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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while since i've been here but i finally finished my ship.Total lenght: 110 cmWaterine: 79 cmHight: 95 cmGuns: 62Crew: pirates, gools, zombie's and a ghost Fully Rigged Ship 22A
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    Cabin on the rock

    Somewhere in the pacific there's a little rock island, the pirates built a cabin on it to count their treasures:
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    Prinses Nikki

    [pid][/pid] 117A Finally my WIP is ready, i've named here the Prinses Nikki (Nikki is my daughter's name, she's just 3 years old) She started as the Red Whale, here's the WIP Thread; The Red Whale Some statistics; Waterline lenght; 62 cm Overall lenght; 78 cm Width; 17 cm at the waterline Hight; 78 cm About 80 m1 of string rigging. 36 Guns Weighs about 4,62 kg Took me about 3 months to build (at 4 times a week 3 to 4 hours building) I used several techniques from CGH; the tumblehome (although i used roofs from cars instead of hinges), the rigging and the sails, thanks for all the tutorials!!, before i was on this forum my ships were boxed, not any use of tumblehome or that sort of things , this forum helped me a lot to improve my ship building . I also used the building plans from the russian ship the Priediestinacja, i used it for measurements and rigging. The flags are from the Dutch VOC and in the top of the main mast is the Admirals flag (the Dutch used it to point out that the admirality is on board). I've made no interiour because of all the special techniques i used it became a mess inside. The hatches are a bit bigger than mostly used in this forum, it was because i don't have enough hatches so i came up to this (and it looks quite nice IMO ) Well hope you like it;
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    The Red Dragon, 62 gun pirate ship of the line

    Again thank you for your nice comments, i really appreciate it Staslegomaster, no it was not inspired by the Vasa, all my creation
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    The Red Dragon, 62 gun pirate ship of the line

    Thanks you all for the nice comments Thank you, i think it looks better with the ship in it's natural habitat The masts were a pain in the but to build, the top section of the 2 front masts were built 3 times before it looked right, although i'm still not satisfied but this was the best i could do with the bricks i have. Thank you for frontpaging it He would be a nice addition
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    The Red Dragon, 62 gun pirate ship of the line

    Thank you all for the nice comments :)
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    The bone collector

    Hi to ya's been a while but the last 4 days i've been working on a new ship, was wondering wat you guys thought about it......there's no interiour....
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    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    This is trulu amazing, it is the best ship i've ever seen, i love the hull it seems so lifelike, the details are also amazing, what i said, this is awesome!
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    The bone collector

    Hi folks, here's another update, changed the masts, modified the bow, and modified small things, hope you like it:
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    The bone collector

  11. De Sandman

    The bone collector

    Thanks for the nice will be manned by pirates indeed, the red is the standard red, i can't add more bones, i'm out of them, and Wesley you're a bit right about being the evil twin of persephone, i used your ship as an example, i liked it really, really well, i won't make an interiour because the inside is full of reinforcements, she's very stiff though, the masts will be fully rigged with custom rigging and custom sails...... i will upload some better quality pictures later
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    WIP a new big ship

    Hi, it's been a while but things got itchy and i started to build a new ship after destroying the Prinses Nikki (i needed it for parts ) so here's the first dek...20 guns so far..... I'm not going to build an interiour so it's a mess inside (but hey it's the outside that will be visible)
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    WIP a new big ship

    Thanks for the replies, it really helps me, took your advices....rases the middle one step, so there's less curve and build an advanced bow....
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    WIP a new big ship

    And deck 2 is almost up
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    MOC: HMS Vasa (F501)

    Holy sh#t, this is midblowing...i've missed this one i think, absolutely stunning, it looks excactly as the original one, great job!
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    Frigate in progress

    This is an amazing ship, love the rigging, can't wait to see her with sails.
  17. De Sandman

    Flying Dutchman

    WTF...i've wetted myself...twice , O MY GOD..this is one of the most amazing ships i've ever seen :pir-wub: , i can't get my eyes of it, it makes my skin crawl, jitters popping up...i wan't one!!!! No seriously, you've nailed this one, it's so detailled, during your build i must say i had my doubts how this was turning out, but you've outdone yourself .
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    This is a really nice ship, especially for a first ship..promising
  19. De Sandman

    WIP Pirate Brigantine

    Just a cool shot with the "Nikki" Also if you look close you can see the start of the rigging of the SERPENT (yes that's how she's going to be named...surpricingly...duh...sorry a bit sarcasm ....) But here's the pic...
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    WIP Pirate Brigantine

    I've started the work on a brigantine, it will be a pirateship, here are some WIP pics (sorry for the bad quality) C&C welcome
  21. De Sandman

    WIP Pirate Brigantine

    A small update, modified the masts and began with the rigging
  22. De Sandman

    WIP Pirate Brigantine

    I know what you mean, but when i lower the cabin i wouldn't know how to make the door to the cabin, it would mean lowering the deck but that would look strange, so i'm going for my own interpretation, what the heck, it's a fantasy ship
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    WIP Pirate Brigantine

    Í agree with the bow, i've added an extra fence at the front with slopes, i don't like it, it will be torn so the bow is more flat. For reference i use this picture;
  24. De Sandman

    Farore's Wind

    This is a nice looking ship, like the colorscheme, i especcially like the headrails. I don't like the last mast, it seems a little off it's place, it should be more foreward, also a bigger sail would be nice although you used the original LEGO sails, there are no bigger ones .
  25. De Sandman

    WIP Pirate Brigantine

    Finished the masts, now it's time fore some rigging...