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  1. Marghal

    Shakespearean Fantasy

    The theme is a brilliant idea, and the execution is wonderful. This is a scenery which is so interesting to explore. If you ever have some spare time, you could consider doing H. C. Andersen fairytales? Keep up the good work!
  2. Dear fellow castle enthusiasts, I always felt, that the Wolfpack Tower deserved a little makeover (I know that I am not the first one). So i decided to expand their smuggler tower a bit. I tried to keep it in the same style as the original. I made a small video where you can see it: I hope you will enjoy it, as much as i did making it. Thoughts and ideas are obviously welcome, but be gentle.
  3. Very nice, I have never (yet) looked into Ninjago myself, but the Destiny's Bounty looks amazing. I considered buying it for my oldest son for Christmas (but as my wife said, he is (much) to young.) I can perfectly understand why its on display! Have you also looked into knight kingdom 2? I have always considered that era of castle a bit weird, but Lord Vladek's Dark Fortress looks alright.
  4. It could be interesting to see it! Is there any particularly focus in your collection?
  5. You are most kind. Still a bit rookie when it comes to editing ect. So do you have any pictures of your collection?
  6. Thank you! Wonderful with the Wolfpack code of arms, you just made my day! :) I tried to link to one of my videos down below (hope it works - fingers crossed):
  7. Hello fellow LEGO-enthusiasts, I am 38 years old and have a passion for LEGO, mainly the castle and pirate theme. I came out of the dark ages about a year ago. I started looking through old boxes in the basement, and I found my old LEGO sets (City, Castle and Pirates), then I started started building. I have a terrible habit of collecting things, and one thing led to another, and I bought a few random lots. Currently I am trying to collect all castle sets. I have two boys (1 and 4 years old), and I plan to make a LEGO adventures with them, when they grow older. (I am also deeply into RPG and board games, being a seasoned writer and game master.) I also started posting a few reviews of castle sets on YouTube - and again - one thing let to another, i am currently working with the idea to make a top 8 classic castle list. Then I stumbled across this forum and thought, I have to be a part of that. So here I am. Nice to "meet" you all!