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    (MOC/MOD)-Cafe Corner Furnitures

    @kevin8 Do you still have the lxf files? The dropbox links are all down. :( Thanks!
  2. I have another problem. With the V0.3 I no longer control my trains. No hubs are shown. Refresh Ui does nothing for me. What do I do wrong?
  3. @Cosmik42 That was the problem. I renamed the trains earlier. Now it works. Thank you very much!
  4. Did I miss something? I start the programm and than press the green button on the hub. I already remove the pairing (it flashes purple) but nothing changed.
  5. The Software can not find my two trains. Both trains have the new firmware installed. Yesterday one worked but after a firmware update it stopped working.
  6. TheLarry98

    Assembling Bricksburg

    Can you please relase the model for the coffee chain? I want to include the interior into the cafe corner.