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  1. rsletta

    Hello from Norway

    Hi everyone, my name is Ronnie! 😀 Born in 1980, I grew up with LEGO during the late 80's - early 90's, but somehow drifted away in my teens. Luckily my LEGO went into storage at my mothers house. And she magically brought it with her, every time she moved, until it returned to me a couple of years ago, when my first son was born. We (or rather my oldest) got a ton og LEGO from my half-brother when he hit his teens, and I got a growing desire to get back into building. But somehow it didn't lead to action. Fast forward a couple of years, and my wife was the biggest builder of us during those, rebuilding the handed down sets from my half-brother, with some assistance from me. But then in November, something clicked, and I found the fire again. I started to check out the AFOL scene, which I sort of knew about, and was gobsmacked by all the awesome MOCs out there. I feel that MOCs are what's closest to my heart, as that is how I've always played with LEGO. I don't know how long any set held together, before I turned it into something else. I actually found one of my old build, like frozen in time, in the box of LEGO being stored from the mid 90's. Sadly it's busted to pieces again, but it was a LEGO version of AIRWOLF. 🤓 I hope I can keep the fire burning, and that LEGO can become a way to have quality family time. The wife likes to build, and the kids love to play, even though they're not that into building yet. At least they seem to like it best, when they just build from heart. ❤️ I've started big, by having a "small" advent project. Wanting to create some pre-christmas magic for the kids, I got inspired by the Winter Village sets, to create our own. Based around the Winter Village train and Winter Village station, I try to mainly build with what we have, and add a couple of sets, and let a new part appear every morning. The kids think it's the house gnome that does it during the night, and they love it! 🙂 I hope it's not frowned upon, to embed Instagram posts here. I'm not a Flickr user, so Instagram is the place I have images of the project. (By the way, the Von Sletzen family is a representation of us. The kids went bananas over it, when they recognized themselves) I really look forward to be a part of this community. Thank you for all your awesome creations and inspiration. 🙂
  2. I installed the Powered Up parts, the found out that I had an issue with direction, using the Powered Up app. Forward makes it run backward and opposite. I had a look at some building videos of the Powered Up trains, and it seems like the engine is mounted the other way around on those trains, compared to this. I think I also read something about being able to switch direction on the Power Functions controller. I just disassembled it again, and let the kids play with it using manual propulsion. 😊