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  1. mwp


    Hi Ellis, Thanks very much for your reply. You've been really informative and helpful. I suppose I should have given a bit more background. My son asked 2 years ago if I could build him a plane and I started with 3 seats, an aisle and another 3 seats. I kept running out of bricks, spending 5 pounds here and 10 there, over the last two years. It kind of got away from me and I hadn't realised I'd spent so much :) But I see what you mean, it's basically not good enough for an adult fan, but too expensive for a child. The only person I could imagine buying it now would be a very rich parent of a serious lego fan child. I may have to just sell the bricks individually, because I don't really want to spend any more :). It's been fun though. My son did ask if we could build an airport to go with it... Also thanks for your kindness, my friends responses were considerably more mocking and profane:)
  2. mwp


    Hello All. I'm Mike and I'm from Wales. I'm looking for a bit of guidance from expert adult lego-ers. I've built an aeroplane with my 8 year old son and no longer need it so am attempting to sell it, does anybody know if there is much of a market for custom builds and if so where to sell them? It might just be that I have to dismantle it and sell it brick by brick, but it seems a shame. Thanks for your time!