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  1. I'm trying to figure this one out... I know that in the case of the Watchpoint Gibraltar set, it connects in this fashion: but what about from the other side? How far does it stick out? I guess I could go find a real part in my collection...
  2. I think 4.3.11 had more parts in it, then they took them out in 4.3.12... See this post by @Kuramapika1
  3. Just wanted to share my progress on the 30116 part (I know only 2 sets ever used this piece, but it's just so dang neat of a part) I'm still only about half-way done this piece, there are a lot of connections to do...I'm trying to use the smaller dome as a base.
  4. Excellent, that's perfect... the link doesn't work for me, but if I could get access I'd be happy to be a contributor. It still feels kind of funny updating a discontinued software like this, but the bottom line is that LDD takes less resources than Studio, and it's more user friendly than LDCAD and mecabricks, a very happy medium. It really has that play/toy philosophy that Lego is so well known for, so I continue to use it more than the others.
  5. Yes it would. I know it's a lot of work, we appreciate you being the curator of all this craziness! I think it would also be helpful using something like Trello for showing tasks and letting people make requests for parts and updates. Then anyone could just glance at it and see if someone is working on a part or not. I know someone already offered to make a google sheets, that would work too. It would be unfortunate if multiple folks are working on the same part at once, now that more of us have the tools to do this stuff.
  6. Hey, I think I found the solution to this. Using blender, I was able to select all materials that are the print, and separate them into a new mesh. Then, I was able to UV Unwrap and do a bake of the textures. It's not perfect yet, I have to play around with the lighting, but I think that's a way we can get textures from LDRAW files and turn them into PNG files. See here my setup and the resulting baked .PNG texture, as well as the part (BTW I'm working on these UFO parts someone asked for them a few pages back). Thanks to @jester for his youtube video on how to separate the meshes and apply textures so I can do the decorations, helped a lot! This was about a 10 minute procedure, very quick, as you can see it's not perfect, but I think this is on the right track.
  7. Oh thanks for pointing that out, here are the corrected files. (XML and .G). It was actually a 30 degree turn, should be fixed now.
  8. I've added a very tight collision array to the mesh, it should be good now. Here is Poe Dameron's X-Wing: and the LXF file too for you to try out: And of course the new 65617 file is here:
  9. Thanks, I think I figured it out though... I had the wrong mapping for the fields @ 2:4, 4:2, and 4:4... they were designated as Type 7 (bottom tube), instead they should have been Type 22 (edges, perimeter). So I've fixed the part, it should work a lot nicer now. Here is the file, updated from yesterday: I've also changed the name to 1/4 ARCH BRICK 3X3, W/ CUTOUT, NO. 1, from Brickset, I like the sound of the name better... also, I don't know why I worried about decorations for this part, it seems like there are no decorated versions (yet). @PicnicBasketSam can you try the part out now and let me know if you still run into those issues?
  10. Ah shoot, ok, back to the drawing board. Need to do more testing on these parts. The collisions blocks I made were very verbose. I'll try to have a fix by tomorrow. I also have to learn UV mappings, can anybody steer me in a direction for that? I suppose I could look through all 24 pages of this thread... EDIT: So after some investigation, it turns out my Custom2DField is the issue... but also with the parts that go 'inside' the arch. Basically the grid area that is defined by the part that should go inside is defined as an edge, when in fact it isn't. So I would have to modify the following parts too, to take away that value from the grid area: 87081 3943 99833 6222 60474 Could be others? But basically any 4x4 rounded piece that has that area of their Custom2DField defined as an edge, will automatically conflict with the 65617 piece. I'd hate to modify legacy LDD parts like this just to allow a new piece to fit into everything, but it might be the way to go, unless someone knows a value I can put into the part that will allow all those above-mentioned parts to fit. @polymaker may be able to help, I've looked at his and there might be a value I'm not understanding.
  11. OK so after many months of playing around, and hopefully trying to do things right, I've finally been able to make a contribution. Here are 10 files I've either added from LDRAW or modified. Modified - 44350 / 44351 - RIGHT/LEFT 3D PANEL 12M - The problem with these panels is you couldn't butt them together as in the case of the Williams F1 Racer 8461, so I tweaked the collisions to be tighter and now they can be pressed up against each other with the pin holes Modified - 23799 - TYRE LOW WIDE DIA 81.6x44 - LDD's model was a bit rough, lines were showing, I replaced it with the LDRAW model New 65617 - BRICK, ROUND CORNER, 3 x 3 x 1 WITHOUT STUDS - Tried to add collision in there too, but it's not perfect. Also, I'm not familiar with how to do textures/decorations yet, so someone else will have to add that later (No sprinkly donuts :-( New 46334 - Motorcycle Rim 75 x 15.8 - Taken from LDRAW unofficial library, author credited New 46335 - Motorcycle Tyre 94.3 x 38 - Taken from LDRAW unofficial library, author credited. This one has the treads not completed yet, but the outer dimensions seem to check out. You can put two of the above part inside it (snapping), so you can make the Fat Boy New 67140 - Motorcycle Tyre 94.2 x 22 - Taken from LDRAW unofficial library, author credited New 22969 - RIM 62 x 46 - Taken from LDRAW unofficial library, author credited New 32296 - Tyre low wide 81.8 x 59 - Taken from LDRAW unofficial library, author credited. I had to modify this mesh a bit so the flat side of the tire didn't have the lines on it, but in the end it's still the author's model. New 32298 - Tyre 61/41 x 54 Off Road - Taken from LDRAW unofficial library, author credited Here are the links: New parts in a LXF file: New parts (.G/.XML files): Any issues let me know! Rims should snap into the appropriate tires. Collision boxes are there for all the parts but they could use some tweaking, so please if you can improve the parts I'm up for it. And as I said before I still need to learn how to make decoration surfaces, which will definitely enhance these parts. Thanks
  12. You need to provide the .G and .XML files for these to work...
  13. Ok that's cool, just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong. Yes, the 32235 is the 19M rod that you did yourself in your repository, and that is the one I was working from. But even when I open 32235 ('Create from Brick...) and simply generate LDD files from it, all the <FLEX>/<BONE> tags are removed from the XML file, so I guess it's not ready yet...
  14. @polymaker is the flexible parts feature still preliminary? I'm trying to create the 14M and 16M flex rods but I don't think there's a way to import a mesh with bones in it, am I correct there? I took the 19M one and removed some bones, imported a model of the 14M, and tried to generate LDD files but I got the 'SURFACE_NO_FLEXIBLE_MODEL' error. I even tried to edit the mesh of the 19M one in blender and import that, and I even tried to add bones (and combine with the model) in blender as well, to no avail.
  15. Thanks for this info, this worked beautifully! 160 and 161 it is... Now if only we all had a spreadsheet or something where we could keep track of all the parts and connection types we're creating here, so that nobody is overlapping another's work. This is kinda of a wild west situation here, if I decide it's 160 and 161, but then someone else chooses those two numbers for something else... what will happen?