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  1. HothFan1987

    “Contact Us” Doesn’t Seem to Work

    Where do i find a list of their names please? Edit - ignore me it's the big obvious tab that says Staff at the top isn't it.
  2. HothFan1987

    “Contact Us” Doesn’t Seem to Work

    Hello, I have also tried to send several messages through the contact us message box and had no replies. Please can you let me know how else I can contact the website owners.
  3. It could just be a wild assumption by Jens Kronvold Frederickson though.
  4. Lesson learnt about trying to be helpful and share some information. In fact the attitude of the other poster has put me off using this forum at all.
  5. Given you (fairly) don't post evidence about what you know (which I, like others, appreciate you sharing), it's very rich for you to expect others to. For something that has "virtually zero significance" you're getting very worked up and "vocal" about it. I was merely answering a question someone posed about whether we would get a MBS set this yet clarifying that anything most likely wouldn't be under that label. Please don't reply to me on this or patronise me again.
  6. How on earth do you know what I'm basing on? I know you know stuff from the posts, but just because you don't know something doesn't mean it doesn't have basis and as far as I'm aware there's no forum rules that other people aren't allowed to share information? The lego website classified the MBS as being "built with the play aspect in mind, having many play features, functions and interior details." which obviously fits more to playsets as I wouldn't say the Tantive had "many" of those at all. I'm just saying don't expect to say the MBS label again.
  7. It's not a wild assumption at all. I'd have been very surprised if the MBS label did appear on the Tantive IV given it isn't a playset? Of course the proof will be if further MBS series are released.
  8. Pretty sure MBS has finished as a brand name (or whatever you want to call it). Absolutely not saying that's the end of the playset style sets but they wont be released as MBS anymore.
  9. i don’t have an AT-AT so would be all over one. Maybe two.
  10. Disappointed with the result, but will save some money at least - pleased for those who wanted a Gunship.
  11. The admin over at rebelscum said they were hoping to make the vote public on Friday.
  12. HothFan1987

    Future Pirates Speculation

    It looks smaller then I'd like, but not going to judge from a blurred photo - will definitely wait to see more pics. I think I'll buy one to hopefully show there is a desire for pirate ships. If the alternate builds are good pirate related builds than maybe I'll buy two...
  13. I put in my comments for why I voted for the UCS Nebulon B Frigate that it was also because I’d like a mini-fig scale Gunship.
  14. Nebulon B Frigate please!