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    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    I'm with you on that DoB! Those two cars look fantastic! Had a little mess about with one of the cars on my wish list: MK1 Ford Escort RS1600:
  2. Dazzzy

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Thanks Digger of Bricks! And yes, a GM Futureliner and two Motorama concept cars would be the perfect combo!! It could make a very cool retro flavoured GM set for sure!!
  3. Have just had a brief look at your amazing models! There's not one single model I've come across that I don't like. Stunning work!
  4. Dazzzy

    [MOC] Modular Ferrari Garage

    fantastic moc! It works so well! It has a certain period look that suits the era so well.
  5. Dazzzy

    Ford GT 2016 Speed Champions (modified)

    This looks great Daanski! Nice improvement!
  6. Dazzzy

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection (MOCs)

    These look great! Baron Von Barron and Captain Redbeard, have to be my favourite cars.
  7. Dazzzy

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    That indeed would be amazing! Would be awesome if they could do the GM Futureliner too!
  8. Dazzzy

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Great topic @Digger of Bricks Here's my list of what I'd like to see Lego introduce: 1. Nissan Skyline R32 (in gunmetal or black), or a Datsun 240Z in rally livery Or a 2015 Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. 2. Peugeot 205 rally car, (fingers crossed that awesome Lego Ideas submission will get the green light). 3. James Bond Lotus Esprit S1. 4. 1999 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Le Mans, (I think it would go well with the Ferrari F40). Or an Aston Martin Valkyrie. 5. Porsche 928, or a Porsche 935/78 (Moby Dick). 6. 1992 Honda NSX Type R, or A Honda S2000, (although a 5 wide S600 would look great!). 7. Mercedes 300SL (W198), or a Mercedes 230SL (W113), for a classic take. Plus it would be nice if it was to sell as a set alongside a Mercedes Project ONE. 8. 1971 Ford Transit MK1 Supervan, alongside (or towing) a Ford MK1 Escort RS 1600, (both with bubble arches). 9. Ferrari 288 GTO, or Ferrari Testarossa. 10. 1976 Tyrrell P34. Or a 1975 Brabham BT44, or a 1978 Brabham BT46, (Fan car). If I was living in fantasy world, I'd love to see some of my own creations produced as Speed Champions sets. I won a Lego Rebrick Speed champions contest back in 2017, with my interpretation of a future Mercedes F1 car: Of course, it would naturally need some competitors: To go with the futuristic (electric) Mercedes F1 car, I've recently been messing about in the LDD, trying to come up with a team transporter for it. It's a really early stage WIP, but hopefully it gives an idea of what I'm thinking.
  9. Dazzzy

    MOC Lego Town sized vehicles

    Here's my most recent MOC. It was inspired by the pink and white car in the Diner set. I know the metalised parts don't exist but I think it would look okay if those parts were white instead. Here's a couple of pics with it in it's current state. I think I prefer it without the wheel-arch pieces TBH, though as a result it loses the wing mirrors and side detail, but I really do think I prefer it that way. Also adjusted some pieces so it now can seat 2 occupants (albeit with one of their arms in the air).
  10. Dazzzy

    MOC Lego Town sized vehicles

    Decided to change the title up top, so I can add more vehicles but still keep it in one place. My interpretation of some soap-box racers.
  11. Thanks Flossie! No they don't fit in the coaches current form (length wise), but have done a quick fix to the coach below. It still needs refining (maybe adjustments to the wheel base spacing and window spacing), but mocked up the build instructions for the Mini's, and although I couldn't properly recreate them in the LDD, the new cars now fit inside. Thanks Daanski! Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, J4ck. You could be right! I think if I do submit it though, it'll just be the coach then probably mention it's compatible with the Lego official Mini. Indeed, it's really only a matter of time. I'd love to do my iteration based on the Lego Mini, but I'm limited to a digital moc at the moment, as I just can't afford the actual set to build with. Fantastic Ghostbusters Mini mod, by the way koalayummies! Looks amazing!
  12. Dazzzy

