! @Shupp, would you be able to make the CAD files available for these wheels? If so, we might be able to use this converter for .stl to .dat files: https://sourceforge.net/projects/stl2dat/ Unfinished_Projects
  15. Unfinished_Projects

    [MOC] 1:48 Southern Railway / Bulleid Leader

    I like the effort to use older electronics! That's a shame that it doesn't have enough power. Maybe you could use the 12v motor with the same form factor, and wire a higher voltage battery inside the 4.5v box? This could allow for more power while retaining the back and forth action. There would also be no design changes to the train itself. Unfinished_Projects