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  1. Yeah, after talking with some other people, my 4 gear transmission seems unnecessary. I'll use that space to put in 2 additional L-motors. The car also has a built-in suspension very similar to the Mantis you mentioned. Does a second buwizz provide additional speed, or just runtime? Not sure if I can justify buying a second one lol. I attached a picture of the car; it's not finished but that's more or less what it will look like. It's about fifteen inches long. It looks like the picture didn't upload... Here it is again:
  2. I'm designing an RC technic car (C8 Corvette) in Stud.io that I want to race against some other people. How many L-motors will I need to get the car up to a reasonable speed? (I'd like it to go around 5-10 mph, basically anything faster than a slow crawl). I have 2 L-motors built into the car right now, but I have a feeling they won't be powerful enough. I'm planning on using a BuWizz battery pack for power and bluetooth control. The car has around 1200 parts, so it probably weighs 3 pounds or so. I built a four speed sequential transmission into the car as well. For a car of this weight, should I use 4 L-motors?
  3. I'll try that... Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi all, I have a LEGO office building with an elevator. I've automated the elevator with a mindstorms touch sensor. The program starts by descending down the elevator shaft until it sits on top of the touch sensor at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Ideally, the touch sensor is supposed to trigger the mindstorms motor to turn in the opposite direction and pull the elevator back up for fifteen seconds. The mindstorms motor turns again in the opposite direction, so the elevator descends down again to hit the touch sensor. (The process repeats indefinitely) In a vacuum, this program works fine. However, I've had numerous issues with the sensor not triggering, and the elevator eventually winds in the wrong direction and binds with the roof, breaking. I've tried making the elevator heavier, but it still has issues. I want to program a fail safe so that it will bypass the first wait block or cut off the program if the touch sensor doesn't trigger within a certain timeframe. I've included a picture of my current program. Within the infinite loop, I want the loop to start by waiting for the touch sensor to be pressed, then executing the two other motor commands I have following it. While the program is waiting for the touch sensor to be pressed, I want another thread to wait for twenty seconds. If the touch sensor is not pressed within that timeframe, I want the program to bypass the first touch sensor wait block and continue with the last two motor rotations (then repeat). I've been able to branch off into two different coding threads within one program, but I can't recombine the two inputs into the beginning of one block. How do I do this or accomplish my goal in another way? I'm at a convention right now and I really just want this to work. Some more information, the mindstorms motor is connected to a control switch, which tells my power functions motor which way to turn. That's why the mindstorms motor rotations are so short. Thank you everyone for your help.
  5. pjf1000

    Waffles and Milk

    Wow! I really like the use of the Afros and half spheres for the berries, it looks so realistic! Great work!
  6. pjf1000

    LEGO Modeling Business

    Has anyone heard of a small businesses that builds custom LEGO models of office buildings for companies? Basically a company (like Shell Oil or BP) would place an order for a model of their corporate office, to be displayed in the front lobby. Is there a market for things like this? I live in Houston (with no shortage of large corporate offices) and I was thinking this might work as a side business. Just to be clear, this would in no way be a supporting income, any profit would be used to fund my LEGO hobby. 😄 Probably just two or three models a year or something. I’ve seen other companies with models of their building in the front lobby, so why not build it out of LEGO? Let me know if this has been tried and failed or if this is a good idea.