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  1. Steinbeisserheld

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I don´t know how reliable the source is. I don´t know it, i don´t know how reliable former leaks have been. But i would think they would choose a car with some style and image. A Mitsubishi, even if it is spiced up version from F&F is still a boring Mitsubishi. I don´t know what Lego plans, but they have licences from Chevrolet. They have a NASCAR style Camaro in the "Speed Champions" series, they have brought the (not so well done) Corvette in the "Technic" series. I´m hoping for a camaro or corvette in the UCS series, That would be much cooler than a boring japanese ricer.
  2. Steinbeisserheld

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I prefer paper. With digital instructions i have 2 problems: My huge PC monitor is not moveable, i can´t take it to my building desk. My smartphone is mobile, but the screen is too tiny to recognize the drawings. The paperbooks can be taken to the desk where i build my sets, and the drawings in the paperbook are bigger than on the smartphone.
  3. Steinbeisserheld

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    A Ford F-150 or Dodge RAM in 1:8 scale, that would be huge. But there are not that many fans of pick-up trucks as there are for sport cars. So i think Lego wouldn´t bring it, not in the "UCS" series. Maybe someday a Chevy Silverado in the corvette scale.
  4. Steinbeisserheld

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    To be hionest. I wans´t very fond of this model since it was announced. But now that i have seen some facts about this model i want to buy it. Roundabout 2500+ parts for 180€ UVP, most likely a lot cheaper with the usual discounts, more funkctions than the 42056 Porsche or the 42083 Bugatti, and a lot more functions than the 42095 Porsche which is slightly less expensive compared to the Landrover, i would say it has a good value for the costs. Ok, there are some minor downside like the blue pins the stickers, and the winch is not very sophisiticated. The one thing which disturbs me mist: The little "nail machine" aka the engine. A model this size should have had an engine based on the usual fakeengine parts Lego used in the past. That nail-machine may be appropriate at smaller models as the wannabe-Corvette, or in the Mack, but not here. But aside of this one thing, i like the Landrover.
  5. Steinbeisserheld

    [REVIEW] 42096 - Porsche 911 RSR

    Thanks, a good idea. I will consider it.
  6. Steinbeisserheld

    [REVIEW] 42096 - Porsche 911 RSR

    Well, these sets were officially available since December, 27th, so i classified them as "lat 2018" instead of "early 2019". But we don´t want to argue about those little insignificances.
  7. Steinbeisserheld

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR Mods and improvements

    That´s a nice idea, thanks. But i think the main problem are the grey T-Bone liftarms, not the suspension.
  8. Steinbeisserheld

    [REVIEW] 42096 - Porsche 911 RSR

    Well, a few weeks ago i bought 2 sets from the late 2018 wave. The Corvette and this Porsche. I don´t like the Corvette at all, but i like the Porsche very much, although its design has some flaws. Let´s have a look on the things i find great. First, i like the design of this Porsche, the paint scheme, the shape, and it is a real racecar, no sportly mixed version of a street car. After i bouit this set i´m amazed for all the little details i didn´t expect. The lugnuts, the antennas, the window wiper. The suspension actually works, not like that one from the bugatti which hangs on the bottom because the car is too heavy. I like this set. Really. But as i said, the design has some flaws, the two biggest isuses are the wheels which are way to small, and the frontend which ist way to long. The thing with the wheels could be solved easily. Ok, it is not so easy to get the right tyres to combine them with the rims, presumably it should be easier to get the hands on some wheels from the 42056, but since they are way to wide for this set it would be a bigger effort to modify the body to get them into the wheelhouses. But that´s something one can manage. The second big issue is the frontend which is to long. Ok, they wanted to do it the easy way and use the turntables for the frontsplitter, that defines the length from the wheelhouse to the frontend, that´s the reason i didnt come up with a solution yet. And then there are more minor flaws like e.g. the frogeyes, the absence of a transmisson, etc. One more thing: This set has way to much stickers. 2 sheets with stickers. White stickers on white panels. That would be an issue i want to criticize. To be realistic:This set is much more affordable than the 42056, so there are limits for the efford to find solutions. For half the price there won´t be a transmission. and there will be simple solutions with parts they have in their shelf. That explains the small tyres, the tunrtables, and the frogeyes. I think theses things are forgivable given the pricing compared to the 42056 or even the 42083 Bugatti. While we are talking about the Bugatti: The doors on the 42096 are way more solid than on the 42083, but i guess that hurdle wouldn´t be too high, wouldn´t it? My verdict: I like this set, it has some flaws, there surely is some room for improvements, but altogether i would give an 4 out of 5 stars.
  9. Steinbeisserheld

