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    Modular Ship Project

    @kurigan I said any feedback, and I meant it (the truth may not be what someone wants/likes, but they should still use it). Being self-deprecative is just part of my nature; I love history, and of course Lego, and seeing some of the ships on here made me want to really make my own stuff. I highly doubt I'll ever be the 'best', but I still want to try to keep improving my MOCing skills. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but if I do see something I like and/or I think is better than what I was currently using, I will put it in instead (and give credit as much as I can; sometimes I don't see any names). I admit that a 'pat on the pack', so to speak, is nice, but only if something deserves it; I feel most creators want gratification on some level for a creation that they're proud of. I'm pretty much completely new to MOCing (the most I've done before is modding different Lego sets), and I wanted to learn as much as I can. There's only so much you can take away from pictures, so having feedback is worth a lot. As far as your comments on advice go, I kind of take the quote of 'If everybody's thinking the same, then nobody's thinking' to heart; different perspectives allow for improvements or ideas that you otherwise wouldn't have. And when I say something 'is' a certain thing, I don't mean for that to be specifically concrete, but rather what I had built it as; this is kind of hard to put into words, but what I mean is I started out with a certain idea/construct in mind, and I built it with that as a guideline, not a set in stone rule or interpretation. I said that one ship is a 'Frigate/Post Ship' because I had built it and interpreted the design as such- hopefully that makes sense. I do apologize, as I did point out/caption the pictures (it's a habit from elsewhere); I'll remember in the future that it's not needed. Thank you for the feedback; I consider it invaluable because A) it's an honest assessment, and B) I consider you a veteran/experienced member of this forum, and therefore someone who's comments/advice, in my opinion, hold a certain weight because of that experience. As far as the carronades/cannons, I labeled them as carronades as they seemed to small to be actual cannons (in my mind at least), and I used them with that intention in mind; because of that, I won't edit it, but I do acknowledge what you're saying. I'm not completely sure who made them either, but the picture I used to build them was by Brickdoctor, and he said on the Flickr description it was inspired by SlyOwl. The carronades I've seen pictures of usually are on a slide mount (which I wasn't sure how to make), while some were in carriages. I admit that the shape is more indicative of a cannon, but I didn't really have anything else on hand at the time.
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    [MOC] Where is my mail? My post office

    Love the extensive implementation Sand Green; it's just pleasing to me. I also liked the different tile combinations you used for the various floors. As an aside, before I read the title, the first word that popped into my head was 'mint' (more of the candy variety, again the Sand Green, but perhaps still a good idea for a MOC?).
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    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    Uniforms in general can be a complicated subject; the British had both red and blue uniforms during this period, both for officers and the regular soldier, however this is subject to a sort of caveat. The English/British, well, 'Redcoats' are of course red, however, this is only for the regular army. 'Royal' institutions wore blue; the Royal Navy wore blue uniforms, albeit usually only for officers, as the regular sailors wore mainly white. The Artillery Corps technically isn't (or at least wasn't) part of the army, as it was seen as a specialized role; it was considered at least officially separate, and as a Royal institution (the 'Royal Artillery'), it was granted the right to where blue uniforms. That's why you'll see paintings of guys in blue by cannons, surrounded by guys in red. The actual army isn't, and wasn't, a Royal institution (that's why it's always referred to as the 'British Army', and not the 'Royal Army'), and therefore isn't given the privilege of the color blue. The original English/British army was created after the English Civil War(s) by the Parliamentarians in the form of the New Model Army; they chose red as the color of the new professional army's uniform as it was the cheapest color (bureaucracy at work!). When the King was returned to power, the army (and it's uniform) was kept. Now, there are a few minor exceptions of a sort to the uniform rule- and that's Royal Regiments. These are units in the army proper that (through some reason or another) are 'Royal' units. While they don't have blue uniforms, they are allowed to have blue facings, as well as a special cap badge. There is at least one army unit that does have actual blue uniforms, and that's the Royal Horse Guards (eventually amalgamated with the 1st Dragoons), and is part of the Household Cavalry (along with the Life Guards).
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    [MOC] Scorpius MRV

