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    Death Star

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  1. Matteoc

    [MOD] 75054 AT AT cockpit UPDATED!

  2. Matteoc

    Imperial Military Forces

    -Hi ! what about to update your beautiful poster with (1) -Han Solo- in Imperial Army Uniform -mudtrooper- (Han Solo: a Star Wars story)? (2) I also found ( movie) a Death Star Trooper with the classical big black helmet but with an unusual dark grey imperial suit.
  3. Matteoc

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Thank you !. I red many systems to remove decals. How do you remove them ?.
  4. Matteoc

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Hi all ! i am looking for -LIGHT grey- legs with black boots. Where can i find them ?. Thank you.
  5. Matteoc

    [MOC] Han and Beckett on Mimban

    Nice job: something between future times and WWI