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  1. Steinbeisserheld

    Tribute Model 8880 Evo

    I saw the video on youtube, and i am astonished. Especially because the 8880 was the last Set i bought before my "Dark Ages" came until i came back to Lego-Technic in this year. There were >20 Years i missed, and "Technic" evolved a lot in that time. In my sight there is "old technic" like the 8880 which is made of technic-bricks and other bricks with classical studs, and there is "new technic" which mainly is made of studless parts like liftarms, panels, and some undescribable speical parts. Your "Tribute Model" is the perfect link between both eras. Your "8880 Evo" can´t deny its heritage, you see this model and clearly recognize the ancestor, but it is made with the new parts. And the best thing about it: There are a a bunch of functions. We are all complaining that new technic-sets lack of functions, and your model has all one can dream of. If Lego would have created something like this, that would have been a worthy set for the 40th Technic-Anniversary. A reminiscence to the old days, the legendary 8880 in a modern way, evolved on a new level. They didn´t, but you did. So i salute you. Great work!
  2. Steinbeisserheld

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    I knew there aren't many funkctions in that set, but i hoped that those little functions left in that model would be a bit more sophisitcated, refined, elaborate, a little bit tricky, not as simple like the 42077. Ok, it´s still good looking, and if the price fits i´ll buy it. But surely not for 150 Euros, and i am not very eager to spend 120 Euros or more. Ok, 100 Euros aren't very relaisitic when it´s fresh released, so i´ll have to wait some time to eventually get a chance for ~110 Euros. Maybe....
  3. Steinbeisserheld

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Hmpf. I was in joyful anticipation as this model was announced. I was aware that this Porsche for half the price than the 42056 couldn´t be that gorgeous. It was often written in that thread that there wouldn´t be a gearbox, and i am not very fond of hog-steering. so my expectations wasn´t very high. But after what i've seen in the video above i came to the conclusion that - technically spoken - this model is a 42077 with a Porsche-silhouette. für twice the price. Sure, it looks way better than the 42077, but i doubt it will be avalable for a decent price anytime soon. I think round about 100 Euros should be appropriate.
  4. Steinbeisserheld

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    The lowest prive i´ve had seen was 254 Euros at a few days ago. I decided to think about buying it when the price goes below 250 Euros.
  5. Steinbeisserheld

    42095 Remote Control Stunt Racer

    Ok, i always thougt BT would work only in short distance. To be honest: No one is happy with a Lego car (MoC or Set) rollign slowly on the carpet. You want it to be fast, and drive it outside in the yard, drifting and wheels spinning. Yeah, i know, the Lego Motors aren´t fast,...
  6. Steinbeisserheld

    42095 Remote Control Stunt Racer

    Ok, but bluetooth isn´t really RC, isn´t it? It would be a progress compared to IR though.
  7. Steinbeisserheld

    42095 Remote Control Stunt Racer

    I hate to be the bad guy. Sorry for that. But, why on earth does Lego keep on hanging onto this infrared crap? Take a look at Cada, their models use 2,4GHZ RC. Why does Lego not? It´s 2018 now, not 1978 anymore. Aside from that, this model looks like it may be big fun to play with. There for i gladly give a
  8. Steinbeisserheld

    [MOC] Compact 6x6 Pickup

    Great Moc! It looks very well, good job. I like the idea how you placed the serveomotor in the passenger compartment. So it doesn´t look as if it doesn´t belong there and still fulfill its function.
  9. Steinbeisserheld

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    That´s what i said in the first place: It´s the wrong scale, make the Corvette great. Trash the effing Bugatti, give us a 1:8 Corvette.
  10. Steinbeisserheld

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I don´t know if i understood well. But you think Chevrolet denies some functions because they want a good looking car but doesn´t mind its uglyness? Ok, i admit in the video it looks a lot better than on the photos before, and i am surprised in a very positive way it has a steering. It´s not that bad at all, especially given the very small scale. But if Chevrolet cares anything about how the car looks, they wouldn´t give permission for this, so this can´t be the reason why there aren´t doors and hood to be opened. As mentioned before, the UVP is about 40€, and the real market price will be around 30-35€, so this is a very low cost modell, and that would be the reason for the lack of funktions and openable doors/hood. I think it´s not about the parts, the designer needs a lot more time if he puts more funkctions into the modell, and these engineering effort is it, what makes the better modells more expensive.
  11. Steinbeisserheld

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Hell Yeah! I´m very eager to hear the first reviews.
  12. Steinbeisserheld

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    I imagine it sells the same way i bought my 42077 this spring: Someone without a clue stumbles over the product: "Oh look, a Lego car, lets buy it." I don´t want to make the 42077 much worser as ist is, it´s a nice set for the beginning, but it has nothing special like the 42082 crane or the 42056 Porsche. I bought it for roundabout 70 Euros, that´s ok.
  13. Steinbeisserheld

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    Nah, no problem. There are some other sets on my list. Surely the "Porsche RSR", and from the "Speed Chamions" the camaro and the dodge charger/challenger hellcat sets. Aside from that i still have an 42056 to build.
  14. Steinbeisserheld

    42077 C-Model Hot Rod Instructions

    In the 42093 thread was a discussion about the b-modell "Hot Rod" and how about to use some parts from the 42077 to refine it. Someone set a link to this topic, and i have to say: Great work! So, if i want a Hot Rod it makes more sense to rebuild my 42077 instead of buying the 42093 set...
  15. Steinbeisserheld

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    Oops. I didn´t see this before. Well, under that circumstances it does make more sense to build the Hot Rod directly from the 42077 set, so that the 42093 is obsolete. Great work!