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  1. wanderer1980

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    that will be huge :-)
  2. wanderer1980

    Far Cry Primal

    i loved that game :-)
  3. Hello, Have you ever thought about which destination the peasant is on the way? of course - to his little farm! greetings
  4. Christmas 1990 I still remember it well. It was the best present of my childhood. today with a lot of new bricks i tried to strengthen the old castle with thicker walls... and of course I needed more soldiers too :-) Set 6041 was also used greetings
  5. wanderer1980

    Forestmen MOC - Lego 6054 + 6066

    hello, thanks for the warm welcome. It is important to me that you can recognize the original model immediately. like with new - alternative bricks but I will not use custom weapons, figures etc.
  6. The Black Knights I love them - the first castle - brilliant this little Set is one of my all-time-favorites. Now with little updates. The black gate of Mordor gave me inspiration for the tower. greetings
  7. Hello, In 1990, when I was 10 years old, I was a huge Lego Castle fan. Now that my son started working with Lego, I unpacked my old sets again. Since I came up with the idea to upgrade the sets with new parts. Black Knights and Forestmen were my favorites. greetings