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  1. Hey there. After seeing the 2019 movie in IMAX I got inspired. One thing lead me to another and I found KaijuWorld's Mechagodzilla head on flickr and felt it deserved a body to go with it. The first step has been reverse-engineering the head itself sense I could only see the outer layer from two angles. https://imgur.com/a/IoYthbF




    From here down the work is original to my own attempts, everthing shown was either not clear or not visible in the original images:



    The following images showcase the attachment points for the external "skin". I must say, this has been a learning process for figuring out SNOT techniques at odd angles:




  2. Hello there, I am in the process of coming up with a design for a large diorama that will be made up of various official sets spanning from the 1990s to the present, and one of the complications I've encountered is figuring out how to integrate the larger (wider) vehicles from newer sets, particularly the creator series. Originally I was going to simply use a number of road baseplates for the town/city area, but I've found that some of the newer vehicles are up to 10 studs wide when including things like wheel wells and rear view mirrors, an example of which being the 31079: Sunshine Surfer Van. Most of the older vehicles I'm working with are 4 studs wide, to 7 studs wide on a 6 stud wide frame and many of the older structures such as 6397: Gas N' Wash Express were designed for this size vehicle.

  3. If I did that, most of the detail would be "lost" by covering it up. I'd rather just go with a forward facing torso that would give the desired airtight look.

    One option would be to take a non-yellow skin-toned torso where it isn't obvious that what's showing isn't just colored coverings of some sort such as this:

    Another possibility would be going with a torso meant for a licensed set where the connection isn't obvious when used with more generic pieces, such as this:

  4. The problem with something like the catwoman suit is that there is an obvious zipper there, which to me gives the impression that it isn't airtight. I am thinking about including black airtanks, as that seems to be the most common color among the 90s space sets I'll be trying to make it somewhat blend with: SP2, M-tron, BT:FG, and spyrus all use black tanks, the only real outliers being unitron (blue) and ice planet (white), with the other factions (UFO and insectoids) not using classic air tanks at all. As for the color name I was using, that was in reference to what brickset.com calls it.

    Edit: I also don't like the idea of going with one of the solid black visors, as I prefer to be able to see the character's face while it's closed.

  5. 1 hour ago, mostlytechnic said:

    I'm not sure why they put a limit - the PDF files are locked with your email as the password and your email and purchase info included on EVERY PAGE so it would be obvious if someone was passing them around. (yes, I'm sure that the PDF DRM isn't the greatest and probably could be removed, but if someone's going to that much work, nothing is going to stop them)

    This is my problem with their system more than anything, having finite downloads attached to a high price tag.

  6. 46 minutes ago, Snapshot said:

    Common sense also says that people who don't start off so aggressively get better results.

    Normally I wouldn't press as hard, but at the price tag I paid, I expect to receive what I bought without hassle.

    Just now, rener said:

    I did have the same problem a while ago. In my experience, just mailing the owner to explain the problem got it solved pretty quickly. 

    Good luck!

    It did work, it's just difficult when you pay the kind of asking price they do, only to have an issue getting the paid product (in this case it was over 100$ USD).

  7. Hello. I just bought one of the instruction combo packs from PV-Productions for their GBC builds, and due to issues with my internet crapping out, I never got the instructions I paid for. Now it is saying " Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file Go to shop " I have sent a message to their support team about this, but I don't know what to do if they decide to be uncooperative and say something like "how do we know you aren't just asking for extra downloads?" I paid for the instructions, I should have unlimited access to them. In my message I asked to either have the download count restored, or be issued a refund for what amounts to denial of services paid.

  8. Hello there. I'm in the process of making a personalized minifig and various outfits for her. The character is based around the "71010-9: Tiger Woman" collectable minifig set, and to varying degrees I'll be making use of the head, hair and tail in any of the various permutations I come up with.

    In the case of assembling a space suit, I will be making use of the black version of the tail from "71021-12: Cat Costume Girl" with the idea that the black is some kind of air-tight extension of the suit for the character's actual tail. The main space themes the character would be interacting with are the ones from the 1990's, but I don't want association with any of those factions specifically, while at the same time making the black tail piece blend into the rest of the suit. I would prefer to make use of a gender-specific torso, but I am open to alternatives as well.

    Does anyone here know about any torsos/legs/helmets/chest accessories that might be a good fit for what I'm trying to accomplish, and perhaps makes the attachment point for the tail blend in well?
    My initial thought was to use the following pieces:
    Torso: wasp suit from marvel's antman
    Legs: Galaxy Patrol from collectable minifigs series 07
    Helmet: earth blue helmet 87 from one of the nexo knight sets containing clay moorington

    With the above set I am still looking for a good helmet visor and any sort of air tanks that might be appropriate. The earth blue option started from thinking the wasp torso was close enough to being black that the tail might work, and build around those two pieces. I'm also on the lookout for other options where the black tail would fit in more or less seamlessly.

  9. I wouldn't try to rerail in the same spot, I would remove the equipment from where it derailed and put it back on in a spot that's easier to reach. With lego the most likely cause for a derailment is a track obstruction or overspeed anyway, so I suspect with the first issue taken care of in advance, that the latter would be the only cause for it to have an issue in the one spot that might be difficult to reach.

  10. I am confident that I could reach across five 32x32 baseplates if I need to clear a derailment or whatever. The setup is going to go ontop of wooden framework that was designed to hold the weight of a person if it became necessary to do so, so leaning in shouldn't be a big issue if there is enough vertical clearance.