    @LiLmeFromDaFuture Thanks! I wouldn't exactly call it a background, though sometimes I do come up with actual backstories because that's just how my mind works.
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    [MOC] Scorpius MRV

    "Have a problem? Just MRV it!" About a year ago, I got the Jawa battlepack (mainly to get a 'new' astromech for my rebel forces). I promptly scrapped the sandcrawler for pieces, mostly to help build my Bluecoat gunboat. This still left me with some Technic liftarms and and quite a few 1x2 brackets. I decided to use them to create a Rebel vehicle, specifically some kind of crane to lift astromechs into the my Y-Wings. It was only after I had built it that I came to realize it didn't exactly fit the role right, and so I added a couple of heavy blaster cannons to make it into a sort of combat recovery vehicle. I also wasn't exactly sure if I should label it a speeder or a tracked vehicle, or some kind of combination of both (though I am sort of leaning towards the last one). Even after this, I still wasn't completely satisfied, and so I went ahead and adapted it into a full-on combat vehicle with some light blaster cannons. I really warmed to the idea since my Imperials had multiple heavy and light vehicles, while the Rebels only had a couple of speeder bikes for any battle scenario. Going with the idea that the Rebels were resourceful and seemingly modified the living daylights out of everything, I went ahead and started other attachments. I couldn't make anything big, but I wanted to make sure the Rebels had some kind of decent firepower. Thus the Scorpius Multi-Role Vehicle was born. Originally, I called it the 'Scorpio' (for various reasons, but of course mainly for the shape), though I settled on 'Scorpius' because I wanted 'Scorpio' to be the label of a more 'real world' MOC. The heavy blaster cannons can be replaced with missile launchers [spring shooters] or grenade launchers [stud shooters] for various configurations, though I feel that the original configuration is the better one. SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr The quad-blaster cannon is probably my favorite attachment. It can be folded up for storage, and is great for an anti-infantry or anti-aircraft role. SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr I kind of feel that the missile launcher is a bit clunky, but I also think it's the best I could do for the small size requirement. I started with something similar to what's on the 2015 Hailfire droid, and then went through a few iterations before settling on the final one (I thought that the one where I had the launchers attached to the sides of the mount looked the best, but it was impractical because of the above size requirement). I also considered a Calliope style launcher, but again, it would be too big. SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr For the various weapons attachments, I made a goal to make sure I had at least three types- a blaster cannon, a missile launcher, and some kind of ion weapon. The main reason is force distribution (an ion weapon would kind of even the playing field a bit). This actually stumped me for a while, as any ion gun I could think of would be way too large- indeed it would be more of an artillery piece/base defense turret than anything that could feasibly be placed on anything smaller that an AT-AT or a ship. I looked up some ion cannon turrets, and decided to use the NX-7 as inspiration, as it was (or at least looked) kind of small. The result of that effort became the Imperial version; I redesigned it a bit, and ended up with the below as the final product. SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #5 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Finally, we have the original attachment: an electromagnetic crane. This can be folded up as well, even when attached to the rest of the build. SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #4 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr And here's just some rough shots of a Scorpius ambushing an Imperial Cargo Speeder. SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #1(R) by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #2(R) by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #3(R) by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr If anyone wants to build this themselves, here's the instructions: And again, any comments/suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.
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    [MOC] Imperial Cargo Speeder

