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    LEGO, DIY, electronics... 3D printing and the converging topics ;)


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  1. brickvan

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    Seems they listened to you (almost :) )
  2. brickvan


    Your Flickr account should be a book in everyone's library! thanks for sharing your amazing creations
  3. brickvan

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Hi @benfleskes Any chance that you will offer also classic 9v metal wheels in the future for replacements, pickup and customisation? thanks
  4. brickvan

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Hi all, I'am new to the forum and in search for.. guess what? a decent 9V pickup solution. Is that the latest & proper thread on that topic? I was not able so far to source proper metal wheels at reasonable cost. @alainneke bricklink shop seems closed :( Is there another way to source such or similar wheels? (I am in the EU) I am like others eager to see how @coaster project for a 9v pickup evolves. Alternatives I've studied a bit so far, should anyone else like me is interested in the topic and want to do her/his own research are reported below. thanks! Udo's pickup solution (copper desoldering braid on train motor decorative side) Alain's Pickup: RailCo's alternate metal / plastic wheels. Pickup using a 9V motor SteveB hybrid 9V-PF motor Another 9v pickup solution from way back that may also interest: