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  1. Jack06

    Lego Technic Snowgroomer

    So, I finish it :https://youtu.be/v8bLOLGuDow
  2. Jack06

    Lego Technic Snowgroomer

    Today is my birthday, and i got 2 sbricks from my parents, and they need not as much place as the IR Empfänger. https://youtu.be/UaI7iFtteiA
  3. Jack06

    Lego Technic Snowgroomer

    I hope my English is ok. The Video is a little bit old, meanwhile I habe a new drive: https://youtu.be/KRqhP5R7i2Q PS:,I hope that the link works.
  4. Hello everyone! In this thread I would like to introduce you to my lego technic pistebully. I tried to build as detailed a model as possible, and now, after 6 months, I'm done. The remote-controlled features are: Driving lift/lower snowplate tilt snowplate turning snowplate Alpineflexfräße lower/lift alpineflexfräße activate I hope the pictures are ok : Her is the Link to the Video that i was made: