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  1. I'll wait for a double VIP points event now, I'm happy to wait for some benfit if there's no longer a GWP.
  2. Cantina up on the Lego UK website. ยฃ319.99.
  3. Yes I like the idea as a series so am glad it's back.
  4. Haha I've had a bad day and it's honestly properly cheered me up that after you were so aggressive towards me that you've been stewing on it for months. I seem to remember another poster backed me up confirming they had also heard it from Jens Kronvold Frederickson himself and you were happy to accept his post - I notice you haven't called him out either...
  5. Living rent free after all this time. I absolutely love it.
  6. I'm surprised that there isn't a way (or an inclination) to sell these to those who had tickets to the various cons etc.
  7. I ordered on 1 May, it's been delivered no problem and payment has been processed by PayPal.
  8. That's strange, no issues with mine at all being paid via paypal and it's being delivered today.
  9. Hasbro released a 6 inch Leia in the second wave of Black Series figures in 2013, which was after the Disney purchase, but close enough that it was probably in plan / production at that point anyway.
  10. Wouldn't that make them shelf warmers?
  11. HothFan1987

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates I love this idea.
  12. โ€œImperial Walkers on the North Ridge! Check out the new announced LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set!โ€ on the official Star Wars FACEBOOK page seems like an official announcement to me.
  13. HothFan1987


    If you order an item on back order during a double VIP points event do you get the bonus points or just whatever it is when it ships?
  14. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  15. Thursday evening / Friday - close enough. I like the set I think it looks good, but I won't be getting it.