    [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    Absolutely awesome collection of vehicles De-Marco! My personal favourites have to be Christine and the Monster truck, but all of the others are top class too!
  13. I couldn't agree more, Flossie! I had a similar thought a while back, and made a digital build of my idea, in July 2017. It's way smaller than SC scale, but the coach is 8 wide. Was gonna submit it on LEGO Ideas, but talked/convinced myself it would get rejected. Was thinking of calling it the 'Gold heist Coach', but even then I thought it was too obvious and would infringe on the 'Mini' IP. Anyway, sorry for going slightly off topic, folks. Hope nobody minds me posting my efforts below:
  14. Thank you Chakotay! 69 Charger with a big blower, sounds awesome! The Speed Champions one due in 2019 looks fantastic, but I'm curious to see one without wheel-arch extensions. Please post some pics when you're finished.
  15. Hi everyone. I suspect this may be a FAQ, but can someone tell me why whenever I import a minifigure with a printed face from LDD to Stud.io, the face disappears? Thanks
  16. Thanks for breaking it down for me, SylvainLS! Had a little go and tried to import a printed head from an official Lego set, but the '?' cube appeared. Not to worry though as it turns out I hadn't selected decorated bricks. The selection of heads isn't as expansive but it'll do.
  17. Thanks bamsham363! Love the profile of the torque socket wrench pieces, as they're nice and flat. Really like the front added curved piece (same as the back). I gave it a try but unfortunately the torque wrench pieces were too long. Had another little play with it but I'm still not 100% happy with the changes I made. However, the good thing is it now has a front window (kind-of). Another change I made was the front grill. I really liked how it was, but proportionally it was the wrong size, hence the change to something less decorative. I think where it is now is as far as I'm going to take it, (may look at it again at some point). Ultimately though, my little effort here amounts to nothing really, as I checked to see whether the parts are available in turquoise, and about 3 parts don't exist in that colour. So it kind of amounts to nothing. Many apologies MTBingNinja. Here's a couple of pics of what it ended up like anyway:
  18. Dazzzy

    [MOC] Disco 2000 Vinyl Store

    No matter how many times it's taken you to design that bit, it was well worth it as it looks awesome! Merry Christmas to you too!
  19. Dazzzy

    [MOC] Disco 2000 Vinyl Store

    It's a very inspiring build indeed paupadros! I was referring more so to the green fa├žade. I think it's that, that was making the connection in my head to the old 'Tower records' shop in Birmingham, rather than the interior of the shop itself.
  20. Thanks bamsham363! Just tried it but unfortunately it doesn't quite fit between the 2 rear frames. Have tried it with a different piece though, and it seems to work. I think the rear of the roof now looks a lot better, but the front, not so much. Still I'm really happy you gave me the solution to the problem, as the driver can now wear a helmet!
  21. Dazzzy

    [MOC] Disco 2000 Vinyl Store

    Wow! This is utterly fantastic! My memory is hazy but it kind of reminds me of the 'Tower Records' shop, that used to be in Birmingham city centre (UK), many years ago. Stunning work, paupadros!
  22. Dazzzy

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    It looks good enough to eat! My favourite carriage has the be the cookie and hot chocolate one. Absolutely awesome!
  23. That Gasser looks amazing, bamsham363! It really does look like a 55 Belair! Had a little play around in the LDD, but I couldn't really come up with something as convincing as the 2 models above, bamsham363 kindly shared. Sorry MTBingNinja. Have shared a couple of images below, of my take on the car but there's a few concerns.. The main one being the question of the parts existing in the needed colours (haven't checked as yet). The other main concern is, yes the model can fit a mini-figure inside, but unfortunately the space is so tight, that said mini-figure cannot have a hair piece or helmet of any kind. Finally, although everything moves as one part when selected in LDD, I don't know if the model is robust enough, to stand up to the rigor of play in real life.
  24. Dazzzy

    MOC Lego Town sized vehicles

    Thanks fordtruckin! Glad you like the usage of the boomerang piece. It did have a 1X1 flat circle tile there to begin with, but then I remembered seeing the boomerang in the parts list. Thanks Digger of Bricks! Yeah it's indeed a shame that the parts are limited in the turquoise colour. Really hope in the future Lego expands on the turquoise parts. Thanks AntiZombie and broomhandle! Thanks paupadros! I hear what you're saying. I suppose it does look a bit more complete with them. Will have to go over the model and see whether I can make a revision or two. Thanks MTBingNinja! Would love to get it a bit smoother at the front really, but I'm pleased with the details. Thank you Agent 86! It only exists in digital form at the moment but I hope to build a model of it in real brick, in the new year. Thank you ncx! I looked at the 57 T-Bird as a source of inspiration, but there's definitely a hint of Chevy in there too. Hopefully it passes off nicely as a kind of generic convertible of that period.
  25. Dazzzy

    Greetings from the UK

    Thanks for the warm welcome, leafan! I hope to get involved in more topics and discussions, though I feel a bit out of my depth with my limited knowledge of Lego. Still, can't think of a better place to learn all about it than here! Thanks for the warm welcome too, Holodoc! It's a great site! So many wonderful MOCs that I've never seen before. And so many in-depth topics about Lego, building techniques, reviews of upcoming stuff etc. It's the ultimate Lego site! A digital contest sounds fantastic! Will keep an eye out for it, in the new year.