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  1. Any news for the known problem with servo motors that keep moving without any input when connected with BuWizz please ? I have 6 BuWizz's and all of them have this problem :( Still waiting for a (supposedly) updated firmware that will address/fix the problem
  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I’d l8ke very much to build this excellent MOC. Any chance for instructions ? Or anyone has any ? thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the update. I’ll report back how it performs as soon as I get the iOS version up and running
  4. Well all I can say is that now I know what I’ll be building next. Waiting eagerly for the complete MOC.
  5. MultiDoc

    [MOC] Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Just finished the build. Incredible overall and very rewarding. I opted for non-Lego tires for this and got a set of rock crushers by RC4WD. Very good and unbelievably sticky. Two questions to anyone that might be able to answer. I haven’t been able to turn on the lights and I’m not sure what’s the polarity switch use. Anyone can shed some light please ?
  6. Just received the Rock Crusher II tires made by RC4WD. I installed them on the rims and first impressions are good, they are extremely sticky, no comparison with the Lego counterparts. Now I need to start building my Tatra and will post how they do on it.
  7. Thanks for your input, after reading the whole thread twice and searching online everywhere I finally ordered a set from a UK based shop for Rock Crusher II X/T 1.9”. I’ll post any feedback as soon as I install them and test.
  8. Resurrecting again this thread. I’m in the process of building Madoca’s Tatra 813, and I’d like to put on some aftermarket wheels on it. I understand @Blakbird has used some RC4WD ussr military tires on it with success (couldn’t find pics or info on this though) but these are out of production now. Anyone can suggest some tires that would work for this ? Rims are 42775. As for @rm8‘s specially built for Lego tires, they are excellent but only come on 1.55” Thanks in advance! P.S: do you think these would fit the rims and the Tatra well ?
  9. MultiDoc

    [MOC] Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Please excuse me for resurrecting this thread but I’m about to start building this excellent MOC and I’d like some help if anyone can help me out. I’d like to use some more off road oriented tires and indeed the offerings from Lego don’t seem to do justice to this one, so any advice on any good aftermarket tires that I could use ? (The USSR Military tires that Blackbird have suggested are out of production and couldn’t find them anywhere) And which rims would work with them ? Also if anyone is kind enough to share some help/idea in making some sort of a rear flatbed or similar would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I’m using an iPhone with latest iOS FYI. As for the buzwizz’s they are both fully charged when this behaviour is triggered. Another thing to help you with troubleshooting might be that when this “cut off” happens, I have to shut down and restart the application to get back to normal behaviour again. overall the battery of the buzwizz lasts quite fine, however this cutting off is at the very least annoying and it happens very very easily, in less than a minute on ludicrous and as I said a bit longer on fast. unfortunately I don’t have any android devices to test if it’s the same or not. As for range, I’ve been able to have normal control up to about 10-12 meters.
  11. I’m using two brand new buzwiizzs for @Didumos69 buggy I built a couple of weeks ago.
  12. I too have the problem with buzwizz cutting out only after a few seconds on ludicrous, and even in fast but after a bit longer. This unfortunately make them almost unusable since this “safety” kicks in unnecessarily and way too early. any update on a fix please ?
  13. Yeap, I folowed your advise/tip with using the bolt on the back of the tow ball to secure it in place and it worked wonderfully. Ive crash tested the buggy and its rock solid now. Very pleased. I noticed however that I might have done a mistake somewhere on re-assembly because the front wheels now are pointing just slightly off center to the right when the steering is in the center. I think that I probably misaligned the teeth maybe, but will have to (again) disassemble to see and fix.
  14. So I spent a good 3-4 hours to take apart the front up to the servo and installed these tiny bolts on the back of the tow bar pins to reinforce them, in hoping that they will be staying put. Didnt have the chance to try it yet but will test drive it after work today. Will let you know how it performs.