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  1. Atilla

    954 / 852 alternate models

    For some reason gmail put the notification mail of eurobricks into the spam folder. Thank you so much for these images, these are just what I was looking for!
  2. Atilla

    954 / 852 alternate models

    I've found the building instructions, but thanks for the link anyway:) I'd like to build the alternate models, which are featured on the box only. There were a biplane, some sort of a windmill, a crane truck. I'd like to have a try at reverse engineering them, but without the box and high-res images, it's next to impossible. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hi, I would like to build the alternate models of the 954 / 852 helicopter. The ones are which are shown on the box. Unfortunately I don't have the box for my set, and I couldn't find high resolution images on the internet. Could please someone who has the box, or has access to high resolution images of it, send them to me or point me to a direction to somewhere I could find them. Thank you.
  4. Atilla

    8482 Cyber Master

    Hi, I just recently bought this set and wanted to try it out, but just realised that my cd is German. I've tried searching for a disk image in English but found nothing. Could anybody point me to the right direction of finding an English version image somewhere? I'd really appreciate it. The funny thing is: I bought an English copy of the Mission CD, and also while searching for the 8482 CD image, I found an English image to 8450, but not for 8482:( Thank you for your help!
  5. Atilla

    Technic history and gears

    If you could add anything to what I wrote in the original post, about the 001 set, that would be appreciated. Thank you! Thank you bonox, this seems to be just what I was looking for. And much much more. I'm buying it right away. Thank you both!
  6. Hi!My name is Atilla from Hungary and I'm new to this forum. I have been lurking for a while, mostly reading the splendid pictorial reviews. Lately I decided to start a blog of my own, something between the mentioned reviews and Blackbirds technicopedia, displaying the sets I own.I have only 1 post so far, and I would like to expand a bit on that. (If somebody is interested, I can post the link to it. I'm not sure whether it counts as advertising or allowed at all).I'd like to ask for help with my research for an upcoming post. I'm writing a review of the first supercar, 853, and I would like to have a section of the history of the Technic product-line in the review.Here's what I know:I found, that the first Lego set ever to include any sort of gear was the set number 001, released in 1965. These gears did not have the X shaped hole in the middle, as the first axle with a X cross section wasn't released until 1970. Then a new set of gears was released, very similar to the previous ones, which now included the X shaped hole. These gears was not compatible with the Technic gears at all, because of the different teeth profiles.I also know that that the first universal joint was released in 1972, it was very similar to the Technic ones, but in a different colour (i believe red).This information, I could pull from the catalogue of bricklink, and some youtube videos reviewing the 001 set. I managed to buy some of these early gears from bricklink, in order to make a few high resolution photos. I'm aware that there was an ideabook (managed to buy get hold of it), showing 853 with a yellow body, made from the 852 helicopter (which I also managed to buy). I found that there was an image in the back of the building instructions for the set 858 "Auto Engines", showing 853 with an engine in the back. I managed to source 858, but could not get a building instruction for it. Fortunately it can be found online. I'm planning to build these "official" modifications as well. and take pictures / incorporate them into my blog post. I humbly ask if you could provide any more information about what similar functionality was present before the release of the Technical Set line in 1977. I'm aware of the "Dacta" line, but as far as bricklink knows, there was no Technic related Dacta set until 1983. Maybe there was other Dacta sets, using the pre-technic gears, but I couldn't find them. If there is a thread of a blog on this subject which I missed, then a link would be welcomed too.Any input on the subject of what lead to the release of the first 4 Technical Set is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my post.