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  1. May i suggest using the transparent ice lolly pieces instead (30222 / 32981). I think those would suit it better though i think they may be the same thickness, but i think the lozenge shape of them would look great. Much prefer this new shape of the rear diffuser too. My only concern is with the width of the front wheels. i know it's something that can't really be helped, but i do wish LEGO would differentiate between front and rear wheels.
  2. Thanks ever so much for pointing me in the right direction. TC7 sounds like it was from way back. I was definitely not a member back then, but i'm gonna enjoy checking out all the cool entries.
  3. Ah man, i can't believe i missed that one. Sounds awesome though! Can you remember what TC number it is? As i'd love to check out the entries! I've seen the Audi concept (it's pretty cool), but the Toyota contest entry was executed differently. Imagine if you will, a car split into 3 segments (the driver and passenger compartment being the central section), lifts up with the front and rear sections of the car reducing it's wheelbase footprint, and sitting below the middle (raised section). It's certainly an odd looking thing (looks like a jacked up Smart Car). But it wasn't the strangest entry to the contest, as there was a vehicle that traversed using fibre optic bristles. Edit: I remember seeing it/reading about it in an old weekly car magazine called 'Auto Express' (i think the German sister publication is called 'Auto Bild'). Bare in mind though, this was probably around the early to mid 90's, so it's quite old.
  4. Yes, i think you're both right. It probably is best to have some limitations, as well as defining what fits into the parameters of being considered 'transformable'. Personally i think i'd like the limits to be set at no more than 4 motors. Pretty much all the ideas swimming about inside my head, only use 3, but i think 4 would be less restrictive, but should still present a challenge to those who choose to enter the contest. Also size wise, i was going to suggest something no bigger than say the Technic McLaren Senna set. But considering the size of the PF/PU hubs and their battery boxes, i think something more along the lines of no bigger than the Technic Land Rover set.
  5. I'm really excited about this contest, as i've got a lot of transformable ideas buzzing around in my head. The only thing that i can see being a limit (for me anyway), is the potential costs involved. If my budget was broader, i think i'd be attempting something along the lines of those old 'Kenner Parker M.A.S.K' vehicles. Edit: I've just remembered and was wandering whether anybody else here remembers, the MK1 Toyota MR2 , a real life car that was entered into a Toyota contest, that transformed it's wheelbase? I've searched for images on the internet, but to no avail, as it's decades old. I think a motorised technic version would be excellent!
  6. Thanks @Jurss And yes i hear you on that one. I would actually prefer to do it in a different colour as well, but medium stone grey is the colour i have the most bricks of already, (won set 10262 Creator 007 Aston Martin DB5, in a contest a few years ago), and i'm trying to keep the costs down as much as possible. I do plan on printing some stickers though, to help add a little colour to the sides of the RV. I was thinking of going with a dark grey and red colour scheme for the graphics, (unfortunately though i can't print white). Thanks man! I've rendered an image of it in red (like it was before), and i think you're right, it does seem to go better with the grey of the RV. It may not look much different (the render below), but i managed to do quite a bit of work to the RV. Can't see it as it's covered up by the body though. Edit: There's quite a bit of artistic license going on, but i had to firm up the lower U framed tray carrier. It's far from being close to the real thing, but i can live with it.
