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  1. As I don't have enough space to display all the normal modular buildings, I was happy to get the mini modular version (10230). Unfortunatelly 10230 never was continued... So I've build the mini modular versions published by Oscar (o0ger) the last years. Since Downtown Diner 10260 was released, no buildable mini version MOC appeared. I found a few rendered pictures, but they use part/color combinations that are not available, illegal LDD build techniques or wrong proportions.... So I learned a lot of SNOT techniques at Oscars MOCs and build my own mini modular DD. Here is the final result: 8x8 base plate. Fully buildable with 395 parts. No illegal connections. Many many SNOT and offset techniques. Use of regular available parts. No rare, high priced pieces. Lego PAB is approx. 35-40€. Stability of all parts was checked positive. Height fits the Lego mini modulars. I've tried to contain as much details and proportions as possible into the mini version. There are some modifications regarding the usual mini modulars "rules": # At the backside there is an offset of 1/2 stud at the first floor relating to the base plate dimension. # The friction pins are cut in half and the right side friction pin area has some gaps because of the ground floor offset. With removing the technic bricks and pin you can completely close these gaps using a 1x3 teal brick and jumper plate. And I had to use a single colour option at the outer side of the roof. There is a 1x4x1 1/3 teal brick as Lego doesn't offer any suitable 1x1 rounded part to build a white/teal edge as on the inside roof. In favor of the front view I decided using these option. Maybe there might be a better solution with new parts in the future. Attention: LDD file is missing one 36840 piece, as it's not available in LDD. So this one is not included in the BOM! Also LDD still uses old element/design ID numbers such like the 1x1x2/3 roof tiles or trans clear parts. Newer parts are available and much more cost-effective. Please check brickset parts database.
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    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    Pictures of the final DD mini modular. Especially teal and purple are slightly dull at rendered images.
  3. shellshock

    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    Update due cost reducing by replacing old parts: While building the modular with real pieces I noticed that the rain gutter downspout I used in LDD is an old part. Last used in millenium falcon 10179 in 2007... Lego PAB & BAP doesn't offer this piece any more. So this part ist quite cost intensive. By replacing the 4095 bar with the newer 18274 (ID 6081975 - attention, LDD still shows the older 63965!) ) this is more cost effective, but the bar is slightly to short for the upper black clip... To fix this I additional replaced the clip by a plate with tooth: I already updated the rendered pictures and LXF file in the first post.
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    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    I also don't really understand this Lego politics. For example they could release every mid season a mini modular to keep people happy..... This would be useful for people like me, which own the modular building line up but don't have the space to present all of them. The mini modulars need much less space and are also very detailed and interesting in their own way
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    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    yes, the 2x2 white tile bow is very new. I've ordered mine via Lego Bricks & Pieces. 0,24€ or £ 0.22 or AUD 0.34 Please try the Lego shop replacement parts option to get these pieces. Alternatively this element is for sale at BL:,%20Round%20Corner%202%20x%202%20Macaroni&category=%5BTile,%20Round%5D#T=S&C=1&O={"color":1,"iconly":0} Let me concretize: Use of regular available parts as much as possible without any disadvantages in the design. No rare, high priced pieces. Lego PAB is approx. 35-40€.