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  1. lmdesigner42

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    If only those new parts were available in a more affordable set! It would be great if one of the 2022 sets used the quarter circle gears as part of a turntable.
  2. In the picture showing the interior, you can see a lever in the center console likely used to turn on the front light brick. Hopefully it has a friction pin so you don't need to hold it all the time. I'm not sure about the rear lights.
  3. Lots of great points have been made about both 8880 and 42110 so far. Perhaps 42110 could be considered 8880's successor due to its excessive complexity. It's drivetrain was a pleasant surprise given the other similarly-sized off-roaders that had only one diff with no transmission (e.g. 8297, 42029, 42069), then along comes 42110 with 3 diffs and a 3-stage transmission (DNR, Hi/Lo, 4-speed). The 1:8 supercars arguably had drivetrains that were at just as complex, but that was far more expected for their size. On the other hand, 42110 is more of a "complex off-roader" than a "complex supercar," therefore following after 8466 and 8297 as other have mentioned. Both it and the 1:8 supercars also focused far more on a detailed exterior/interior and shelf presence, with corresponding high part counts, than the functionality and playability that 8880 is known for. From that perspective, perhaps neither are true successors to 8880. About the 4-wheel steering, a MOC with variable rear steering has been done before but probably not easily.
  4. lmdesigner42

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    I would totally be on board for a flagship mobile crane. It would also fit the trend of a tracked flagship one year followed by a wheeled one the next (Liebherr, Volvo, CAT, etc.).
  5. 41. Technic ATV Original: Lego 6774 Alpha Team ATV (2001) Features and functions include: Rolling tracks, spinning propeller, etc. Opening cockpits Hidden headlights Winch with fold-out arm and gear reduction Turret with working catapult Removable ladder, walkie-talkie, and rappeler accessories
  6. lmdesigner42

    [TC20] 6774 Alpha Team ATV

    Thank you very much for the positive comments! I still wish I could make the cockpits dark blue. That's high praise! I doubt it would be a cheap set given the number of parts required for this scale. Some more work on the sub and cockpit area:
  7. Very nicely shaped car! I especially love the wheels. Did not know Lego made that many parts in purple.
  8. lmdesigner42

    [TC20] 6774 Alpha Team ATV

    I've been slacking a little recently, but have made some more progress now. The white sprockets came and they look pretty good. Also finished the cockpits, unfortunately they are black skeletons instead of trans-dark blue. Hopefully the rest of the bodywork will be done in time for the contest.
  9. lmdesigner42

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    There are various official pictures up for the Zetros on the US shop. There seems to be something unusual going on with the rear axle. I'm seeing two shafts going to the rear axle and several red and LBG 16-tooth gears. This makes me think there is one of two following possibilities instead of the normal differential position: Rear diff is in chassis with two outputs going to the rear axle through separate shafts. Rear diff and locker are in the rear axle, but mounted perpendicular. If you look at pictures of the rear, there are several red and yellow axles in the rear axle rotated at different angles, this supports the idea that there is something more going on in there.
  10. lmdesigner42

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I definitely agree that the bodywork above the front grille/headlights doesn't look right and sticks out too much. Admittedly, it's hard to shape the end of the hood right in a small scale, but at least they could have recessed it further above the headlights or used curve slopes like on the roof pillars. I also don't like the rake in the body work. You can see in a side view that there is a 1 stud height difference between the front and rear wheel arches. 42029 was worse, it had 2 studs difference. I don't mind so much if the front and rear suspensions are set at different heights, but I don't like it when the bodywork isn't lined up front to back. Also, why weren't 3 stud tall axles without hubs used like in 42111 or 42124? That would have given better ground clearance.
  11. lmdesigner42

    [TC20] 6774 Alpha Team ATV

    This week I made some more progress on the ATV, building the trailer and starting to add some features and bodywork to the main vehicle. My plan is to replace the black sprockets with double white ones (from 42065), but I’ll need to order those. The current grill is mostly Technic, but it’s 3 studs tall instead of 2 and doesn’t fold down far enough, so it needs some redesign. Below are comparison shots of the trailer and turret catapult. Matching the colours and shapes of the original studded pieces was challenging since Technic pieces usually aren’t designed to stack. The catapult has an elastic to add some spring to it; I first tried a shock absorber but that didn’t fit. Some miscellaneous pieces including the winch and zip line handle. Finally, another comparison shot from the other side.
  12. Hi everyone, this is my going to be entry to the studless rebuilding contest. I’m too young to remember the classic Technic sets, so I chose one of my oldest and favourite sets, 6774 Alpha Team ATV from 2001. The scale is going to be as close to 2:1 as possible, using the larger track links. I am also going to try and match the colours and shapes of the bricks used for the internal structure. The originals functions will be replicated, with opening cockpits, hidden lights, winch, and removable ladder/catapult thing. Imitating the cockpits will be tricky, I’ll probably just do an outline with technic connectors due to a lack of trans-dark blue pieces in the right shapes. Below is a comparison between the original set and the chassis so far.
  13. lmdesigner42

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    It looks to me like there are trailing 5L beams with towballs on each axle, similar to 42069. So regardless of how the drivetrain turns out, at least the suspension should be nice.
  14. lmdesigner42

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    Very nice to have some better pictures of this set. So many functions, definitely going on the buy list! And it does all that with 49.5 mm wheels compared to the 62.4 mm wheels of older trucks.
  15. Very nice MOC! The new wheels look really good. I like it almost as much as 42061. The boom extension mechanism you used is really innovative too. Does it extend as far as a rack and pinion would?