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  1. You know what, I suggest just trying to do it on your own for now. It looks like you've hit a dead end for resources. The companies won't let you look at intellectual property like that. Most of the surfaces are visible on the resources available, it's just a matter of being creative at this point, which I'm sure you have much of. Who knows, maybe your final design may actually be better than the original designers, I think the important thing is that the outside looks the same, not the internal structures. Are there any updates on other ones? What about the shark mech? Also, I have time over the holidays so I may be able to construct a correct dragon snout for you based on the drawings, no promises but there is potential. Also, there is a way to export the parts into LDD, so we can construct parts using other tools and export into the LDD library.. This person seems to be progressing nicely on this tool, so it would enable you to keep using LDD even with custom parts.
  2. I gotta say, I'm always still impressed at your efforts, if you do the real Garma Mecha, wow, you better get some kind of trophy for that. It might take you a year to do it but your efforts will not be in vain. I haven't had time to try the dragon snout again, too busy with family life to play around with blender. But I know there's a way to super-impose images while modelling, so there is a way I can use your references if I get back into it again. As I said before, please continue with all this, it really makes my day when I see new stuff on this thread.
  3. zweifuss

    Big fan of Lego ninjago movie

    I like the aesthetic of the movie. The content and writing though feel very.... derivative, for lack of better description. My 4-year-old doesn't like it either. It just didn't click with him. It's unfortunate because the designs are fantastic, and give off a Big Hero 6 vibe. I felt a lot of the voice acting was lacking as well, and many jokes fell flat.
  4. @GLAP23 I've been playing around with Blender and I think I'm getting somewhere, what do you think of this dragon bottom piece? I stretched it out 1 stud longer
  5. Nice work, love the true shark mech! Regarding True Garma Mecha Man, I was thinking that myself when you started this topic... that would be the ultimate challenge, wouldn't it? I don't think anyone's attempted it. Does the game only have the toy version in it? Also, to your comment regarding the dragon head pieces, they are available as .DAT files on the unofficial LDRAW repository here: <- top part <- bottom part So you can import them into Part Designer, I've done it. Only thing is you can't really stretch individual vertices to make the pieces. I think you'd have to export them to OBJ, manipulate in Blender, then import back into Part Designer. It'd be quite a process but well worth it in my opinion. Another cool thing about Part Designer is you can make all the custom decals needed for these constructions too.
  6. @GLAP23 always a pleasure to see you update these, your hard work is appreciated. I noticed with the Quake Mech, you're doing something interesting with the wheel there... is the actual piece not available in LDD? Or is there no such LEGO part for that wheel? It does look quite big. Have you thought about switching over to Bricklink's They now have a part designer tool that lets you take existing parts and modify them. Perhaps you could take the largest LEGO tire and just increase its dimensions to meet your demands. For example as you can see below, I've increased the '23798' tire to 150% just by dragging some dots on it. Just a thought. Anyway, keep on keeping on, love seeing the progress.
  7. GLAP23 you make my day my friend. I love your attention to details. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work, there are many that keep this kind of thing a closely guarded secret!
  8. Am I correct to assume this Fire Mech will actually have lower joints that can articulate? The official one I believe has straight legs that don't bend at the knees. I'm always annoyed when they don't allow bendable legs on the official sets. The Venom mech from 76155 also has this issue.
  9. 70679 - The Ultra Dragon - Theme: Ninjago LXF File LDD 4.3.11 (brick version 2670) Errors: Part 35044 (4x) not in LDD, replaced with part 30503 Parts 3003pb105 and 3003pb106 not in LDD, replaced with 2x2 brick with offset white eye Parts 44302b and 44301b not in LDD, replaced with parts 44302 and 44301, respectively Part 32803 not in LDD, replaced with 2x 24201 Part 36841 not in LDD, kept parts attached to it floating Part 49452c01 (wings) not in LDD, not replaced Part 57909b replaced with 57909 Stickers/decals missing and/or substituted with similar ones 60193 - Arctic Air Transport - Theme: CITY (Arctic) LXF File LDD 4.3.11 (brick version 2670) Errors: No string for the winch bb787c03pb01 Sabre-Toothed Tiger replaced with regular Big Cat parts 29238, 29241, and 29243 Parts 44302b and 44301b not in LDD, replaced with parts 44302 and 44301, respectively Stickers/decals missing and/or substituted with similar ones 60196 - Arctic Supply Plane - Theme: CITY (Arctic) LXF File LDD 4.3.11 (brick version 2670) Errors: Part 32803 not in LDD, replaced with 2x 24201 Front of the crane 35654, grill guard, not in LDD, replaced by custom solution bb787c03pb01 Sabre-Toothed Tiger replaced with regular Big Cat parts 29238, 29241, and 29243 Part 37495 Saw Blade not in LDD, replaced with 61403 Stickers/decals missing and/or substituted with similar ones
  10. Thanks for the help on this thread, I got it to work. Very strange that flash player is required. If someone could maybe extract the installer script and then re-cook it to remove the flash player requirement, that'd be awesome.
  11. @GLAP23 And I was thinking about this the other day, they must cheat when they build these models for the movies. Surely the insides are not fully fleshed out, the skeletons, the structures.... I think they are made to look cool on the outside but not much thought is put into build ability or play-ability. I can't believe the official Lego people would say such a thing, it's blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes on their head that the mechs are different. At first glance, yes, they look the same, but especially Garmadon's Mech and his shark mech are way smaller than what is in the movie. I love the movie more for the designs than the story, I gotta admit.
  12. @GLAP23I've watched the promo videos for the game, and it looks like they're using the models from the sets for the mechs anyway, so it'd be a moot point. Wouldn't it be cool if Animal Logic would share their models with us, now that'd be a dream. But it's all intelectual property and I'm sure there are legal issues with that, since Lego owns it. I've been enjoying these screen-accurate recreations people do, it is quite amazing. I'm wondering if any of these screen accurate models can be built in real life at all, because especially the green dragon would need to have support structures built into it so the neck doesn't fall due to the weight of it all.
  13. Thank you for this, enjoying your work so far. Can't wait to see all the mechs completed. Is it possible to extract the models from the videogame and use those somehow? That'd be cool.