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  1. Maoie86

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    Thanks. I still used the 24T white gears but moved the beams instead. :)
  2. Maoie86

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    It doesn't work. The 24T white gear is hitting the horizontal 11m beam.
  3. Maoie86

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    thanks. my problem is i dont have those tires/wheels. was hoping i could use 24t white gears instead. :)
  4. Maoie86

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    Did you also replace the wheels/tires inside with the white gears with clutch? :) have you changed the tires to 24t white gears? :D how is it?
  5. Maoie86

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Any chance of making instructions for these? :)
  6. you can now download but it still install version 4.3.11? :(
  7. Maoie86

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    i noticed but its not in the initial steps.. was wondering why. doug72 told me its because cant render bendy things.
  8. Maoie86

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    Good day! In page 152 of the instructions, where you talk about the synchronization details, you can see a rubber band in the pic. It doesnt seem to be in the instruction steps. :)
  9. Maoie86

    Adjustable Spirograph V9 by PG52

    Hi 1963maniac! Awesome job on the instructions! :D thanks! Would you happen to have instructions for the whole spirograph v9 with your mods included?
  10. just the lift please. i think i have the reverser part! :)
  11. Maoie86

    Lego GBC Rotating Cup Module

    thanks! im a big fan of yours! love your work! :D
  12. thanks! yes! more pics pls! :)
  13. Hi Doug72, Would you happen to have instructions for that low lift high capacity loader? :D thanks! awesome job by the way!