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  1. n7zhang

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    or he can go by airbrush......couldn't get his point
  2. keep us posted, we would love to see the real baby
  3. n7zhang

    [TC16] EurobrX Martian Lander

    interesting rover!
  4. Apologise, last time I did not turn on the VPN so I could see the picure but not the youtube video. I thought it was for display only. Now I see the video, nice work indeed
  5. nice work!but I am really confused if this one is indeed a tech moc
  6. n7zhang

    [HELP] Motorizing a Scale Model

    I would say at least 2 L motors
  7. n7zhang

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    very nice model! congratulations!
  8. n7zhang

    Lego Motorized vs Manual

    Both are good. My solution is to make PF sets (eg. 42082) fully RC and enhance non-PF sets (eg. 42056) with HoG mods.
  9. n7zhang

    How to deal with the thieves

    After reading this post and found out about that Vonado's warehouse is in Shenzhen, China. I can barely say anything other than apologizing for what happened to those creators. Quote from @Clawp , "People who really like your work and really wanna support you, are gonna find a way to do it (donations or paying for instructions). The only noble reward you might get... is that someone is happy with your creation in their living room, based on your instructions :).", I totally agree with that and I am willing to pay for authentic lego parts and MOC instructions.
  10. n7zhang

    [MOC] Rough Terrain Crane MKII

    nice build, have you considered adding a secondary hook?
  11. Hi, I am a new EB member and cannot send PM. I am just wondering if I can still find these stickers (both on the side and spoiler of the car) any where in the world. Any help is appreciated.