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR Mods and improvements

    Hello, although i like this set, its design has some flaws. One of it are the wheels which are way too small for a model in this size. So i did some minor changings while builing this set. I moved the grey 5x7 2 studs to the front, and dettached the black1x7. Everything else is build as given in the instructions One attempt was to take the wheels from the 42056 Porsche GT3 RS, but it didn´t work out because these wheels are too wide. I couldn´t assemble them in the back because they collided with the body, on the front axle i could assemble them, but the steering had no room. The secound attmempt was to use the original rims but with other tyres. I used the tyres from the 8880 which i already used for my NASCAR MOC (i know it´s ugly as hell, it will be rebuild sometime in the future). Front: Back: Full: As you see, the wheelhouses are filled, nevertheless the steering and the suspension have enough room to work. The tyres are (in the diameter) slightly larger than the rims, but they ´ll fit. I think it looks great in this shape, way better than with the smaller trolley-wheels. :)
  10. Steinbeisserheld

    [REVIEW] 42093 - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

    Well, after a while i feel the urge to reconsider my verdict. Ok, i didn´t like that failed attempt of a Corvette then, and that didn´t change very much. But there are two additional aspects i did´t pay much attention. 1.) There´s a new set coming, the 42098 "Car Transporter" with a car in the size of the Corvette and plenty of unused place. With the Corvette combines to this Car Transporter the Corvette is less useless. 2.) Because i didn´t like the Corvette very much i fell in old habbits and did some "crahs tests" with it, just as in much earlier times when i played with Lego, and i can confirm the Corvette does take a lot of heat. You can run it to the wall, let iot roll several times or just let it drop from the desk (approximately 1 Meter) without shattering in many pieces. Sometimes it will loose 1 or 2 little parts but it is no big deal to "repair" it. (I am very surprised how rough you have to treat it for that, given how "wobbely" it´s structure is) My new verdict: Even if we AFOLs have a lot of fun with some Lego sets Lego used to be a toy. The Corvette surely sucks as a display model, but it is a nearly perfect toy for kids who doesn´t treat their stuff gently and doesn´t give a s**t about the technique or the details
  11. Steinbeisserheld

    [REVIEW] 42093 - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

    Well, i agree with you. I didn´t expect much, but as i built it i am very ... disapointed is not the right word, but the more the build progressed the more i realised how my money was thrown out of the window. I Knew before it would be ugly as f**k, i knew it had no funktions, i knew there wouldn´t be any hoods or doors to be opened. I knew it was bad, but i didn´t expected it to be that bad. The dorrs are flappy, the construction is *ugh*. I dislike this thing very much, and i think even the 28€ are 28€ to much for this "Gelumpe", even if you don´t expect this to be a cool Corvette.So i gave 30€ for some spare parts without use. I would give it a 0 out of 5 stars.
  12. Steinbeisserheld

    Moc 42078c "Towtruck"

    Thanks for your appreciation. I think the crane and the rig could use some improvements, they could be more solid. I think there will be some evolution in a while, but for the moment i am quite satisfied with the outcome.
  13. Steinbeisserheld

    Moc 42078c "Towtruck"

    Hello, here is my second MOC, an alternative version of the 42078 Mack Anthem, in the shape of a tow truck. The 42078 is a great model-set, but some people feel like the original modell is a bit to small in width, and some people miss double-tires. So the main idea was to create a truck a bit wider than the 42078, and with twin-tires on the back axle. Since using the 4 wheels from the trailer for the truck means there would be no trailer i decided to build a tow truck. Here are both trucks, the original 42078 and my towtruck. Mine is a bit wider, but not to wide, i think. The Truck grew just 2 (1per side) studs in the width, but the additional tires are 2-3 studs wide, In orde rto accomplish this i moved the inner wheels 1 stud into the middle. In Action: Other as my nascar, this MOC is not a complete new thing, it´s a modification of the original model, and therefore i tried to use just the parts delivered in this set. The green crane looks a bit weird, but that is lego, there is always an unicorn involved, vomiting into the setlist. If you are interested i may show some additional pictures.
  14. Steinbeisserheld

