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    Photo Contest: Scenes for the Corner Garage

    Scenes for the Corner Garage by Brickcentral Community, on Flickr First, thank you to @Jim and the admins for letting me post our photo contest here! I really appreciate the help! Brickcentral is hosting its first photo contest as a Recognized LEGO Online community and we've got an awesome prize to give away: Corner Garage 10264! Brickcentral is an online community that runs themed photography challenges, features creative photos and shares shooting tips for the LEGO photographer. To enter the photo contest, create a scene relating to any of the floors of the Corner Garage building and take a photo of it. Your photo might be set in any of the floors of the building, but they could also be events that bring you to it... or even take you out of it! A car breaking down somewhere, repairs happening in the garage, animals getting a check up on site or at the stables, people having a rooftop party... these are all scenes that relate to the Corner Garage building. Use your imagination! We've got some examples made by some of our mods posted on the contest page (see below) to inspire you. The contest runs until June 30 and will be judged by the mod team of Brickcentral. Full contest details are on the Scenes for the Corner Garage contest page. I hope to see some fantastic entries from the Eurobricks community!
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    Photo Contest: Scenes for the Corner Garage

    @corasaur I have to see those! I'll search for them. @TheL390Man I'm glad you appreciate my username's meaning! And yes, I like long competitions too. It takes time to come up with ideas for me, at least.
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    Photo Contest: Scenes for the Corner Garage

    @corasaur Hahaha! Maybe it would make sense for a prize like Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown where winning another set makes for easier modular conversions!
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    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    This is fantastic work! I just visited Miami Beach a few weeks ago and this MOC really looks like it could be a hotel there.
  5. Four Bricks Tall

    [MOC] Modular Baker Street of London

    This is fantastic! I love all the details and especially that armchair and stool set.
  6. Four Bricks Tall

    Purist Hipster Barista

    Hair from the Cole Ninjago pod Arms from the Yuppie CMF Head from the baby-wearing dad in the Outdoor Adventures People Pack Torso and legs from a barista
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    Hi I'm Anna

    Hi from Brooklyn, NY! I'm Anna, a LEGO photographer and beginner MOC builder. I've only made one MOC before and it took me a long time but my kid loves it.
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    Hi I'm Anna

    Thanks @Reaper @deraven @LEGO Train 12 Volts @LM71Blackbird @dr_spock for the warm welcome!
  9. Four Bricks Tall

    PAD printing in lego torsos. Where?

    For high quality UV printing, check out The Minifig Co. I recently bought one of their torsos and heads and was surprised to see the print quality was very nice for UV. They're US based too. Sorry, no info on pricing.