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  1. locidm

    New Castle Set

    BL is keeping that a secret until it's released.
  2. locidm

    Bricklink crowd project castle

    I agree with this. The designer even said in his "Comprehensive Guide to Lowenstein Castle" linked above that the name Lowenstein came from the lion stone (part 30274) used above the main gate of the inner keep. Lowenstein is literally "lion stone" in German, and he named it Lowenstein because the lion stone part 30274 was his favorite Lego piece when he was a child. The castle is NOT meant to be a replica of an existing (or previously existing) castle. It IS however meant to contain features (compartmentalized defensive structures, thunderbox, draw bridge, etc.) that would be authentic to castles from the middle ages. The designer even went into details in his guide linked above regarding where his inspirations come from.
  3. locidm

    crown kingdom version 2.0

    Looking good! Love the layout and the details. Can't wait to see the whole thing put together.
  4. locidm

    Shakespearean Fantasy

    I'm ashamed that I was only able to pick up a couple Shakespear plays out of the 19 (I'm obviously not a literature guy), but this set does scream Shakespear to me regardless. Lovely work. The scenes blend together really well despite being very different from each other.
  5. locidm

    MOC - LOTR Helm's Deep

    Thanks! I enjoyed doing it. It's not often I come across a set that makes me want to expand upon it. Helm's Deep was the perfect project for it.
  6. locidm

    [Moc] Dwarf lonely mountain

    I love how you did the ground! Such a great idea and looks fantastic. The moss field looks really nice too. Impressive that you have so many Uruk Kais with the white hand print!
  7. locidm

    MOC - LOTR Helm's Deep

    Thanks! Means a lot to hear it from you, biased or not! :) I remember having a hard time figuring out how you made the front of the great hall as that was the first piece I tackled Even though i managed to create something I’m satisfied with I’m still curious of the technique you used (if I got close). I like how yours had the vertical columns with seemingly no gaps all the way to the top. I wish I have space for the actual interior of the Great hall too but the build is already too big according to my wife. Thanks! Credit to Eurolock again for the inspiration! It’s been a few years since then and I’m hoping there will be more LOTR sets in the future (however faint the chances may be). I hope you find time to get started on one too. I had a blast the past few months.
  8. Just got back into Lego building three months ago, and this is my first MOC. I've learned a lot the past few months from all of you so thank you for all of our contribution to this great website. I was so excited when I first learned of the official Helm's Deep set, and knew I wanted to make it my first MOC. Did some research and found Eurolock's fantastic MOC Helm's Deep, and was inspired to do something similar. Did more research on Helm's Deep and came across Adam Middleton's excellent cross section art work of Helm's Deep (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9gdly). The layout of my MOC for the most part follows Adam's cross section (see the link), while the actual Lego building was very much based on Eurolock's MOC. I had to limit the scope to just the main gate of the great hall due to space constraints, but the build is still plenty big. Once inside the keep, a ramp to the left takes you to the main archway of the inner keep. On the other side, it leads down to the entrance of the stables, which is what Adam's cross section depict it to be. From Adam's cross section, there is a basement underneath the entrance of the great hall, which I think is where the armory is supposed to be (watched the film over and over and no hint on the armory's location). The armory is accessed through an archway just inside the main archway to the inner keep, where there are stairs that leads down to the armory. Above the entrance of the great hall on the second floor is supposed to be the living quarters. I made the area next to the windows a private dining area. Battle: Critiques and comments welcomed.
  9. locidm

    REVIEW: 21311 LEGO® IDEAS Voltron

    I'm a super robot fan. When Lego Voltron was announced, I was in a semi-dark age Lego-wise, Voltron got me to join the Lego VIP program so I could preorder. I also took my time building this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Few months later, I feel like I'm completely out of the dark age and find myself building a MOC Helm's Deep (been looking at Eurolock's HD a lot). Anyways, here is my Lego Voltron next to the Bandai Soul of Chogokin Golion (Voltron):