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  1. That is a better idea. I didn’t actually think to look on Bricklink for the parts. Idiot lol
  2. Thanks mate. Appreciate that.
  3. Hi I was curious and apologies if this has been posted. If I was to buy the 60197 Passenger train. Can you use the motor and base to build MOC trains. Is there a certain weight that the motor stops working. any help would be appreciated cheers
  4. ColAus

    Imperial Fort

    Thank you Faladrin . Appreciate that.
  5. ColAus

    Imperial Fort

    Hi all. Sorry Thank you for the replies. I think the inclusion of brown would look good. Apologies for the shockingly nad iPhone photography on my behalf 😂😂 Above view The prison at the back of the fort
  6. ColAus

    Imperial Fort

    Hi. First post so be kind 😂 Made this a couple of months ago.