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  1. I continued the hood. I'm not sure about the 8L flat tile in the middle, but the rest looks globally cool. Currently I'm struggling (since 2 days) to make a cool door mechanism, but at such a small scale it's hard. I plan to add a working steering wheel, and to find a cool design for the seats. For now that's it.
  2. I added the V10 on front and started a bit of bodywork. The V10 is powered directly via the differential (thanks to the new differential ) Note that I use an old 16 tooth gear. It's required to make the engine work, else the car is stuck. I now need to find a way to doo the wheel arches, and to create a cool mechanism for the doors. That's it for now.
  3. Have you ever had some straight axles ? Who need those ? That's why I present you the Axle Twister. You just have to replace the pink axle, with the one you want to twist. then power the XL motors and "voilĂ " your axle is now twisted. Final ratio is 1:0,12 Feel free to use it to twist your axles :) Have a fishy day.
  4. Have you tried to download it from the lego website ? ( for me it works just fine (I tested just two minutes ago)
  5. I probably won't make a real car, I might build something invented for once.
  6. Time to jump in this contest. I want to do a 4 wheel drive and steered car. I already have a chassis prototype : view from under. For now, that's it, it was really challenging to get a driven and steered setup that is 15L large I plan to add a V10 engine parallel to the wheels in front.
  7. The blue car is 36X15 studs (37 long if we count the hand of god.) And 11 stud high.
  8. Do you want the size of the car from 42098 ? And just a question, are we allowed to make a real car ?
  9. Yeah it's a bit thin, but the shape is really odd, and the technic panels are too big, so I will left it like that. ;) Anyway, thanks for the idea, it was a great one.
  10. Touc4nx

    The Handful of Buggy 4x 5292

    Wow, so fast, it's hard to believe that you used the new planetary gear and still achieved such a consequent speed.
  11. I found a quick solution that (imo) looks great. and with the whole car : The thing is that the c pillar is quite small on the real car
  12. @HorcikDesigns Here is the whit version with the Land Rover Rims. I'm not a fan of them for the rear wheels, but the front look quite decent. Just looked at what it is, and man that hood
  13. I have to try, I will do that today. I will try to tweak them a bit on the white version. (Because I have already unbuilt the black one.) Thanks a lot The devil (On a more serious note, both car have a similar look from outside, so yeah it might look evolved-ish)
  14. WoW Nothing to say it's so impressive. What amaze me the most is the stability of the boom.