    If anyone wants to build this, here's the instructions:
  7. CommanderJonny1

    [MOC] Imperial Cargo Speeder

    The catalyst behind me making this was simple- I had a pair of Imperial Hovertanks that I wanted to use in a more combat-oriented context. Therefore, I needed to make something that was a low level hauler (i.e. something like a flatbed truck, at most a few studs off the ground) capable of holding two of Lego's Kyber crystal containers. I remembered from some older books that in the EU, they had 'floats'- basically small speeders capable of even going inside buildings. This inspired me to make a small cab attached to a low flat bed, going back to the 'truck' mentioned above. While the bed is exposed except for the side railings and the rear ramp, I wanted the bed to have at least nominal protection, hence putting heavy doors when doors aren't particularly needed. I also forwent a wide open windscreen for a smaller enclosed one for similar reasons. The idea behind this is that A) the pilot/driver would be protected from rocks and debris, and perhaps even shrapnel (protection from small arms is up in the air); and B) the cab area can be separated from the rest of the speeder (specifically the bed) and be used on other vehicles. SW Imperial Cargo Speeder #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Imperial Cargo Speeder #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Imperial Cargo Speeder #5 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Imperial Cargo Speeder #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Imperial Cargo Speeder #4 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Another function is as a small squad transport (Filing Out at Bay 10). Other uses could be placing a crane or some kind of weapon in the back. I'm not sure if a communications center would be a good fit or not. Also, with other things besides cargo or troops in the back, the rear ramp can be removed. I'm sure the bed can also be extended without it be overly long as well. SW Imperial Cargo Speeder #6 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr A rough picture of the ICS being ambushed by the Scorpius MRV (coming soon). SW Rebel Scorpius MRV (Multi-Role Vehicle) #3(R) by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Any feedback/comments would be appreciated.
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    Hello, I'm Jonny!

    Hi! My name is Jonny! I've been a fan of Lego for years, with the first sets I got being from the Jack Stone series when I was little. I quickly graduated to City and Knights Kingdom II, the latter of which I loved a lot- especially the main castle. I'm really into History, the Military, as well as various Sci-Fi and Fantasy works, which dovetails with my love of Lego pretty well. Mostly when I buy new sets it's Star Wars, simply because that theme is more consistent with sets than say Castle or Pirates, my other two top themes, and it's probably my favorite IP of all time. I've looked around Eurobricks for quite awhile (since at least 2014), mostly drooling over a lot of the awesome MOCs I've seen, but decided to take the plunge as it were and sign up at New Year's.
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    Hello, I'm Jonny!

    Thanks! @Reaper I already have a few mini-MOCs lined up! @leafan I've got more ideas than material/resources, but I'm ready to dive in!
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    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Thanks! I'm big in to history, so this goes hand in hand. I have used those strings for rigging, though I admit to it being a bit lacking. Gunboat #2(R) by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr I did think it was a bit narrow, but I justified it as it being small enough in size; I wanted more than just rowboats. Also, it gives me a nice name (Swordfish), though historically Gunboats were actually numbered. Anyways, thank you for the feedback!
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    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I've been working on a project to help my pretty much non-existent Naval forces. In doing so, I'm in the process of refitting my Brick Bounty as a Redcoat privateer, and I created the below as an interim Bluecoat craft (for context I have about 3 times as many Redcoat sailors). As for my creation, I labeled it a Gunboat, although I don't know if it would qualify as such. I have two main concerns/questions- should I change the mast to the solid mast piece; and would it be better to keep the Gunboat or scrap it for something larger and more substantial (such as a Cutter, or at most a Sloop). I'm unsure, as I think each can be useful; though I do like the idea of a coastal support craft. Gunboat #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Bricktuga Soldier Fort

    I agree; I particularly like the very unique long wooden roof. Also, may I ask how you created the light signal/bonfire, the brick built cannons, and the giant flag? Those items really popped out at me for some reason, especially the light signal (I can see it used in a variety of places). As far as the cannons, I'm creating a collection of different cannons from the Medieval Era all the way up to the end of the 19th century, and for the flag, it would be nice to use it as a template for a Grand Flag on a battlefield or as a base for an ensign on a Ship-of-the-Line. P.S.- I have to give props to the person who created the brick built Poseidon (I'm assuming that's what it is).
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    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Are you talking about the ones used on the Royal Guardsman Minifigure? If so, then yes. I've made some Guards/Grenadier soldiers with them, and they fit with the standard backpack. I'll see if I can't get a picture.