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  1. Snow blower (ZAUGG) Hi This attachment for my Claas Xerion is a realistic (two-stage) snow blower inspired by the swiss ZAUGG SF 90-100 HT. Motorized functions (driven by the PTO on the rear of the tractor): Slow rotation of the (red) auger (which feeds snow to the impeller) – the slow rotation is realized by a worm gear Fast rotation of the impeller (which directs snow out of the discharge chute) Pneumatic functions (connected to the pump in the tractor): Rotation of the discharge chute (by long, thin cylinder from the Arcos) Inclination of the cischarge chute (by small cylinder) Manual function: Tilting the discharge chute (for a better view while driving) Although the functions are realistic, the snow blower is by far not able to really blow snow… But for me, it looks good (and would even better with some small sticker). Severin And, as promised, some internals of my Claas Xerion MOX (sorry for the bad quality)...
  2. Yes, i have confused 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering. Sorry. I will post some pictures to show the 4 wheel drive and other internals soon (but don't expect too much, it's my first MOC). And perhaps some closeups of the 3-point linkage system and the auto-lock functions.
  3. Snow plow The first and rather simple attachment for my Claas Xerion MOC is a snow plow. Pneumatic function Independent adjustment of the two plow halves (|, /, \,<,>) by two short cylinders (Unimog type). The pneumatic system of the plow is connected to the pump of the tractor. Manual function Height of the guide wheels Other function The bottom part of the plow is connected to shock absorbers and can fold back in case of resistance Severin The 4wd system is similar to the one in the original Claas but perhaps I can get some Pictures of the internals... PS: Sorry for the Minion if you don't like it;-)
  4. Hi With my first post on eurobrickst I’d like to show my Claas Xerion 5000 track VC MOC (although it is more than one year old). Some Ideas are taken from the original Claas (steering system) and efferman (position and type of motors). The goal was to implement as many realistic functions as possible – for example a 3-point linkage system and hood with auto-lock function. Motorized functions XL Motor for propulsion (4 wheel driving) Servo-Motor for steering (with a linking system similar to the one in the original Claas) L-Motor for linkage system (hoist up / down) L-Motor for rear PTO (clockwise) and hydraulic pump (against clockwise) – one motor drives two functions depending on direction of rotation The motorized functions are powered by one sbrick in combination with a standard battery box (under the hood). Pneumatic functions Motorized pump is connected to a hydraulic connection at front and rear to support attachments with hydraulic power (and a valve to switch between front and rear) Manual functions 3 steering modes (4-wheel-steering, front-wheel-steering, crab-steering) with manual switch (similar as in the original Claas) Openable hood with auto-lock system - meaning you can lift the tractor by the hood 180° rotatable cabin (rotatable by a small black gear) Easy-accessible power-on-of-switch (as in the original Claas) Switch to change between front and rear linkage system (small gearbox) Other functions Pendular front axle (with soft suspension springs for stabilization) 3-point linkage system at front and rear with auto-lock connection (front: 1 mini LA, rear: 2 mini LA) which is quite robust LED-lights on hood and cabin (2 pairs) Trailer hitch (tow ball at rear) Attachments beside the 3-point linkage system (front / rear) and the trailer hitch you can add weight on top of the rear wheels or you can add a gooseneck connection with working driveshaft I already built a snow plow and a snow blower which I will portrait soon The functions work well as long as the resistance is not to strong. Pictures [edit: new upload, bigger preview size] Video Severin