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    Green Delta Brick Railroad

    Hi all! Yesterday I started a new project, called Green Delta Brick Railroad. Trains have always been somethings that interested me a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't have the space in my house for a nice train layout. This Christmas I got the idea of making a ‘modular’ layout: a layout that I could build up whenever I want and could break down whenever I want. Luckily I already had some train tracks, so yesterday I build a nice small home layout, including some stations. Since videos are another hobby of mine, I decides to film a couple of trains. That gave me the idea to share the layout with you guys! My plans for the next couple of months are to expand the layout with some MOC stations, bridges and buildings, and to include some automation with Arduino. I’ll keep you guys posted in this thread and via my YouTube-channel. Welcome aboard the Green Delta Brick Railroad 😉!
  2. Erignathus

    Green Delta Brick Railroad

    No, not any concrete plans. First I have to make a station to automate it ;). But I've got some ideas: automatic stops of the trains, working signals, motorized switches and 'communication' between the stations.
  3. Erignathus

    Green Delta Brick Railroad

    At this very moment the only thing modular is the small station. I have some plans to make modular stations and modular trackside structures. I hope to automate the stations first and then automate some crossings.
  4. Erignathus

    Green Delta Brick Railroad

    Thanks! The blue wagons are from Blokbricks, there are not my own creation 😉.