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  1. Fortunately the 10 x 10 dishes are, a bit cheaper than the tyres, but I think @I_Igor is right, the bigger dishes will look spot on! I shall have to crack on with building to get my next parts list built up (no pun intended!)
  2. Oooooh - I shall have to add some to my next order - thanks for the link!
  3. you won't regret it ... DSC_1137 by hpil 102, on Flickr DSC_1138 by hpil 102, on Flickr (yes i know the rear wheel tread is pointing backwards ;-) )
  4. You'll need the porsche wheels to go inside them now...
  5. Good job @I_Igor, loving it!
  6. Taking some inspiration from @Permo on this thread i think i have now solved my own problem using off-the-shelf lego - no need for 3d printing - and solved a few other issues such as removing wobble, getting a good gear down close to the wheel and a strong axle trumpet (axle housing to main chassis) equivalent. finished appearance (imagine the white 6x6 radar dish is actually LGB) DSC_1125 by hpil 102, on Flickr wheel cover removed DSC_1128 by hpil 102, on Flickr DSC_1126 by hpil 102, on Flickr turntable is a type 2 56 teeth with teeth on the inside. A z8 engages on the inside of the turntable, and theres a further 1:3 reduction in the gears in the frames, giving an overall 1:9 reduction quite close to the wheel DSC_1130 by hpil 102, on Flickr partly dissembled. 8L axle with stops attach the black part of the turntable to the frame, sandwiching some 3L bits to support the axles within the frames at the same time & making for easy attachment of wheels & switching out reduction gear sets if necessary - ie a z12:z20 pair or a z16:16 pair, depending on what is needed. The frames provide plenty of opportunity for attaching to the main chassis and also for attaching the rear linkage. :-)
  7. I'm looking at using a small turntable - search/look for my 1:12 tractor custom wheels thread
  8. yes - the xerion tyres would be 1:15.4 or 1:15.8 depending on the specific front tyre sizes, and the rears with the 150s would be 1:14.2 - 1:14.5, so 1:15 might be a good compromise. For a 3.1m real life wheelbase that would give you a 26 stud wheelbase - 2 studs shorter than my 6716s
  9. mmmm - by my reckoning UK tyres on this are 2.13 - 2.17m high, so the 150 tyres would give a scale of around 1:14 and *could* sit nicely with some 130's on the front. Now, where would you get 4x 130mm ag tyres...? How wide are your 130's?
  10. hpil

    Moc - Claas Xerion (16.5:1)

    That looks awesome!
  11. That is looking fantastic @I_Igor! The steering angle with the porsche arms and cv joints looks really good - what is the maximum angle you can comfortably get before the cvs start to bind or stiffen up too much?
  12. @trekman - I've played around with the top link a little, and it seems it can actually take a reasonable load before pulling apart. DSC_1123 by hpil 102, on Flickr The reciprocating power harrow MOC (which i made initially to go on the rear of the 8284 tractor/dune buggy - again, apologies for the colour vomit but my collection was a bit more limited when it was made) weighs about 150g and the battery box with batteries about 190g, and it has stood up fine to that. Adding a second battery box (with batteries) pulls the top link apart - so its limit (without going into leverage etc) is somewhere between 340g and 530g. An alternative top link with two 6L thin lift arms would work, but wouldn't be as aesthetically pleasing to my mind. Drive via a central diff between front and rear was always going to be the plan, although i might play around with some ratio calcs and see if a reasonable set of gearing can be used in lieu as per @TeamThrifty's post. Having said that, when turning all wheels will follow different tracks so a central diff may still be the best bet. I'll also need to think about gearing to get a suitable forward speed with the big wheels. Torsion twisting the drive axles is also going to be an issue and i've a few ideas to address that - ideally i would have used mini-turntables to mount the rear wheels, since these have a bit less wobble than the portal hubs, and used a z8 pinion to take drive onto the turntable sprocket. However, the centres don't quite line up and so i think that option is out. DSC_1116 by hpil 102, on Flickr Overcoming issues like this is all part of the fun and challenge!
  13. @I_Igor when are we going to get see your Fastrac? I had one as my wedding car...😁
  14. @TeamThrifty - they are indeed 150mm. Link to where I got them from (modelsport - Otley, West Yorkshire) in the first post on this thread.