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  1. I can’t see them on the usual place but one of the Lego Facebook groups I’m in shared some new pictures of the Crest, including the interior so there are more out there. I think it looks great.
  2. 50% off Lego in my local Game in the UK. Only had one Star Wars set in which was The Justifier. I wasn’t interested in it really before but I’m not passing on it at £70!
  3. Does anyone else enjoy the fun variety of Lego characters in their collection, or just me? They’re just Lego figures to me, not real people. There’s some great looking figures in this set.
  4. £344.99 in the UK. I love everything about this. It’s strange that a reveal of a Lego set can make me feel so happy haha.
  5. The Cody torso is up too, not seen anyone mention that?
  6. I appreciated seeing all of the figures, thanks for sharing them.
  7. Having seen the dioramas in person for the first time I’m impressed with the detail on the trench run. I may pick that one up,
  8. Hasbro’s ‘Mace Windu Attack Battalion’ set has the airborne trooper as the commander.
  9. Yeah that’s fair, I can see that would have helped a lot.
  10. I seem to be the only person who doesn’t mind the 3PO / R2 bit round the back. It’s all it needed for them, they were basically just stood at the terminal hidden in the corner of the docking bay for the scene. Sure it could have been a few studs wider but unless the whole docking bay was attached back there, there’s not much missing.
  11. HothFan1987

    Future Pirates Speculation

    There’s a leaked image of the Viking creator ship out for those interested. Looks good from what you can see.
  12. Messaged you where to look