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  1. brickvan

    Powered Up Compatible Devices

    I know this may take some minutes of your time, but if you can fill in the spreadsheet file with your working devices, this could be of great help, I've been asked from some parents what tablet to buy and so on, I suppose this is common problem.
  2. brickvan

    Powered Up Compatible Devices

    I know this list, the problem is not its length, but its age... those devices are dated 2013-2017...
  3. Hi all, Hope this is the right place and that this topic will help others. I see LEGO doesn't publish an updated list of devices compatible with the Powered Up app. Am I wrong? I've exerienced an issue with my Honor View 10 lite, not able to connect more than one hub at time most of the attempts (see p.s.), while my partner's Samsung A5 connected our 2 city + 1 technic hubs flawlessly. Should anyone else want to contribute to a device-related list of issues, this is a public shared spreadsheet. At least it will help when choosing the next device :-) I see the underlying implementation is based on Unity. I'm not a programmer, but I've installed Android Studio to check logcat and found this sample debug printouts from the LEGO app when it tries to connect the hubs. I can put my phone, hubs & time at service should someone want to investigate this. p.s. Unitl yesterday, never seen more than one hub connected, but there is a slight improvement in my Honor view with latest update ( arrived last night, with randomly accepting a 2nd hub.
  4. brickvan

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Just an idea, wouldn't that be anyway correct to consider they're limited anyway to the max absolute ratings of the LB1836 motor driver which allows 1A per channel? To be honest, way less, as you identified the fuse on the wedo to be a 1.5A fuse.. :) so considering this and the board own consumption this is probably designed for a max of 0.6-0.7A per channel?)
  5. brickvan

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Ciao GanCann, accordingly with @Philo they are Conditionning chip for IO connectors pin 5/6. Exact function yet to be determined. Powered from +3.3V_CPU Thanks to some research I've found this post where the author identifies the H25 chips as Dual buffer/line driver; 3-state CMOS level (one per channel, starting with the Powered-UP series) 74HC2G125 From this source: Both digital buffers and tri-state buffers can be used to provide voltage or current amplification driving much high loads such as relays, lamps or power transistors than with conventional logic gates. But a buffer can also be used to provide electrical isolation between two or more circuits. Hope it helps!
  6. brickvan

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Correct, just for the sake of clarity, quite the opposite. Top left - J10 - is for the CC2640R2F, the TI bluetooth controller (for JTAG details) I did an attempt to understand it a bit more, see the schema. Hope it helps. I have no idea on the STM32 JTAG connector's pinout (J8). My 2 cents!
  7. brickvan

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    Seems they listened to you (almost :) )
  8. brickvan


    Your Flickr account should be a book in everyone's library! thanks for sharing your amazing creations
  9. brickvan

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Hi @benfleskes Any chance that you will offer also classic 9v metal wheels in the future for replacements, pickup and customisation? thanks
  10. brickvan

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Hi all, I'am new to the forum and in search for.. guess what? a decent 9V pickup solution. Is that the latest & proper thread on that topic? I was not able so far to source proper metal wheels at reasonable cost. @alainneke bricklink shop seems closed :( Is there another way to source such or similar wheels? (I am in the EU) I am like others eager to see how @coaster project for a 9v pickup evolves. Alternatives I've studied a bit so far, should anyone else like me is interested in the topic and want to do her/his own research are reported below. thanks! Udo's pickup solution (copper desoldering braid on train motor decorative side) Alain's Pickup: RailCo's alternate metal / plastic wheels. Pickup using a 9V motor SteveB hybrid 9V-PF motor Another 9v pickup solution from way back that may also interest: