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  1. I could not get the low resolution rendering to work without cash (which is where I stopped) otherwise we we appear to agree on everything else. Again I am sorry if my wording is low grade.
  2. Again, not to cause any stress, but I clearly posted that in MY workflow, mecha sucks. Also again, for new users to even mecha, each render costs cash. So if you make a mistake, you still have to pay, if your lucky you will get it right on the first try. Mecha does not do any (or at least they don't advertise it) proof checking of your rendering. That's why it does not work for MY workflow, and thats why I cannot recommend it to even beginners. Heck build the model and Ill render it for you! (for free!)
  3. The_Director

    Help with

    Hey mate, I use for 3d Modeling, and unfortunately, the stickers are actually part of the 3d model (they are not a texture!) I don't know but most likely LDD is the same. The issue will be the same for duel molded parts. does make duel molded windows (the part is one color, the glass is another) however I've not seen any progress made on duel molded. What is your end goal exactly? just trying to build up LDD or's library?
  4. I am just going to leave this here: Mechabricks is a good program, however it has faults that for my workflow are worrisome, and might not work for you: 1. Exporting mesh is much better than Stud.IO. Its cleaner, and and its normal's are facing correctly. However, the materials are only listed as numbers, so green could be Color 223 (just placing an random number here) Where as will export with materials listing their name. I have an image of official LEGO colors that I can match the material names to, and a random number does not work. (for my workflow) 2. Mechabricks Does not have all of the parts as has. Not the end of the road, as I am sure that they are adding more bricks every day, however I don't have time to wait for Mecha to add the one brick I need for my project, and I dont want to switch between programs to handle missing pieces. (and I've taken several looks, and they are missing many common pieces) 3. Their rendering sucks. Sorry, but it just does. No kid wants to pay for a render, or understands what they are doing paying for a render farm. Get Blender. Its free. Use Sheepit, thats also free! Lastly go and get your own HDRI map, there are many places to get free maps! This one kinda boils my blood a bit as its in my mind a deceptive cheat. You set up all of the settings only to discover that you have to pay to get an rendered image. And then on top of that you will most likely realize that you forgot to change a setting or you have a bad camera angle and now you just burned your cash. Mecha works on whats called a render farm. you send them a file that they then render the animation inside the file over many computers. Its an waste of cash as you could easily set up the scene in a program such as Blender (its free!) and render all year long without spending a penny. And if you need a project done quickly (which is the only reason you need a render farm) then use a program such as "Sheep it" which is a points based rendering outfit. You run your PC while your away and it gathers points, and then you spend those points on your project. It's just an better way of running an animation project. 4. Lastly, the program is online based. If I am workign away from internet access (which is rare) then I loose the program. At best I can download an exported version of the file. (which does work) These are the reason the program does not work for me. I am more than willing to try mecha again in the future when more bricks are released, however it is unusable in the mean time. T_D
  5. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    Hey all, Since its the Christmas week, I am off work until January 3rd! So now its time to get up on my lazy game errrr...... productive hobby? So here is the first scene I have: I know amazing right? And no. Its not a theater room. Its a.... well lets just say its going to be important This image is also an extra focus on what the final image output will be like. extra layers adding glare to all of the lights were added, and in general dealing with all of the little things that help make a scene believable. If you think you see something in my images that doesn't look right, speak up! I can really use the sharp eyes to find everything thats missing. For instance, bump maps! Ok its a bit much but its getting there... oh ya, and there are the lens glares... a bit much as well. One of the issues with Blender is that lens glares are very picky, they depend on just the right amount of light, and the resolution of the screen messes them up as well. That being said, its better than image #1. I am going back into my old sets to find spare parts to add to the asset library I did with an older PC, below is an example of a failed 3D project. And it just might work for what I have planned for this film. Speaking of which, what will this first film look like? So right now I have 4 films planned, each one will be called a "chapter" (so chapter 1, chapter 2 etc..) The story will focus around a key theme, seemly random but loosely connecting together in each part, before compiling into an finish in chapter 4. As it stands right now: Chapter 1: Future military theme Chapter 2: City Chapter 3: Space Chapter 4: Grand finish. (surprise theme) Goals of the film(s) 1. Describe the narrative in clear detail. (Which I can't describe to you in clear detail right now :P ) 2. Very high quality. (rendered in 4K, high samples (low noise) good audio) 3. Help me! find volunteers to assist with asset creation and most of all audio editing. (I can handle video) Thanks all, and I look forward to reading your thoughts. T_D
  6. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    Hello all, here is the latest. The critical issue is a script right now. Which is not written. this is a problem. Buuuuuut I do have the idea in a firm hand on what I plan to do for a first film. Currently I am just building the assets and converting them to Blender for posing and materials. I am also working on upping the quality of the lighting, as some properties of plastic are being ignored. Below is the latest and greatest, the first is just how the model came into blender with little clean up. the 2nd is today's image, all cleaned up and animated. As you can see this is a massive improvement in the materials & model armature. It's not finished, however I do want to keep parts of the project under wraps just so that the plot isn't ruined. As a question to keep this thread alive, can you give me some color suggestions? as well as ideas for variations on the mech suit.
  7. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    Interesting I’ll have to look in to that.
  8. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    No I haven’t tried mecabricks I’ll check that out! i apply bevels by hand, the modifier is good but it applies evenly across the mesh and I only want it where I want it, gives it a more warm look.
  9. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    Not bad, at least, I really liked it! I would say though the background was a bit bland, and the ground didn’t appear to be bricks. the animation was great once they started fighting, but the walk animation was missing something... I’ve been working on breaking down the lego movie and it seems they don’t do much walking, more action running than anything, but I digress. otherwise my only other thoughts is to cut down the credits at the end and beginning. Make sure your primary action is the film, not the “legal” stuff at the beginning and end of a film. it takes a long time to get usable footage, and your off to a great start! Oh, and here is what I did over the weekend, just forgot to post here. I finally have a working idea for my first film, and right now I am just building the assets. The mech was just brought in, I am still fixing the mesh and adding the armature for animations.
  10. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    Lego Benny was just planted as a header over at ! There should be more news this weekend.
  11. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    And here is another post :D No animations yet, this weekend ill get to that, but more assets are being dropped into blender to be ready for whatever I come up with.
  12. The_Director