  7. This is a work in progress thread for my most ambitious build project yet, a luxury RV scaled model that's inspired by the 'Volkner Mobil' luxury RV. I say inspired as it's not scaled correctly to the real thing, and I'm not sure at the moment whether the end product will resemble it enough, to class it as a scale model of the 'Volkner'. And it is quite ambitious for me, as i'm not really a very technically minded person at heart, and to be quite honest, i feel i may be out of my depth a little even just attempting it, but i'm going to give it a go anyway. Also i'm not 100% sure whether it fits into this section/theme of EB (Technic and scale model), as i think it may fall just outside of the acceptable parameters with regards to the scale (i think it's just below 1:20 scale), and like i said above, it may not qualify as a scale model of the real thing, as i'm not sure i can get it to look like it. I guess it is kind of 'Model Team'y though, either that or 'Creator' style. Anyway, this is something i decided to attempt some time last year, though has been put on the back burner for quite a while now, with very little progress at all. My first initial idea after doing a rough sketch of the vehicles wheelbase (in Stud.io), was to create a lifting mechanism/platform that could raise the RV and allow access/deployment of the underneath garage tray. Although it looked fairly good (well, to my eyes anyway), the more i thought about it, the more i realised maybe my approach was flawed, as i thought maybe using worm gears to do the lifting would do the trick. But as many here i imagine will attest to, not everything built digitally works in real brick form. So in an effort to test the principal out, i changed my approach and simplified the mechanism to use linear actuators instead. I managed to get a hold of 4 small LI's and built a crude mock-up out of the limited Technic parts i own, and was quite pleased with the results. I was able to lift set 10262 (James Bond Aston Martin Creator set), which is quite a reasonable weight, on the crude platform i'd built. Though i will have to experiment further, as i suspect the finished model will weigh quite a lot more than set 10262. Although i don't have any pics of the mock-up platform i built in real brick, i have modelled it digitally for the purpose of seeing how i could adapt it and clean up the design. this is what it looks like (albeit in digital form): I know the following pics are quite a jump in progress, but i do tend to get a bit carried away when modelling in Stud.io, and forget to pause the process to render pics. As you can see there's now a car (there always was a car originally, a 10-wide slightly shorter green version of my made up barchetta), as well as a slide-out tray mechanism. There's also the addition of 2 PF motors, as i'd like to power the mechanism somehow, but i'd be interested to know the opinions of the members here, whether using PU would be the better application VS PF? Pics/renders: And here are a couple more pics/renders, of the mechanism sitting inside of the rough sketch lower bodywork: That's all i have to show in the way of progress so far, and as you can see i've got quite a fair bit to do ahead of me. But eventually i'm hoping to add more powered functions and maybe make it RC powered, with working steering and a powered slide-out living space. But it all depends on the packaging really, and if i have the space (and skill) to achieve that within the 14-wide system built bodywork. I'd also love to add some kind of suspension too, but i'm not sure whether that will be at all possible. Here's a couple more final pics/renders, just for reference to the original worm geared version i was referring to with the small green barchetta. As you can see it's smaller in length than the new white version, mainly due to increasing the small cars length. It's also lower too, as using the worm gears allowed for a lower height, but the more i analysed it, the way i built it just wouldn't work. Also it's near impossible to see the worm gear mechanism but i can assure you it is there:
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    If the Jazz Quartet set isn't too crazily priced, then i'll definitely be getting it. I think it's my favourite LEGO Idea's set so far to get the green light, (though the Caterham will always remain a favourite for me too).
  9. Yes, 2x3 probably would be more to scale. Tiles would look really good too, especially using the rounded corner ones.
  10. You most probably are right, but i still think it would be interesting to see how many units of the UCS cars have sold. For me, anything north of £200 for a LEGO set, is beyond my means really. I can imagine there must be others like me that just can't justify paying anything more than that for a LEGO set, so i welcome the BMW UCS bike's price point.
