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  1. If someone want to play, i released the model on Mecabricks: or the LDD file on mega:!Q7g0UKgT!guqPNugqLFHSvJ22vMPl42iZwGB78kNpt04mJ9QEZAY
  2. ControlAltBrick

    Classic Ambush (A True storY)

    Part 1: Classic Ambush Part 2: Someone is not Focusing here! Part 3: Attack! (can you spot 3 Wrong Things in the picture? --- 4 if you count Emmet :P) Part 4: Late evening, try N. 666, behind the scenes This is to show my Love for 6074 (even if i wanted that damn technic car...)
  3. ControlAltBrick

    I made a simple-knight

    So... it is some kind of robot-knight-action figure. I was inspired by the Black Falcon's Fortress set (my biggest set when i was a child). Build instructions:
  4. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Red Robot

    Oh it's your kid work, in this case 10X the appreciation, awesome! :DDD
  5. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Red Robot

    It has some kind of retrostyle that i like a lot! The photography is awesome as usual :D
  6. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Triops heavy mech

    I really like it. You use a lot of interesting parts, i guess it's time to bricklink $$$ xD
  7. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] WWII Tomahawk kaiju interceptor

    Nice shaping here!
  8. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Alakuneda Think Tank (Ghost in the Shell)

    I like it a lot! For some reason it reminds me Lucas the spider xDDD
  9. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Gundam Wing attempt

    I wanted to build a Gundam Wing, but i ended up with this :D I introduce you: NoWing Build instructions:
  10. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Dark Lord

    Nice trick :D and thank you! (i'm learning a bit of light/colors theory and i start to see/appreciate the details others put in their work)
  11. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Dark Lord

    The MOC is amazing... but i also love that green light :DDD
  12. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] SimpleMecha Unit

    Awesome :D xDDD
  13. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] SimpleMecha Unit

    This have something to do with Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Yie Ar Kung Fu and Kung Fu Master (both on MSX) Damn i'm old :D
  14. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] Climatology Survey

    This is extra cute!!! I love the details!
  15. ControlAltBrick

    [MOC] SimpleMecha Unit

    The kick is a true story (the only real photo i took :D)