    I am taking advantage of the fact that these are legos we are talking about, not extremely fragile models like my HO scale equipment where simply brushing a hand against them the wrong way could break something.

  11. Sense I'm still gathering the parts to build this in the real world, I've taken advantage of the fact I own a copy of Lego Worlds, and I'm using it to try to make a 3D mockup of the display within the game. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help with this? Trying to replicate the tracks in particular is quite difficult, especially when working with curves, switches or diagonals.If I could somehow find or create blueprints for the needed pieces, this would go alot quicker.

    Here's a shot looking into the staging yard, as you can tell, anything that isn't a straight section set at 90 degrees becomes quite difficult when it comes to getting the correct track alignment. The shot also shows how i'm intending on using duplos for supports. The idea will be that any of the support faces that is directed into a scene will have some sort of facade over them, or I'll locate blocks that would be color-appropriate for the setting:


  12. Update:

    So I finally got my first set of 9v switches in today and I tested the conductivity in closed sidings, the switches do in fact sever the circuit connection when all applicable turnouts are turned against a train in the siding. This means I will only require one, maybe two transformers for the entire layout and enough power pickups to prevent voltage drop! What I may end up doing is putting the upper and lower line onto separate circuits. This will help spread the power more evenly, and it will allow me to shuffle trains on the bottom level staging yard while the upper line is being used for a normal run. With this idea, the only place where the two circuits will have any overlap will be on the city level where they meet just before the crossing to the train station.

    I am still curious what everyone's thoughts are that this setup is designed to be multiple connecting end-to-end lines instead of the more typical looped layout.

  13. 6 minutes ago, TeriXeri said:

    I always saw Aquazone as some sci-fi theme on Earth. Never as a space theme underwater.

    It has the same elements of a space theme, bright transparent colors, and resource gathering via magnets (a system seen in multiple space themes) but the sharks and plants still gave it an human/earth feel to  it.


    Rock Raiders and Power Miners had actual rock monsters, but I never saw those as Aliens either, just some fantasy world mixed with sci-fi machinery, almost closer in category to Nexo Knights, which also has monsters, magic and technology but no actual Space anything beside the looks having some familiarity with maybe Ice Planet neon orange. 

    Aquazone, Rock Raiders, Power Miners, Nexo Knights all have 1 factor in common, they never go to actual outer space.


    Aquazone was also the first appearance of lego octopi which further suggests it's based somewhere on earth. Still, if the subs could somehow get from planet to planet, I could see one showing up on an alien ocean somewhere in the vicinity of say where the ice planet guys are doing their stuff. Who knows, they may simply be on an ice shelf at one of the poles like what we have floating off the coast of antarctica.

  14. I was asking as part of preparation for designing a large simi-permanent setup consisting of multiple themes, the thread for which is here:

    It looks like the set most likely to get this treatment might end up being my original police station, set 6540. If you look at the diagram for the layout sofar, the location where the boats dock is twards the north, when the set is already located in the north west corner of the bay that takes up the south eastern corner of the level with the town area.

  15. I always had the concept that the aquazone stuff was lurking just beneath the waves of the town and other themes that have a surface ocean element to them, but I've also wanted to figure out a way to link it with the 90's space themes. I've just never had the inspiration on how it could be done. I suppose there could be some kind of underwater tunnel that pops out on the surface of a space area, but if there's no apparent portal, how does one explain the connection if the space stuff is supposed to be on another astral body?

  16. 6 hours ago, x105Black said:

    I would say that it is because that view is in the minority among LEGO Space fans.  There are likely a lot more fans of Classic Space (and Neo / Evolved) and Blacktron than there are of later themes.  I enjoyed Spyrius and Ice Planet at the time, and Space Police gave us cool aliens, but ultimately I want to see the best elements of those themes incorporated into the classics and I think there are more fans of that concept.

    Is the timeframe for the release period the only reason why you don't like the themes from the 90s? If they gave you ample time to build up the collection, and perhaps expanded on it more than they did, would that change your mind? My point was about the themes themselves, not the method by which they were distributed.

  17. The era I pay attention to most when it comes to the space themes starts with the release of M-Tron. From there its a continuous timeline up until after the Unitron sets were released. In my opinion, the Exploriens never quite fit in with the sub-themes before or after. I do however feel like the UFO and Insectoids themes fit right in with the others from that era, to an extent I would also say Roboforce fits in as well, thanks to the influence from spyrus of building huge mechs. I think the main reason I tend to exclude the exploriens from that grouping is due to none of the promotional material I remember has them interacting with anyone else and just kinda doing their own thing, where as I do seem to recall some kind of cross theme interaction between Roboforce/UFO/Insectoids. After looking at the timeframe for the release of these sets, I would say the golden age of lego's own space themes ended in 1999. After this point, none of the newer sets appealed to me as much. This is just a guess on my part, but I think the root cause of the source behind these great themes fizzling after this point was because the last of those wonderful sets were made the same year that star wars first got introduced as a lego product (1999). It's like they didn't feel the need to try as hard once they got the license, and the last of the great original themes were probably already late in the design phase or ready to be released when they officially obtained the license to make the SW sets.

  18. After looking through the thread, I'm supprised noone has mentioned the various factions from the 90s and early 2000s. M-tron through insectoids are, in my opinion, the most iconic space themes lego has come up with. I know they weren't the first gen of the space theme, but I feel like they represent the best that lego could come up with before they started creating licensed kits (pre-starwars era space).