  11. Thanks man! I appreciate the compliment I've had a little break from doing the Volkner Mobil RV, but managed to do a little more over the weekend. There's still loads of stuff to do and solutions to be found, and i am finding it a bit overwhelming, as it'll be the biggest moc i've attempted so far. Having said that, i'm glad i've decided to go the less complicated route of keeping it all hand operated. I've started building what i can in real bricks, but it's looking a right mess at the moment, as i only have about a quarter (if that), of the needed pieces, and they're mostly the wrong colour. I will take some progress pics (hopefully next week), as i should hopefully receive a few more useful parts that i've ordered. It'll still look like brick vomit though. What i've discovered so far from building what i can of it in real brick are these two slight issues. As some of you were probably suspecting, the weight of the little sportscar is actually quite heavy. So it is causing the slightest bit of sagging to the lowerable tray. It's not too bad (about half a millimetre gap at the centre of the bowing). It really isn't that noticeable though, and is helped when the tray is screwed tight to the RV's main body. The other issue is with the car doors. Have had to change it slightly as they wouldn't sit flat against the sills. It was a fairly easy fix, but now leaves a gap similar to that of the back of the doors. I haven't rendered any pics of the door changes to the car, but i did make a quick render of the car in a different colour combo. I should be getting both red and white pieces for it, and will be playing around with both colours, to see what works best. Pic: With regards to the RV itself, I decided i'd make a start on the exterior. That way i can see what space i have to work with, to be able to fit what i want inside of it. There's still a lot of work need for the chassis, and i've somehow got figure out a place for the HOG steering. Pics/renders:
  12. @Jundis I too hope we do get something with a telescopic boom, as calling anything a telehandler / telescopic loader, without one, seems really daft.
  13. That's fair enough. I have a different opinion, but i guess time will tell in both of our cases. I agree about there not being a shortage of older classic cars LEGO could explore. What i'm really looking forward to now is the big Technic BMW motorbike set. I don't mind if LEGO doesn't give us another 1:8 supercar next year, as to be honest they're too expensive for me, but the price of the BMW is far more palatable. Actually i wonder if LEGO will shift more of them than the 1:8 super car sets, due to the more accessible price point?
  14. This is looking great Jurss! Such an iconic rally car done in Technic, i'm predicting the end result is going to look really good! Actually, out of interest have you given any thoughts to the headlights? I don't know whether you're for or against using the odd System part here and there, but i think part number 3823 / 35260 (2x4x2 transparent windscreen) would make a nice solution.
  15. That would indeed be a great solution for something of a smaller scale. I'm not a huge fan of using non-LEGO aftermarket parts, (though a lot of the 3D-printed elements that some users create here, are pretty damn awesome), so i like the idea of using the LEGO Ducati piece. If this were my model though, i'd definitely be tempted to take a plastic soft drinks bottle, and fashion something similar to the Ducati piece but at a larger scale.
  16. I can't believe i actually forgot to say what it is. I was quickly re-reading what i'd wrote to check for spelling errors (i'm useless at writing), and did'nt even notice it then. But thank you ever so much @Tenderlok! For thinking it's cool, plus reminding me that i'd forgot to say what it is. It is indeed meant to be a Ford Escort RS
  17. A slight change of topic (non Volkner Mobil RV related): After seeing @Pingubricks excellent Lancia Stratos a bit earlier, it reminded me that i'd created a road-going rally car recently myself, (albeit digitally in Stud.io about a year ago). Rather than clog up the 'Technic, Model Team and Scale Modelling' section of the site, with another thread of a digital model i've yet to build in real brick, i figured i'd just dump a few images in here for the time-being until i get around to acquiring the bricks to be able to build it. It doesn't do much apart from having an opening bonnet, boot and doors, but it also has steering (though the achievable angles leave a lot to be desired due to clearance issues) A few rendered images: And one more image in a different colour: Edit. Just noticed the last image doesn't have an interior. So here's a pic showing the interior with part of the roof structure missing, to be able to see some more in detail: And in another colour:
  18. Thank you for clarifying the issues faced over there in Sweden. I just hope that in the coming years and the inevitable mass adoption of BEV's, that solutions can somehow be found for your country, and other parts of the world facing similar issues. Obviously there's some parts of the world where ICE vehicles will always remain king, due to harsh climate conditions, and poor (if any) infrastructure at all. My original reply was to @allanp who's a UK resident (like myself), so maybe i should've clarified that point more clearly. An interesting fact is that here in the UK we currently have more electric charge point locations, than there are petrol station locations. Obviously it's not as simple as that, as petrol stations can handle a larger flow of customers quicker, but i was still quite surprised to learn we are making big steps towards electrification in my country. Again, apologies to the mods (and other members), for somewhat derailing the thread. On topic: I'm really looking forward to the Technic Batmobile! So i hope the rumours about that are true, also i'm intrigued to know what the transforming vehicle could be.
