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  1. Jack06

    [MOD] LEGO Ulysses Spacecraft - more detailed

    Sorry. I had seen this mod of the spaceprobe posted in the same Forum, so I thought it would be the right subcategory for stuff like that. Greetings Jakob
  2. Jack06

    [MOD] LEGO Ulysses Spacecraft - more detailed

    Thank you for the kind words! Thanks.
  3. Hello together, after the ulysses space probe was released, i wanted to build my own version. Forr me personallyl, the ulysseus spacecraft lacked details, a lot of things were simply left out. The MOC was only made using Bricklink Stud.io, free instructions can be found here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-74025/JBs Brick Creations/ulysses-space-probe-more-detailed/#details So here is my version of the famous space probe, I hope you enjoy it. Greetings Jakob
  4. Hello everyone, I have just built the wheel loader 1: 1 according to the instructions to get the result that customers who buy the instructions would also get. I didn't had all parts in the correct colours, but no matter There were a few small mistakes in the instruction, which I will correct today. And I also didn't built in the tan 20 tooth gear in the front, you guys were right, it works better without it. Many people here thought that the model more likely fulfilled the function of a display model, but I basically built the wheel loader with the wish that all the (technic) functions would work. And they do that from my point of you. Especially the steering and the driving works well in my opinion. I recorded a very short, uncut video , I would be happy if you could take a look at it. And yes, the lifting capacity is not particularly large, but 100 grams is enough for me. I could also replace the dark-gray linkage with two 7L liftarm, would be more stable. ok Best regards Jakob
  5. First I apologize for my quite bad english, I'm 14 years old my school-vocabulary is not very big. Should be done. That's right. I paid more attention to the appearance, the lifting capacity is about 100 grams. That's ok for me. It constructed this mechanism in a way, that it is able to lift 100 grams without breaking. I would never glue Lego parts to get a better functionality! Half-half. You can use the font axle drive, it works, but it`s possible that the model will drive a little bit jerky. Thank you for the reminder , I added this to the MOC description on Rebrickable right now. Thank you. Best regards Jakob
  6. [MOC] Liebherr L506 compact wheel loader Hello everybody, after a while I'm happy to present my latest MOC to you. It's a replica of the Liebherr L506 compact wheel loader, and it's controlled via a Vengit SBrick, as always. Some Infos about the model: 999 parts Width: 17,5 cm Height: 18,7 cm Length: 38,4 cm 4 functions Instruction is available on Rebrickable since today: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-59847/JB Lego Creations/liebherr-l506-compact-wheel-loader/#details Some pictures/Render, hope you like it: The video: Best regards and merry Christmas Jakob
  7. Dear community, today I want to present you my newest MOC, a replica of a E-Forklift from the Company Jungheinrich. The model is fully remote controlled and has got 4 functions, controlled via a Vengit Sbrick. Data about the model: - Height: 25 Studs (20 cm) | [ extended lift mast] : 38 Studs (30.5 cm) - Length: 29 Studs (23 cm) - Width: 10 Studs (8cm) - Weight: 835 g - total parts (without Rubber band, cords and Sbrick) : 689 Electric components: - 2x Power function L Motor - 1x Power funcion M Motor - 1x Power function servo Motor - 1x Vengit Sbrick Now some pictures, I hope you like it: Battery Box: Rubber Band: Technic in the inside: Building Instruction, made with Bricklink Studio and Gimp: https://www.1000steine.de/de/gemeinschaft/forum/?entry=1&id=441294#id441294 I hope you like my Model. Greetings, Jakob, 14 years old.
  8. Hi everyone, after 3 months of planing and contruction, I 'm happy to present you my newest MOC. It's a Pistenbully 600 LEVEL RED from the german company Kässbohrer. It has got 8 functions, controlled via 2 Sbricks. You can see all functions in the Video: https://youtu.be/p4F_J6-3MPs Pictures: 20200430_105802 - Kopiert by J. Breinl, auf Flickr 20200428_104746 by J. Breinl, auf Flickr 20200429_112941 by J. Breinl, auf Flickr 20200430_105544 - Kopiert by J. Breinl, auf Flickr 20200430_105621 by J. Breinl, auf Flickr Anmerkung 2020-04-29 134018 by J. Breinl, auf Flickr dsd by J. Breinl, auf Flickr Hope you like it. If you have any question, ask. Greetings, Jakob (14 years old)
  9. Hey guys, I habe made an instruction with studio: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-36390/ProfessorBaustein/pistenbully-600w/#info
  10. The insruction is avaible at Rebrickable now: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-31588/ProfessorBaustein/rc-liebherr-r-918-litronic-excavator/#parts
  11. I'm glad that you like it. In the LDD, there aren't a lot of buckets I will look in Stud.io, I think there are more.
  12. Hello together, here is my newest Moc. It is an excavator of the company Liebherr. It's controlled by two Sbricks. Now some Pictures, i hope they work: I also build it in real, here is a short movie: https://youtu.be/Mt4kWwQOS_0
  13. Today is my birthday, and i got 2 sbricks from my parents, and they need not as much place as the IR Empfänger. https://youtu.be/UaI7iFtteiA