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  1. Unfinished_Projects

    MOC UNION PACIFIC ES44AC (8-wide) (pic heavy)

    Wow! I really like the design of the nose! Does it handle all standard Lego track?
  2. Unfinished_Projects

    [MOC] Logging Lilly Fork

    Great build! I like the design of the caboose windows! Unfinished_Projects
  3. Unfinished_Projects

    Two Powered Up motors for the 60198 cargo train engine

    Good work! Interesting solution that allows use of original controller which is convenient. Unfinished_Projects
  4. Unfinished_Projects

    "Open heart surgery" on a 12v motor

    Awesome work! Great to see people keeping Lego train history alive Unfinished_Projects
  5. Unfinished_Projects

    Resurrection of some old 12v tracks (powering new trains)

    That's a great idea! Thanks! Unfinished_Projects
  6. Unfinished_Projects

    12v blue era remote points voltage and disassembly?

    Thank you! Unfinished_Projects
  7. Hello, I bought some blue era remote points in rough shape, that need to be opened and repaired. Has anyone attempted this before? Is there any tips or tricks I should know about? Also, I do not own an original transformer, so I will be using a generic power supply for these. Will 12v DC work, or do I need higher voltage? Thanks, Unfinished_Projects
  8. Unfinished_Projects

    technic controll +

    I have not heard about these. Are they more powered up components? Where did you find this interesting information? Unfinished_Projects
  9. Unfinished_Projects

    [MOC] 9V-Era Layout

    Very cool idea! Great job using pieces from the time period! Unfinished_Projects
  10. Unfinished_Projects

    Moc: DUz 93

    Very nice details! What does this get pulled behind? Unfinished_Projects
  11. Unfinished_Projects

    [MOC] EMD F-unit and SW-1

    Those look great! I too am a big fan of studio 2.0 built in rendering, it works great! Unfinished_Projects
  12. Unfinished_Projects

    Electrical wire for lego contacts

    Found myself repairing a 9v cable this morning, and it went pretty smoothly. Ended up using 22 awg stranded wire. Thought I would have to solder, but ended up pressing the wire into the original contact prongs. There is a few more pictures/descriptions on my flickr account here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmxAdgKx Unfinished_Projects
  13. Unfinished_Projects

    Resurrection of some old 12v tracks (powering new trains)

    Update: One of the train bases had a bent axle that needed fixing. I was able to pull the wheels off and straighten the axle using a hard metal surface and a hammer. Using a vise (with rubber caps) I was able to carefully press the wheels back onto the axle. The base is now ready for use .
  14. Hello, I'm creating this write-up to share my experience buying and operating a set of old 12v track in the US. I had been wanting some 12v track and motors since I was in middle school (and I'm in college right now, so yes my tastes in Lego have always been old and expensive haha) but hadn't found the right lot until about a week ago. I managed to score the following lot on ebay for a good price: It is a decent amount of stuff, but some key things are missing: motor (the blue one in picture is 4.5v and doesn't work), transformer, and the piece for connecting to the track. My goal was to have an operating train for as cheaply as possible. Hopefully these ideas can help someone else out who wants to make use of older track without spending a fortune. FOR PURISTS: I handled all of these missing components in an unorthodox way that includes modification of vintage parts, so consider yourself warned Motor: Instead of buying original 12v motors, which are only available for crazy amounts of money on bricklink, I chose to use @bricks n bolts method of picking up track power and using it to drive PF motors (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/63535-mod-7745-to-use-the-pf-motor-still-on-12v-track/ I know it was a little while ago, but thank you @bricks n bolts for sharing! ) The process of cutting down the pins was pretty straightforward. I used a dremel with a cutoff wheel to make the initial cut and a sanding wheel to finish things up. If anyone attempts to do this, try to keep the pin cool, as I melted the plastic a bit on one of my pick-ups. I also ended up cutting off the curved section of one pick-up, to accommodate for the magnet assembly. Connecting to track: To connect to the track, I simply soldered some wire to the little tabs on the bottom of the rail. The correct part for connecting to these blue rails isn't that expensive on bricklink...if you don't factor in overseas shipping. Transformer: Since I live in the US, using an original transformer would require a converter (I had no luck finding the 110v version on bricklink or ebay). I originally thought of using a model train transformer of some kind, but wasn't sure so I asked here on the train tech. @dr_spock suggested a cheap DC motor controller and a generic 12v DC wall adapter (Thanks! ). This ended up working perfectly, and was quite cheap. Only downside is no reverse, but I'm ok with that for how much I spent. Final Result: With everything together I swapped out one of the motors on my Powered Boxcar (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/169681-moc-powered-boxcar-power-functions/) with the completed pick-up bogie and turned on the speed controller. It worked perfectly! I now have a functioning 12v loop that powers my newer trains! I do however have to watch out that I don't over-power the PF stuff. I suppose I could have used a 9v power adapter, but I'm leaving room for a 7740 that I hope will join my collection if I find a good deal ^These last 2 are videos, you just have to click on them There's a few more pictures of this project here if interested: https://flic.kr/s/aHskR5KZX3 Thanks for looking! Unfinished_Projects
  15. Unfinished_Projects

    Electrical wire for lego contacts

    I've wanted to try the "20 GAUGE 2 CONDUCTORS BLACK SPEAKER WIRE-100 FOOT HANK OF WIRE" from this link: https://www.electronicplus.com/content/ProductPage.asp?pagenum=1&lname=&maincat=wr&subcat=wsp It seems like a pretty good match. But, I haven't tried it so no guarantees. Unfinished_Projects