    lego piece height difference

    I highly recommend switching from Ldd to LEGO studio 2.0 (google it) its kept up to date :)
  13. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    Sorry when I said smooth what I meant was denoising. I have a GTX 1070. 1k samples isn’t that much for me to handle, and I try to just go for gold. An issue with denoising is that it can ruin bump maps, since bump maps are so subtle, so I keep it to a low level whenever I do use it, and just brute force through the frames. Also, I use render farms when a project is ready. (Why would I spend weeks rendering? lol) And since a typical brick film is roughly 12 FPS, and I work 12 hours a day, a lot of rendering can be done at home while I am away. So long render times isn’t that big of a deal. Thanks for showing blender Guru, I’ve already seen photo realism, (gleb from creative shrimp has tutorials that are more complete on the subject) but I never did see his tutorial guide, thanks! bennys entire body is using the same material. So while the helmet doesn’t look half bad, with the light shining the way it is it does make the bump a bit much on the chest I agree you there.
  14. The_Director

    3D LEGO Design & Animation

    It ranges wildly on what it is I am rendering. I am going to be doing my animations in 1440p or full 4K, and I tend to set my sample size to whatever creates a smooth render with no fireflies. I’ll be posting a tutorial as soon as I have my first animation finished, that way I can work out any bugs or false starts to the tutorial. the minifigure Benny takes about 30 minutes to render the 6k image. At around 1k samples. Full global lighting, with only .1 smooth filtering. Everything done so far is exclusively done in blender. Every material is is loaded with a dirt and thumbprints texture to give that aged look, and I am following the LEGO movie for an animation style. (No video game curvy legs or arms, strictly by the book) with Benny I took the extra time to mold extrusion seams you would see in a LEGO minifigure, right now I am only stuck on facial animations. But I did find one solution. I just have to try it ofc.
  15. Hello all! Be warned, large images will be in this thread. Please be amazed and hopefully the moderators will be too :D ------------------- First time posting here, so howdy. lol I have already been infecting your discord channel before I even became an official member :P A little about me before I start what this topic is about: I work on building the instructions for installing curtain wall & storefronts as an real life job. So I work in the 2D & 3D architectural industry for a living. And I use Blender as an addictive hobby on the side. Go figure. My goal is to start making 5+ minute animations in only a 3D environment, as while I do have legos, I don't have the space for a full on film studio. I hope to enjoy a long stay with everyone here! I love to share my trade secrets to 3D modeling if your ever interested! ----------------------- On to my topic now: Please see below my work so far making 3D Lego animations. (I apologize for not obeying the 800px square) Thanks all, I will be updating this regularly! T_D