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  1. I've tried changing the file name, with no success. I actually found out earlier that I couldn't update my computer not because of storage, but because it was already updated, so theres that. Storage issues may still be a reason it doesn't work. I can see why you think that. This car has a larger gap between the wheels and the rims, so I tried to add a plate of space to replicate it. Also, the space around the front wheels is 1 stud longer than in the back. This is because the wheels do turn, and the added space allows them to rotate more. If I changed the wheels to be bigger, it may fit in the front, but not the back.
  2. It does show progress, but after it's done it says "Error occured while image rendering." And I think the problem might be correlated to this part of code: mv: rename /Users/JR/.local/share/ to /Users/JR/Desktop/highlander #2.png: No such file or directory dyld: Symbol not found: __cg_jpeg_resync_to_restart I have tried a LOT of things to try and fix it, including reinstalling the, but I can't update my computer because its running out of storage so that might be why??? Sending the files to someone that doesn't have these problems just sounds like an easier solution
  3. This is the 2005 Toyota Highlander, built in 1:22 scale. Its not a very dashing car, but I like building normal, everyday cars. Don't mind the one on the left, but the one on the right in the photo is WIP photo, and I completed the finished model. Now normally I would just take screenshots directly from my computer to upload to my flickr, but it doesn't really turn out well. My computer can't render things at all, so I'll ask: Does anyone with a program want to render my model for me? If so, contact me! and we'll see how the final digital model looks! :)
  4. Joseph R

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    I know what Bricklink is and I used it before. I just figured buying random pieces at Pick a Brick would help me increase my inventory, without having to deal with price-per-brick in sets or risks in bulk parts from other sellers.
  5. Joseph R

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    I am aware of the online shop. Actually, now I am interested in whether buying from the online store is more cheaper than what I first said!
  6. Joseph R

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    I live in a place where no lego stores are near me, like the closest one to me is about an hour away. I want to stock up on lego because I am running out of them, and used bricklink orders, but I want to get new pieces as well. So I am wondering if anyone living in California, or the United States, can ship to me a large cup of pieces, particularly plates and bricks? I am willing to pay like $17 more for shipping & handling.