  19. @langko I'll echo what @Gray Gear has said about the McLaren Senna being ugly (it is, in my opinion). But you've captured it's likeness to perfection! This is probably the best (and my favourite) rendition of a 1:8 scale supercar i've ever seen! It really is superb quality.
  20. I believe this is a common misconception. Not so much about being able to produce enough electricity to power them all, as that's an obvious issue that needs to be addressed in time for mass adoption, but as far as infrastructure goes, apparently it's quite easy (and relatively cheap), to add charge points to existing street lamps. And i predict heavy investment of increasing public charge points in the near future (depending on which country you live). Apologies to the mods for taking the discussion wildly off topic.
  21. That looks fantastic @Pingubricks I wanted to attempt doing the Lancia Stratos myself, (shortly after i finished my digital moc of the 1970 Ford Escort RS 1600 i did about a year ago). I started it but wasn't happy that i had no windscreen solution for it. But looking at yours even with the lack of windscreen, it still looks really good, and it's unmistakable of what it's meant to be.
  22. That is real perfection @Tenderlok What you've done here is truly inspiring to me!
  23. Very true! I hadn't thought about that aspect. You're indeed right about that. Thanks for helping look at things in a new light.
  24. You're not wrong in BEV's being far too expensive for mass adoption at the moment. But the current battery technology is most definitely there. I do agree that ICE cars won't be going away anytime soon (they'll be a used market for some time), but i also think you're going to be in for a shock (excuse the pun), if you don't see the ban on the sale of new ICE cars in the UK, coming into effect by 2030. Personally i think LEGO should start to embrace this new market, with their Technic 1:8 scale cars/vehicles. True it may not be as mechanically interesting what with the lack of fake engines and complex gearboxes, (as interesting as they are, i've always thought the gearboxes in the LEGO supercars and other mocs, look a bit daft where they're so big. I know it's the nature of the beast, but still..). Having said all that, trying to make BEV based models interesting isn't an easy task. I think what i'd like to see though, is LEGO packaging the battery boxes/electric hubs as a slim unit, to try and take the same approach as the battery cells found in such vehicles. Maximising the packaging advantages (skateboard chassis'), and increasing interesting features (active aero when it comes to supercars, and motorised interiors and doors when it comes to SUV's etc). I think those aspects of a model/build could still be quite interesting. Also we'd still have suspension and wheel geometry to play with.
  25. Thank you both for the suggestion of doing a manual model first, then going back to see whether it's possible to automate it after. It has been something i've been giving a lot of thought about lately myself. As it stands if i do take that approach, i predict there may be a difference in wheelbase between the two though. When i rough it out in Stud.io it becomes clear that the manual version is a lot closer in proportional scale to the real thing, what with not having to make allowances for the motors and new slide-out garage tray i'm working on, (i think i may have found a solution to that). Another welcome advantage of going manual is, it won't be nearly as expensive to build as the motorised version, which is good because i have a fairly tight budget when it comes to LEGO. It will also allow me to create additional camping furniture/accessories that can be stored in the empty void, which would've been crammed with motors and hubs etc. So at the moment going manual seems like the best option for me, but at the same time it's quite disappointing that it won't be as clever or mechanically pleasing, as it would've been if it were motorised. As far as progress goes, i have no new pics to share. I did manage to get hold of some bevel gears i needed though, for the lift mechanism. The bevel gear and shaft mechanism is a lot more stiffer to operate than the chain-link method i was using before though. However, i did quickly strap a medium PF motor to the new mechanism and it seemed to work fine, though i image with the additional weight that will be added, it may require a motor with a bit more torque, (if i do go motorised).