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  1. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I'll be there tomorrow to grab the new modular. I'll check, but when I got mine, the bin was almost empty.
  2. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    My store (Tigard, OR) has mostly had refills lately, but I went in a couple of days ago and found 1x2 Light Bluish Gray jumpers. They've had black and white jumpers on the wall a few times, but I had not seen this color before.
  3. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Thanks! I wasn't sure how they would look but decided to give them try. I'm pretty happy with the result.
  4. dlmorgan999

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    I'm relatively new to LEGO (been doing it for a bit over a year) and was starting to think about doing a MOC that needs some castle like elements. I have zero experience with castles, so I did some searching on Eurobricks and found this thread. As many others have said, it's fantastic and so helpful. Thanks for posting all these tutorials! Also, I've wanted for a while to come up with a good photo backdrop, but most of the MOCs I've done so far are pretty large (64 - 128 studs wide) so a typical light box won't really work. Your idea of using the Ikea blind really appeals to me. It's durable and large, and I happen to live near an Ikea.
  5. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Will do. Here is a building I recently finished that uses 12 of those, plus a LOT of 1x2x3 windows. I'm still doing a few finishing touches to it, and then I'll post more photos in a separate thread (in the LEGO Town section?).
  6. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I don't have any immediate plans, but these are fairly expensive on BrickLink and I like to do things with lots of glass so I grabbed a bunch. It didn't help that I saw a video on YouTube where someone used 96 of these in a fairly small space. That made me realize that I wanted to have lots more than I already had.
  7. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I picked up ~150 of those over the last few weeks. They are a bit of a pain to pack efficiently, but if you put two of them back to back, fill the insides, and secure them with 2x6 plates, it works pretty well. I was consistently able to get 30 of them in a large cup.
  8. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Being that I'm still a relative newbie, I keep not buying enough quantity from the PAB wall. I'm wishing I had bought 2-3 times as much as I did for some of the tiles.
  9. dlmorgan999

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    The selection in my store (Washington Square in Tigard, OR) this week was mind-blowing. I normally buy 1 or 2 cups. This week I bought 12! After unloading the cups, I ended up with 30 bowls of parts. I had intended to take a photo, but in the excitement I forgot. But here is a list of the stuff I got: 2x2 dark tan tiles 2x2 dark red tiles 2x2 dark red macaroni tiles 2x2 dark turquoise macaroni tiles 2x2 light bluish gray round tiles 1x4 dark green tiles 2x4 dark turquoise tiles 1x4x3 white windows 4x3 window glass 1x2x3 gold lattice shutters 1x4x6 dark bluish gray door frame 1x4x6 yellow door 1x1 gold scroll bricks 1x2 trans-clear bricks with no bottom tube 6x5 green plant leaves 1x2 reddish brown log bricks 1x2 dark red masonry bricks I ended up with almost 6,300 parts with a Bricklink value of ~$900. I spent ~$180. A very productive PAB trip!
  10. dlmorgan999

    Hello from Oregon

    Thanks! Thanks. I can certainly understand about the cost of the UCS Falcon.
  11. dlmorgan999

    Hello from Oregon

    Thanks! It will likely be a while before I can do a city, but if I get to that point I will definitely post some photos! Right now I'm wondering if I really want to post photos of my first modular MOC since it's soooo basic compared to the masterpieces posted by others here. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  12. dlmorgan999

    Hello from Oregon

    My name is Dave and I'm from the beautiful state of Oregon in the USA. I've been doing LEGO for about six months now (and I'm 59 and never did it as a kid!). I've had a number of hobbies over the years (woodworking, painting, 3D printing, others), but none has pulled me in as much as LEGO. It's just a great hobby for so many reasons. I particularly like that I don't need to dedicate large blocks of time (which is often true for my other hobbies). Whether I have a few hours or only 15 minutes I can still work on LEGO. I've built a number of large sets so far. The very first one I did was the big UCS Millennium Falcon. I've also done Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Bus, Mini Cooper, Saturn V, Mack Anthem truck, Old Fishing Store and a few others but I found that I really enjoy buildings and architecture and especially the modular buildings. So far I have the Brick Bank, Detective's Office, Parisian Restaurant, Assembly Square, and Corner Garage (the last three are currently in the to-be-built backlog). I was also able to get Pet Shop and Palace Cinema - both brand new and both at just about original retail price. As such, I've been keeping up with the LEGO Town forum regularly. I bought quite a few bulk lots early on but found that I was still always running into not having the parts I needed. Now I've become close personal friends with Bricklink and that's greatly helped with my desire to start creating MOCs. I'm currently working on my first MOC - a modular building - and I'll post something about it soon. My eventual goal (hope?) is to build a city, but like many others I have to find the space first. I suspect I'll have to initially start out with just shelves. I still have lots to learn (which is a big reason I joined the forum) but it's been a very fun process so far.