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  1. I think it's still possible the Thanos set is movie based. Thanos has brown eyes in Infinity War and Endgame. It's hard to tell in the picture but it looks like this could be case for the leaked head.
  2. I would say the space Iron Man suit from the Avenjet isn't Mark 39. Other than the colors, the printing is completely different (lack of gray playing, arc reactor shape, etc.). Great list though!
  3. So we still don't know when/where the quantum suit Iron Man polybag is releasing then? I really wanna get the wave on release day but it'd suck if it was part of a later promo and not available separately.
  4. If they're reviving the Iron Patriot polybag, could that be the helmet the leaker said was in production? It's blue and silver just like Rescue's would have been.
  5. It's definitely the 43. The detailing matches perfectly, including the helmet with the additional lines (which the 7 didn't have, in LEGO form or the films).
  6. Have we considered that maybe the exclusive gift is just the team suit Iron Man polybag?
  7. Honestly I think one of the worst parts is that we didn't even get a team suit Hulk. If they're gonna do the team suits and not give us the individual suits, fine, but holy shit at least give us the complete set of them. Absolutely would have preferred that to the generic Hulk we got, because now we've got 9/10 characters wearing them and it's gonna bug the hell out of me.
  8. Scott's helmet can shrink away while he's wearing the suit, while Rhodey's has to stay on.
  9. I actually think the old school one is more accurate. In the films so far, Hawkeye's primarily used a recurve bow, rather than a compound (the latter of which LEGO has been equipping him with in sets until now)
  10. Do you think it's possible we'll get a different hairpiece for Captain Marvel if she shows up in the Endgame sets? Based on the concept art we've seen, it appears her hair is longer and more of a modern look, as opposed to the Rachel she has in her solo film.
  11. Eurobricks in a nutshell
  12. SpiderJazz you beautiful bastard, they actually did it. I'm glad we're getting at least one polybags (although I reckon we'll see micro Ant-Man training suit Nebula in some as well), means that there's a good chance all of the remaining minifigures in the next two sets are in their personal suits.
  13. Something I just noticed, we're FINALLY getting a separate quiver piece for Hawkeye. It looks like it's just the standard LEGO one but it's a nice inclusion regardless, especially given that we've had variants in the past that don't even have a printed one.
  14. "War Machine Buster" is a terrible name lol but awesome set! It's just a different design I think, the name looks like it matches up at the bottom of the box. There was at least some degree of variation among the different Outriders in Infinity War so we might get some new ones in Endgame.