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  1. John2019

    Battery Buggy

    I tried the dental floss but no luck, let me try the fishing line. Thanks for the tip.
  2. John2019

    Battery Buggy

    Thanks for your response. I tried that that by tying a string to front and back axels to wind up around axles based on direction of the vehicle but the problems that I am facing are it's very hard to keep the string knot tight and if it's tight then string is breaking. Do you recommend any specific string?
  3. John2019

    Battery Buggy

    Dear Friends: As a part of my middle school science Olympiad competition I built a battery buggy using Lego pieces like axels, gears, motor, battery etc but this project requires motorized vehicle to stop automatically after going for certain distance (9 to 12 meters) and I am unable to make any progress on stopping part. Does you guys have recommendations please? Thanks, John D