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  1. Hi, I'm searching for that rubber traction ring, around the driving wheel of a lego duplo locomotive. Does anyone have an idea where to get that? Or what else could be used instead? A rubber o-ring has less grip. Maybe a rubber teeth belt? Other idea's? Thanks.
  2. Since my son is about 1.5 years old now, I have a very good reason to start playing with LEGO(/Duplo) again. :) Okay, we are still in the Duplo-phase (can't wait for mindstorms/robotics), we like to play with some custom cars. So this is a remix of a Citröen 2CV. The idea is using an existing 2x4 car base (like 12591c02) in such a way, minifigs are placed upon this car base. This will ensure a good LEGO connection, without too much printing tolerances issue's. In this case, you may notice a 3d printed car base. Although in general, from quality/price perspective I would recommend to buy standard LEGO/Duplo parts when ever possible. ps1: If you like more LEGO - 3d print combinations, we are happy to show more :) ps2. @MODs: Since I don't known, where to place this 3d printed MOC, feel free to move it somewhere else. ps3. When printed at 50%, it does NOT fit LEGO. (Duplo wheel axis are blow studs, while LEGO wheel axis are in between studs.)
  3. edge_nl

    Dimensions of Lego elements?

    Although this is an old post, this is a very informative website about LEGO dimensions: https://www.cailliau.org/en/Alphabetical/L/Lego/Dimensions/General Considerations/
  4. edge_nl

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    I'm very new to this forum, but if you like more content, let's start a "LEGO/Duplo 3D print" topic. Would be nice, within the "SPECIAL INTERESTS" secton ? I think a lot of people could post in this forum with a lot of MOC's and other interesting discussions ;)
  5. edge_nl

    Greetings from The Netherlands

    Well, it prints like this: Question, is there / could there be a forum topic (or something), for 3D printed MOC's?
  6. edge_nl

    Duplo Trains discussion

    Robert, I just have to say thank you for the great resources about dimensions and other lego/duplo descriptions. This was very helpful, to create a modular OpenScad lego/duplo interfacing tool. It's basically only creating standard blocks, rail interfaces and base plates and here it's also possible to tweak brick dimensions for all other projects. You could then export to STL & print. So it starts to be more interesting, when using this base module to create more advanced track systems: And there are many more tracks possible: a lot of standard track options; many crossings; many funnels. This is also great. Actually, I was thinking about creating a DIY 6x6 driven locomotive (also about standard train length). So I also need some flexibility in the wheels. My first attempt was unstable version, this one looks better. But what holds this mechanism straight, when moving over a straight track? In this case the wheels colliding against the rail-flange? But that will give a little friction..? If more people are interested about such a design, why not start a new topic about this?
  7. edge_nl

    Duplo Trains discussion

    Great idea, saw your movie on youtube a while ago. But it's possible to make this figure-8 in more simple way: using 3d printed funnels instead of switches: Basically a train wants to move somewhat straight direction. So when placing a curved track before a 2:1 funnel, it wants to move tangent of this curve. When getting into the second 1:2 funnel, it automatically takes the other lane, moving in a nice figure-8. :) Ofc you still have to fuel the train once in a while.. ;)
  8. As child I also enjoyed lego a lot, especial technical lego. Now we have a little son (1.5y old) and we start to explore the lego/duplo train (10507). Reading here a lot of interesting info, on how the new train (10874) works and I guess some day, I want to create/hack such a train too.. The other thing we like to do, is 3d printing of lego/duplo compatible things. I'm not sure if this topic is allowed on this forum? Anyway, on thingiverse I put some lego/duplo compatible train necessities, like rails, flex tracks, bridges, crossings, funnels and many other items you need. ;) Also created a duplo compatible car collection, with some other enthusiasts. I'm happy to use this forum, talking about more opportunities combining 3d printing and lego.