    MOC: Stock(racing)car inpired by Nascar Stage I

    Hello, thank you for your answer: Regarding the first question: I bought one set of building blocks on ebay, but there are also a lot of webshops in asia, like aliexpress or where you can purchase products from "Cada" Cada is a subbrand of "Double Eagle" I don´t support/propagate copycats like L***n or D****l, but there are a lot of legal alternative building blocks available from manufactors with own creations and even own types of building blocks that Lego doesn´t provide, like that two-sided liftarms or RC-controlled PF. I usually don´t mix, but in this case these special parts have a serious purpose. Regarding the Functions. The idea was to put the motordrives directly onto the differential to minimze inner friction and get a maximum of performance. Changing the ratio would mean to put additional gears into this construction. I think it would work, but it would lower the speed. Maybe it´s worth a try, maybe i´ll find another solution some day. But to be realistic: Building a modell this big and provide some solidity comes with a lot of weight, and the Lego PF don´t have reasonable punch. So the idea building a modell this size, motorize it, and expect some decent performance is a bit crazy. I think a model in the scale of the 42093 Corvette with 4 L-Motors would have been a lot of fun. Maybe that´s the solution, to take the motordrive out and put it into another smaller car and let this nascar be what it should be: A nice display model.
  15. Hello, finally my MOC "Stockcar/Racingcar" is finished, nevertheless i have some ideas to improve this crearion and there is a minor issue to fix. So there will be a stage II oder maybe even stage III sometime in the future. But for now i´d like to introduce the first stage of my "Stockcar/Racingcar. Its scale is 1.8, so it is measurments are roundabout 60 cm in length, 25,5cm in width, and 16 cm in height. The weight is about 2,4 kg I used parts from following sets: 8880 "Supercar" 42077 "Ralleycar" 42069 "Extreme Off Road Car" 42095 "Stuntracer" And others Here it is: As you can see in the background i also used some parts from "Cada". Like those two-sided liftarms, the liftarms with pin/connector on the small side, or the 2,4GHz RC. This special liftarms are very helpful to get some stability into the car, and the 2,4GHz RC is less vulnerable than that Lego IR crap from the stoneage. Front: Back: Don´t blame me for lazyness, but that Nascar Stockracing Cars don´t have lfront or tailligths these day, they are painted or stickers. So i did´nt use transclear parts to create ligths. Interieur: Like a real Nascar this Stock racingcar has no doors to open (i am not lazy ) but it has an old school H-Shiftgear (taken from the 8880), and a modern racing seat with cheeks to protect the head, like an armchair with ears. The wheels: This wheels are a combination of the tires from the 8880 and the rims from the 42077 "Ralley Car" to create some kind of "balloon tire" like a real Nascar. GThe original tires from the 42077 would have been to flat, the rims of the 8880 aren´t white anymore, and they wouldn´t be compatible with the never suspension parts. Since Nascar is very old school the wheels are mounted with 5 lugnuts, they don´t have a central lock like modern racecars. To create something similar i put crosspins with an toothed half-stoper (also taken from the 8880) in the 3 open holes. The frontend: Here is the (fake)engine. It looks a little bit lost, you wouldn´t expect this in a real Nascar, but they have the engine also hidden low behind the front axle, so that an open hood on a real nascar looks somehow empty. Since the servomotor for the steering control is positioned beneath that fake-engine,that fake-engine is mounted a little bi higher than it should be. Because of the working steering i also couldn´t put it behind the front axle. There is no moving video yet, but i managed to create a construction with a working steering, and moving pistons. They shouldn´t interfere with another, that´s why the fake-engine had to be mounted that high. If you look closer, you will see the blue suspension parts from the 8880. My first idea was to create a modell with a drivetrain from the 8880 and a bodywork from newer parts. In the progress i swaped a ot of parts and the wheels from the 8880 disappeared from that modell because they were very yellowed, and it ould be a pain in the megablocks tocreate a rear axle since the 8880 had a rear wheel steering and i would have to fix the wheels. So i put the old wheels aside and the new wheelhubs in the old suspension parts. Maybe i swap them in a later version, but not now. I would have to change the whole geometry to keep the width since the newer suspension parts are one unit shorter. Regarding a later version of this car: I mentioned one minor issue. As you maybe have seen there are a lot of wires, mtoros and batterieboexes. The idea was not to just create a model car, it should move on its own. I put 4 L-Motors direkctly on the rear axle, a servomotor to the steering wheel, and for laughs, i put an left over M-Motorto the fake-engine. In an early state, the chassis without bodywork moved very well. But now, the complete car weihgs roundabout 2,4 kg, ant it barely moves an the table, and it won´t move at all on the carpet. I think i have to do some homework to get some performance into that car. I have to slim down the weight, and make some thougts if and how i could put more power in the drive train. One possibility maybe to add 4 additional motors, but that would require additional batterieboxes, and a lot of gears to combine the additional motors with the existing gears, that would mean to have more weight, and more friction. It would be questionable if this wouldn´t consume the extrapower so that i wouldn´t gain any extra performance. So there is something to think about, and maybe a lot of work to do. So i introduce that version of my Stockracingcar now and take a lot of time for an improved version. So, that´s it for now. please share your thougts. Is it "Hot or Schrott"? (german word for scrap metal)