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  1. PxChris

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Oh, it 100% for sure is going to be completely nonsensical! Butttttt.... It could still end up being fun! Or... it could also end up giving the MOC builders lots of cool parts to work with. In any case, I am interested to see what comes of it all. I actually liked the whole Punk Pirate band from Vidiyo. Was it really "pirates"? Nope! But it was fun! And the prints and pieces were great.
  2. PxChris

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    I'm actually very interested to see what this theme is all about and how the sets turn out. There is certainly potential for some Pirate-adjacent goodies!
  3. PxChris

    [MOC] The Fortress V.2.0

    The man, the myth, the LEGEND!!!
  4. PxChris

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    Welcome to the forums @CaptainDarkNStormy! I immediately recognized your work from the CP FB Group (and maybe I've seen them on Instagram too...?)! I'm a big fan of reimaginings of classic Pirates sets with modern building techniques. Being primarily a classic Pirates set collector myself, its the MOCs that harken back to the originals (either in style and aesthetic or in concept) are some of my absolute favorites. You've done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the originals with your fantastic recreations.
  5. PxChris

    [MOC] The Fortress V.2.0

    This fort is great! The buildings certainly are nicely designed and look wonderful, but for me, it's the landscape and the whole scene that really ends up standing out! Wonderfully done.
  6. Not to toot my own horn... But, *toot*toot* https://www.instagram.com/px_chris_buildswithbricks/
  7. PxChris


    This is an absolutely gorgeous ship @Marooned Marin! The contorting of the hull is absolutely spot on, and I love the colors! The mixing of the different browns has really added some life to it instead of just a blur of reddish brown. As you know, I'm very partial to the Bluecoats, so I'm happy to see them in this build too along with the blue, yellow, and white accents which just invoke the Caribbean Clipper beautifully. This ship is definitely a wonderful compliment to POBB!
  8. PxChris

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I personally would rather see the Jolly Roger than I would another Black Pearl. Not that a big fancy D2C Black Pearl wouldn't be gorgeous, but I've been really wanting some more Peter Pan stuff from LEGO ever since the first Disney CMF series. Unfortunately, TLG doesn't seem super keen on doing a whole lot of minifigure Disney sets, so my fear would be that anything they released would be minidolls instead, which just doesn't hold the same appeal to me at all.
  9. PxChris

    Looking for MOC Pirates vs Soldiers/Imperial

    Perhaps not as large scale as you're looking for, but my Pirates layout was absolutely set up as a battel between the Imperial Bluecoats and the Pirates!
  10. PxChris

    [WIP] HMS Victory in mini figure scale

    Looks like you've achieved some beautiful shaping in the hull!
  11. PxChris

    My Classic Pirates collection

    In that case... nope! I think I have at least 5 sets worth of those minifigs loose in my collection.
  12. PxChris

    My Classic Pirates collection

    Thank ya! My copy of 6251 is MISB (well... sealed box anyways, not exactly 100% mint ). 6252 and 6204 are open.
  13. PxChris

    My Classic Pirates collection

    Today was a great day! A most precious package arrived. I was able to acquire, at a price I was willing to pay, the last minifigure pack with box that I needed to complete my entire collection of the Classic Pirates theme! The rareness of this, which only had a limited North American release, means that it demands quite a high price on the aftermarket. So I was thrilled to be able to buy it for a much more palatable price! Super happy to have all of the minifigure packs together now!
  14. PxChris

    Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship

    Fantastic blog piece again @Marooned Marin! It was a pleasure to learn about this build and revel in the amazing details of it!