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  1. jkris53406

    7939 tanker wagon alternative parts

    I used 4 22885 and you have to put a 2x4 plate under them to get the correct height. The 30414 should work the same though.
  2. jkris53406

    [MOC] Corner Blue Grocer

    Well, that would go quite nicely next to my blue grocer. Well done!
  3. jkris53406

    [MOC] BRICKS & BLOOMS - Modular Garden Centre

    Very nice! I love the canopy on the garden center in the back.
  4. jkris53406

    7939 tanker wagon alternative parts

    I built a ton of these and used the 44375b instead of the hollow stud version. I also figured out a way to replace the 2434 with 5 very cheap pieces.
  5. jkris53406

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    This is awesome! Well done!
  6. jkris53406

    MOC: Container House

    They look awesome!